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The HR Career in South Africa

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Challenges In The Post 2015 Political Quagmire

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The HR Career in South Africa

  1. 1. The HR Career in South Africa Challenges In The Post 2015 Political Quagmire Risk Response Political Instability Brings With It Increasing Disinvestment, Cost Cutting And Job Losses Workers Become More Militant, Lacking A Conduit To Voice Their Frustrations a. Analysis Skills – Need to Communicate Reality Accurately b. High Level Facilitation Skills – To Ensure Social Compact Between Employers And Employees (The Focus Always From Industry, Towards Company Level) Risk Response The Student Influence on Outsourcing Shows How Broad the Stakeholder and Strategic Landscape for HR Matters Has Become a. Develop A Very Strategic Mind-set b. Become and Expert in Setting and Maintaining Processes That Dialogue Around Strategic People Issues c. Develop Skills to Decide and Implement (Traction All Cost) Risk Response Companies Will Increasingly Invest in Technology To Eliminate Risk, Stay Competitive In World Markets and (From GRC to ERP) Develop Skills to: a. Be Change Managers b. Project Managers c. Develop Leaders d. Be Business Process Experts Risk Response South Africa is A Very Highly Frustrated and Stressed, and Divided Society Where We Have Always Met is in the Workplace – This Is Where Change Will Happen a. Develop Skills In Observation, Empathy, Counselling, and Coaching. b. Help Your Fellow To Deal With Reality and Stay Productive But If You Do Nothing Else a. Become a Talent Expert – There Is Little Proof That Skilled People Will BE Less In Demand, In Fact, Where There Is Social And Technical Complexity Expertise Are More Sought After b. Be Ethical and Have Professional Courage c. Speak “Ground Truth To Management – If You Do Not, Then Who Will?