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How Businesses & Governments can prosper with Blockchain + AI by Dinis Guarda

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How Businesses Governments can prosper with Blockchain and AI?
The conjunction between digital transformation, industry 4.0 Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technology & how governments and enterprises can benefit from embracing these technologies.

By Dinis Guarda, founder and CEO ztudium

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How Businesses & Governments can prosper with Blockchain + AI by Dinis Guarda

  1. 1. How Businesses & Governments Can Prosper with Blockchain + AI The conjunction between Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence technology & how governments and enterprises can benefit from embracing these technologies Dinis Guarda, founder and CEO ztudium - blocksdna - intelligenthq.com - influencedna - hedgethink.com - FreedomeE - Seecra - DragonBloc
  2. 2. About me: Dinis Guarda: author, CEO and founder Working / collaborating / advising the likes of Advisor: Founder board member: Books @dinisguarda
  3. 3. A Ledger - this is the present biggest tech tool in the world @dinisguarda
  4. 4. Cryptography - the heart DNA of tech The foundation for Blockchain @dinisguarda
  5. 5. Remember the internet in 1998 We are in the same stage when it comes to blockchain and AI @dinisguarda@dinisguarda
  6. 6. @dinisguarda Data + digital ecosystems / marketplaces = The world economy new gold standard powerhouses
  7. 7. Blockchain - AI Creating a Trusted Record and optimisation of Human, business, financial and governmental Data + ID + Action registration, ledger History @dinisguarda@dinisguarda
  8. 8. It’s a digital data driven world Blockchain + AI are the new fire and electricity why businesses & governments have to use it? @dinisguarda@dinisguarda
  9. 9. 1. We have Digital transformation + blockchain + AI but the global economy is not digitalised. 2. Blockchain and AI technology potential to benefit everyone but full digital transformation is required 360. 3. Blockchain AI are critical for Governments but a big task. 4. Blockchain AI are critical for Central Banks and Financial players but a big thing to work. 5. DLT Smart Contract technology with machine learning will become the default setting for data, finance, ID & supply chain. 6. Policies, Risks & warranties are necessary to consider / act on. 7. What and how to do it? now! @dinisguarda Considerations @dinisguarda
  10. 10. Digital transformation gave us industry 4.0 tech & special blockchain + AI But The Global economy is still in its early days of digital adoption. A big part of the world economy is not still full digitalised. Blockchain and AI tech are the foundational technologies for this new digitised data driven world! @dinisguarda@dinisguarda
  11. 11. @dinisguarda The world economy by GDP The World GDP was around US$78.28 trillion in nominal terms and totalled approximately US$107.5 trillion in terms of purchasing power parity (PPP). Source CIA factbook The per capita PPP GWP in 2017 was approximately US$17,300 according to the World Factbook. @dinisguarda
  12. 12. The world wealth and debt Global debt has reached a new record at $247 trillion. Global debt has hit another high, climbing to $247 trillion in the first quarter of 2018, according to a report published Wednesday. July 11, 2018 source CNBC @dinisguarda
  13. 13. Digital transformation 360 Governments - corporations - institutions - data Collaboration - transparency - policies - Citizens P2P - professional personal education - digital brand - reskilling Industry - sectors # Data analytic driven # Supply chain critical - social impact # All Business areas digital enhanced # Business ROI + ROA Turnover = digital relationship with clients ecosystem Research # Real time Optimised Data # Quality of scientific innovation # Speed - real time open innovation and action on it # Digital cooperation, check up and promotion with International channels Citizen # Transparency Data # Digital platforms Participation # Political opinion digitised # Collective digital action # New services - reskilling jobs - perception # Healthcare lifestyle digital Governments # Holistic data driven policies, actions, exchange #Data storage cybersecurity # Speed of policies, action, sentiment # Coordination and collaboration regional, national international Industry - startups - SMEs - corporations multinationals Real time ROI + ROA return on attention data action driven R&D data driven real time with machine learning Data - Fintech systems Foundation tech - digital transformation - Blockchain, AI, IoT - Industry 4.0 Regulators - central bank - financial institutions Fintech analytics driven - relationship with startups @dinisguarda
  14. 14. Money Technology Governments Institutions Past Future Present - Why blockchain and AI become foundational tech Blockchain and AI tech become foundational tech Systems are managed by distributed ledgers and machine learning data self learning algorithms Digitisation and data(ification) of identity - society - finance and governments Identity Data as identity Data ID @dinisguarda Value representation + Identity of money Issuer Who runs the money? Central vs distributed presentEstimated time Trust bearer/ Guarantor Collective storage: memory / Ledger
  15. 15. Digital transformation architecture = Fintech + Blockchain + AI + IoT @dinisguarda@dinisguarda
  16. 16. Tech Digital Transformation today blockchain AI UI UX fintech Digital Transformation Foundations @dinisguarda
  17. 17. 1. Holistic concept Internet of trust 8. Unplugging blocks - nodes bitcoin origins – mining 6. Smart contract machine learning AI DNA 5. Ledger full scale ID - Trust identity 2. Decentralised / distributed database(s) 3. Cryptoeconomics / Tokeneconomics Crypto Assets 4. Cryptocurrencies / Tokens - ICOs - Funding - Trading 7. Consensus (un)breakable protocol Blockchain DNA I. Business 360 II. Financial / Trading III. Legal - regulatory IV. Technology V. Policies @dinisguarda
  18. 18. smart contracts & Machine learning An ongoing computation stage Source Mike Slinn https://www.slideshare.net/mslinn/smart-contracts-that-learn @dinisguarda
  19. 19. Blockchain-based solutions have the potential to make government operations more efficient and improve the delivery of public services, while simultaneously increasing trust in the public sector. In mature economies, proponents of government blockchain solutions must provide strong evidence that such investments will save money and improve services that are already “good enough.” In emerging markets, the lack or immaturity of certain essential public services could allow governments to leapfrog ahead to help policymakers achieve their aims. For both markets, education and determining the right applications for the technology will be key to success. Blockchain - solutions Mature economies - emerging markets @dinisguarda
  20. 20. Governments Businesses Blockchain 360 degrees impact Blockchain Impact @dinisguarda
  21. 21. Blockchain and data @dinisguarda
  22. 22. Blockchain proof of authority for governments @dinisguarda
  23. 23. Blockchain Governments and central banks Overview source World Economic Forum @dinisguarda
  25. 25. Blockchain Initiatives Worldwide @dinisguarda
  26. 26. Blockchain Healthcare Initiatives Worldwide @dinisguarda
  27. 27. Case study Government Identity set up @dinisguarda
  28. 28. The 1st industrial revolution was highly disruptive, spawning social transformations and political movements that its innovators could never have imagined. People who protested the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century could not imagine a reality beyond steam engines and factories, a future of mass-market clothing, household goods, and, eventually, motor vehicles. The disruptive example of the industrial revolution & AI blockchain @dinisguarda
  29. 29. How Governments Can use Blockchain conclusions The use of AI and the blockchain in government business can no longer be ignored. It is a project whose time has come. However, adoption will not be quick and it will also not be easy. A lot of education and preparation is required. The situation from one country to another is different. Cultures and political systems differ. These will all have an impact as how whether or not these technologies will be adopted on a wide scale. As the industrial revolutions before we can expect much more radical transformation but also new opportunities. @dinisguarda
  30. 30. BLOCKCHAIN + AI Are leading society and creating new opportunities faster than ever in history! Businesses and Governments have to act and be prepared! NOW! @dinisguarda
  31. 31. About me: Dinis Guarda: author, CEO and founder Working / collaborating / advising the likes of Advisor: Founder board member: Books @dinisguarda