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Role Profile for Project Manager

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Role Profile for Project Manager

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Role Profile for Project Manager

  1. 1. ERP Implementation Project Role Profile Project Manager Philip de Kock 5/10/2008
  2. 2. 1. Purpose of this This document outlines the role and function of the Project Manager in Document ERP implementations. As such the document will highlight the following: • The role purpose • The key performance areas of the role • Role prerequisites 2. Role Purpose The primary aim of the role is based on the need for an individual to take management responsibility for project delivery as basis for benefit realization, through effective and efficient: • Initiation, planning, monitoring and control, implementation and close out of the project • Provision of leadership guidance and support at project level 3. Key Performance • Appropriate application of project management methodologies and Areas disciplines • Delivery of project milestones and outcomes • Development and maintenance of appropriate support relationships with business client, to ensure that business outcomes met • Apply best practice models for ERP solution delivery, and support in this regard • Ensure strategic alignment and integration of outputs, in conjunction with the Project Sponsor and Steering Committee • Ensure that appropriate infrastructure environment exists for delivery • Accountable for project accounting, including time and attendance as the situation might dictate • Creation of a high performance project team climate, which includes the institution of an appropriate plan, do, review system (PDR) 4. Role prerequisites • High level (best practice) competence in respect of the following: o ERP solution implementation and integration o Managerial and leadership capability o Relevant technology o Emotional intelligence (judgment, temperament and relationship building skills) o Utilization of appropriate project method for implementation of ERP solution implementation