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Infographic - Steering Committee Purpose, Role, Requirements, Metrics

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Steering Committee Purpose, Role, Requirements, Metrics

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Infographic - Steering Committee Purpose, Role, Requirements, Metrics

  1. 1. The Project Steering Committee - Purpose a. Govern the project in terms of the Business Case b. Represent the business (sponsor), user, supplier and project team c. Integrate outputs at a strategy and policy level The Project Steering Committee - Responsibilities Business Case a. Protect Business Case b. Assess Relevance of Business Case c. Take Business Level Go/No Go d. Decisions In Respect of the Project Governance a. Ensure Strategy and Policy Alignment b. Monitor and take action with respect to project financial performance and delivery Change Control Govern all aspects related to scope (technical, functional, work – thus schedule) Representation Adequately represent the following interests and act as high level interface with: a. Business b. Users c. Suppliers d. Project Team The Project Steering Committee – Role Requirements Represent one or more of the following interests: a. Business b. Supplier c. Users d. Project Management Have executive level decision making authority Have a high level industry and business understanding Have strategic level perspective Have a fundamental understanding of the importance of communication, the role of leadership action and competence in creating the right psychological climate for change The Project Steering Committee – Metrics