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Drugs to Kill Drug Abuse

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Sunrise Recovery Center is a small, intimate treatment center. Unlike many hospitals or institutional settings, we have multiple beautiful ranch houses with a pool, gym, hot tub, and many other amenities. Situated on acres of rolling greens, the residents truly feel like they are at home rather than in a treatment center.

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Drugs to Kill Drug Abuse

  1. 1. Drugs to Kill Drug AbuseAuthor :- Dion SilvaThe use of drugs to treat drug abuse and alcoholism is a tested practice. The best knownis vivtrol treatment. The use either takes away the satisfaction of being drunk or causessevere reactions when alcohol is ingested. The use of drugs has been long available in allmajor alcohol and drug rehab facilities around the world. The long term treatment usingdrugs has shown that after follow up testing there was a high statistic of people who hadsuccessfully abstained from both drugs and alcohol.However, these are not magic pills and will be useless if the person won’t stop drinkingor taking drugs. Prescribed medication and several supplementary recovery aids are vitalfor a person recovering from alcoholism and drug abuse. For the drug abuser who is setupon becoming sober and wants medical help for his condition then a visit to the doctoris vital. Heavy drug abuse eliminates nutrients from the bodily systems. Vitamins may besupplemented with these drugs to help the body replenish the lost nutrients.There are several drugs to counter the harmful drugs. Kind of like a thorn to pick out athorn. The first drug that was used for treating drug abuse and alcoholism, was to betaken daily with vitamin supplements and it acted as deterrent by killing the urge to gethigh or getting drunk. If a person then took drugs or alcohol after ingesting that drug he/she would experience severe side effects like vertigo, nausea, vomiting, sweating andeven more severe reactions as reduced respiratory rates, heart failure and even death!The drug was not joke and doctors were serious in both its administration andprescription.Then came the drug Naltrexone which was sold as Deapde and Revia. A more enhancedversion is vivtrol. Vivtrol treatment is still carried out in major drug rehab facilities likethe drug rehab in Riverside, CA. The drug effectively reduces the cravings when one istrying to abstain from alcohol and drugs. It can be taken as a pill or can be injected(recommended) or can also be implanted (not yet approved).These drugs can eliminate the physical side effects that come when a person leavesdrugs or alcohol—like insomnia, anxiety, stress, sweating, increased heart rate etc.However, one needs to be careful with the dosage as several side effects have beenreported with over dosage like—nausea, dry mouth, sweating, diarrhea, chest pains,excessive stress and even attempts of suicide. If such side effects do occur then thedoctor must be immediately consulted.
  2. 2. Fight Addiction at a Rehab for MenThe tensed lifestyle and the various issues that people face these days drive manytowards alcohol, smoking and drugs.The use of these stimulants is also provoked b y thedrug trafficking gangs groups that fuel these poisonous substances into the society,rotting it from the inside. While alcohol and smoking are comparatively easier to quit, adrug addiction grabs hold of your will completely and makes it impossible to get rid of it.Because of this addiction, many people die every year by drug overdose and severalother diseases that are caused by the use of these harmful chemicals. It is important torealize early whenever one finds themselves being gripped by the jaws of drug addictionand immediately go to a private drug treatment center for counselling and consecutivetreatment.Considering the deepening roots of the harmful plant that is drug addiction, a number ofrehab for men has opened up in every city of the world. These rehab for men are basedon a specific type of drug or alcohol that the people abuse themselves with. This isnecessary since every drug causes a different reaction in the body and therefore has tobe dealt with in a different manner. The private drug treatment center can either besupported by the Government or can be self sustaining bodies run by funds throughcharity. Either ways, the rehab for men are open to anyone and everyone whorecognizes their addiction problem and is looking for help.The private drug treatment center understands how difficult it is for a man to get overhis addiction, especially because their ago doesn’t allow them to accept the fact that theyare facing an addiction. For fighting this, the private drug treatment center helps theperson by different levels of counselling conducted at an individual level and also in agroup. It is believed that a person is able to open up more around a compassionatecompany of people who suffer from the same problem. Besides counselling sessions, therehab for men also conduct life training sessions for helping the individual get back to ahealthy routine based lifestyle. This is another way of instigating the man to quit theaddictive drug or alcohol.Addiction, being one of the most cruel and unrelenting challenge of our times, needs tobe handled strictly and immediately. So, even the families of the people suffering fromaddiction should come forward and help their loved ones recover from the jaws of death. Contact Details Sober Living By The Sea 2811 Villa Way, New Port Beach, CA 92663 Get Help Now..! Call :- 866-540-5242 Email : mhurst@crchealth.com Website : http://www.drugrehabranch.com/