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OBF Academy Feb 27 2018 - Endorsement

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This cool new feature makes it possible for OBF user organisations to endorse badges created by other OBF organisations as well as endorse single organisations.

Endorsement feature was presented in our OBF Academy webinar on Feb. 27 2018 by Eric Rousselle. Watch recording of the webinar here: https://openbadgefactory.com/academy/?direct=portfolioModal-2018-02-27-webinar

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OBF Academy Feb 27 2018 - Endorsement

  1. 1. Endorsements in Open Badge Factory and Open Badge Passport Eric Rousselle 27.2.2018
  2. 2. “An endorsement is a statement or action which shows that you support or approve of something or someone.” Collins English Dictionary What is an endorsement?
  3. 3. What value endorsements bring to Open Badges? • Widely recognised badges issued by endorsed issuers will bring more value to their earners • Endorsement shoud resolve tiresome questions about the “credibility of badges” • Endorsement will strengthen collaboration between badge creators and issuers and foster the development of meaningful badge ecosystems.
  4. 4. Networks of trusted partners will unlock the potential of Open Badges
  5. 5. Endorsements in OBF • Version 1 released the 20th of February • Endorsements are baked in the badges (version 2.0 compliant) • You can endorse: • Badge issuers • Badges created by your partners
  6. 6. Endorsement of badge issuers
  7. 7. About Discendum
  8. 8. You can endorse partners or send them endorsement requests
  9. 9. About Discendum Sending an endorsement request to a partner
  10. 10. About Discendum Request sent. Let’s wait for acceptation or rejection
  11. 11. About Discendum Partner making an endorsement
  12. 12. This partner has endorsed us
  13. 13. You can accept or decline an endorsement
  14. 14. Management of issuer endorsements • You need to have admin rights to access the network –section • Endorsements and endorsement requests can be deleted by admins ”from both sides”
  15. 15. Badge endorsement
  16. 16. Endorsement feature in the badge creation wizard
  17. 17. Let’s send an endorsement request to our patners
  18. 18. Your pending endorsement requests for this badge
  19. 19. Managing partners’ badge endorsements requests in the Network session
  20. 20. About Discendum
  21. 21. About Discendum
  22. 22. Endorsements in Open Badge Passport
  23. 23. Issuer information contains the list of endorsers
  24. 24. Badge endorsements displayed
  25. 25. • Notification system: pending requests, you have been endorsed etc… • Sending notifications to endorsers, when endorsed badge contents are modified by the badge creator • Endorsements of badges by Open Badge Passport’s users Main future plans
  26. 26. openbadgepassport.com Thank you! eric.rousselle@discendum.com @eric_rousselle