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Blog.synergita.com work shop-on_managing_performance_and_delivering_business_value

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Blog.synergita.com work shop-on_managing_performance_and_delivering_business_value

  1. 1. Work Shop on “Managing Performance and Delivering Business Value” blog.synergita.com/2014/01/work-shop-on-managing-perf ormance-and-delivering-business- value/ Diya Jose Team Synergita is conducting a day-long workshop on ‘Managing Performance and Employee Management‘ at Hotel Radisson Blu (near Airport), Chennai India. The workshop will take place on 19- February-2014 between 9:30AM and 6:30PM. Managing Perf ormance Management has been a meticulous process especially in recent times due to increased expectations f rom Business and Employees. High Perf ormance Organizations have the ability to attract and retain people with excellent level of perf ormance. However, f or others this seems to pose as a challenge. HR has to work round the clock and spend several sleepless nights to achieve the ability to have Happy and Motivated Employees, Increased Business Perf ormance and Reduced Attrition. Solution is to f ocus on people engagement aspects. Mali Mahalingam (http://www.linkedin.com/pub/mali-mahalingam/2/965/573) is an Executive Coach & HR Advisor. He is an accomplished leader in HR arena with several years of experience as Chief People Of f icer at Symphony Teleca, VP of HR at IBM India, Group VP of HR at Scandent, VP of HR at HP India, Director of HR at Philips, etc. Mali is the workshop f acilitator. Mali will f ocus how you can make a dif f erence with “high perf ormance” orientation and will show a way to nurture such culture within the organization. WORKSHOP AGENDA Pre Lunch Key Challenges in Managing Perf ormance Winning habits of high perf ormance organizations From daily perf ormance to a culture of high perf ormance Managing away barriers to superior perf ormance Designing in f eatures that support superior perf ormance Post Lunch
  2. 2. Five needs of every employee and how to meet them on a daily basis Pygmalion Ef f ect- Role of people manager in eliciting superior perf ormance Feedback & Feed Forward skills f or managers Review and Wrap up Who should Attend CXO’s Head of HR Change Management Executives Managers responsible f or operations and people. For registration details, please visit http://synergita.com/event/chennai-event.html We have conducted this workshop in Bangalore during November 2013. It has received tremendous response. We had a great representation f rom companies like Honeywell, Integra, Schneider Electric, Radisys, DreamOrbit, Arul Rubbers, Cof f ee Day, etc. Bio Latest Posts Diya Jose Asst. Manager- Talent Developer at Synergita I am an HR prof essional with over 3 years of experience in Perf ormance Management,Employee Recognition, Strategic HR, Competency Management,Talent planning, Employee management, hiring, resourcing, manpower planning, talent acquisition, employee retention and other HR activities. Latest posts by Diya Jose (see all) Go Green with Synergita on your perf ormance management process - April 25, 2014 Food f or thoughts – interesting books - March 5, 2014 Workshop on “Managing Perf ormance & Delivering Business Value” by Mali Mahalingam at Chennai - March 4, 2014 Related posts: 1. Workshop on “Managing Perf ormance & Delivering Business Value” by Mali Mahalingam at Chennai
  3. 3. 2. Workshop on ‘Managing Perf ormance and Delivering Business Value’ – Mali Mahalingam 3. HRSangam conf erence on People Agenda – Empowering Line Managers 4. Take the pain out of appraisals – Employee Management