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GraphQL are you sure you know when to use it?

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Magento GraphQL - are you sure you know when to use it? - Bartosz Herba, Senior Developer at Divante
Presentation originally presented at Magento Lightning Talks meetup on October 3rd, 2019, in Divante HQ.
Learn more at Divante at https://divante.com
Check out more Magento Lightning Talks at https://divante.com/blog/tag/magento-lightning-talks/

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GraphQL are you sure you know when to use it?

  1. 1. Bartosz Herba | Divante Senior Developer GraphQL are you sure you know when to use it?
  2. 2. Let’s talk about eCommerce Hi, my name is Bartosz Herba I am a Magento 2 developer with a few years of experience in working on e-commerce solutions email: bherba@divante.co mobile: +48 662 093 917
  3. 3. What is a GraphQL? What is a GraphQL ● Invented and used by Facebook since 2012 to speed up communication with a facebook API for a different kind of devices. ● GraphQL is an Alternative, Elastic, Resource Effective, Centralized and Strongly Typed way of a communication with an API
  4. 4. What is a GraphQL? Alternative ● Does not replace REST or SOAP in the “way” of communication with an API, just gives another tool to achieve similar goal. ● Brings new structured approach of how we ask for a required resources
  5. 5. What is a GraphQL? Alternative Query Body Response Endpoint Url
  6. 6. What is a GraphQL? Elastic and Resource Effective ● You don’t have to ask for everything but exactly and only what you need ● Therefore requests and responses are lightweight because only necessary data are transferred ● No more of under/over fetching problems
  7. 7. What is a GraphQL? Elastic and Resource Effective {"id":1,"sku":"simple_sku","name":"Test Simple","attribute_set_id":4,"price":119,"status":1,"visibility":4,"type_id":"simple","created_at":"2019-09-19 10:02:25","updated_at":"2019-09-19 10:02:25","extension_attributes":{"website_ids":[1],"stock_item":{"item_id":1,"product_id":1,"stock_id":1,"qty":12,"is_in_stock":true,"i s_qty_decimal":false,"show_default_notification_message":false,"use_config_min_qty":true,"min_qty":0,"use_config_min_sale_qty":1 ,"min_sale_qty":1,"use_config_max_sale_qty":true,"max_sale_qty":10000,"use_config_backorders":true,"backorders":0,"use_config_ notify_stock_qty":true,"notify_stock_qty":1,"use_config_qty_increments":true,"qty_increments":0,"use_config_enable_qty_inc":true," enable_qty_increments":false,"use_config_manage_stock":true,"manage_stock":true,"low_stock_date":null,"is_decimal_divided":fals e,"stock_status_changed_auto":0}},"product_links":[],"options":[],"media_gallery_entries":[],"tier_prices":[],"custom_attributes":[{"attri bute_code":"pimcore_id","value":"0"},{"attribute_code":"is_active_in_pim","value":"0"},{"attribute_code":"options_container","value": "container2"},{"attribute_code":"msrp_display_actual_price_type","value":"0"},{"attribute_code":"url_key","value":"test-simple"},{"attr ibute_code":"gift_message_available","value":"2"},{"attribute_code":"required_options","value":"0"},{"attribute_code":"has_options", "value":"0"},{"attribute_code":"meta_title","value":"Test Simple"},{"attribute_code":"meta_keyword","value":"Test Simple"},{"attribute_code":"meta_description","value":"Test Simple "},{"attribute_code":"tax_class_id","value":"2"},{"attribute_code":"category_ids","value":[]}]} Rest - simplest possible response is full of unnecessary data
  8. 8. What is a GraphQL? Elastic and Resource Effective { "data": { "products": { "items": [ { "price": { "regularPrice": { "amount": { "value": 119 } } }, "sku": "simple_sku", "name": "Test Simple", "image": { "label": "Test Simple" ... GraphQL - you get exactly what you want and nothing more
  9. 9. What is a GraphQL? Elastic and Resource Effective 155 1600
  10. 10. What is a GraphQL? Centralized ● There is just one endpoint for any request ● Difference is in request’s body structure ● It means that you can prepare just a single request instead of many to get all necessary data for a view
  11. 11. REST ApiGraphQL Api What is a GraphQL? Centralized /graphql /products /cms /customer
  12. 12. What is a GraphQL? Strongly Typed ● The most basic components of a GraphQL schema are object types, which just represent a kind of object you can fetch from your service, and what fields it has. ● Every field on a GraphQL object type can have zero or more arguments ● A GraphQL object type has a name and fields, but at some point those fields have to resolve to some concrete data. That's where the scalar types come in: they represent the leaves of the query. ● Scalars, enums, lists, interfaces ● We always know what to expect.
  13. 13. What is a GraphQL? When to use it? ● Building an API for different devices ● Building an open API ● Working with Model-View layers ● Working with multiple-resources-at-a-time scenarios
  14. 14. What is a GraphQL? When not to use it? ● I would not recommend to use it with ERP integrations ● But, to be frankly, it is hard to give a general and true statement on such a topic
  15. 15. What is a GraphQL? GraphQL in Magento Available from 2.3.x Main target is PWA
  16. 16. What is a GraphQL? GraphQL in Magento - coverage ● module-catalog-graph-ql ● module-bundle-graph-ql ● module-catalog-inventory-graph-ql ● module-catalog-url-rewrite-graph-ql ● module-cms-graph-ql ● module-configurable-product-graph-ql ● module-customer-graph-ql ● module-directory-graph-ql ● module-downloadable-graph-ql ● module-eav-graph-ql ● module-grouped-product-graph-ql ● module-inventory-graph-ql ● module-quote-graph-ql ● module-sales-graph-ql ● module-send-friend-graph-ql ● module-store-graph-ql ● module-swatches-graph-ql ● module-tax-graph-ql ● module-theme-graph-ql ● module-url-rewrite-graph-ql ● module-vault-graph-ql ● module-wee-graph-ql ● module-wishlist-graph-ql