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Презентация «The Illusion of Tranquility»

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За короткий срок разработана презентация кинопроекта об украинских киборгах, которые воевали в Донецком аэропорту - «The Illusion of Tranquility». Предназначение - презентация проекта для американских партнеров.

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Презентация «The Illusion of Tranquility»

  1. 1. «Jess, I don’t know who is defending that airport, but we cant kick them out of there for three months. Tried an assault - got busted our- selves and retreated… I don’t know who is sitting there, but they’re not human, they’re «cyborgs»» - a description of the Ukrainian defenders of the airport by a so-called «Novorossiya» militant
  2. 2. Logline: The Donetsk airport becomes the combat outpost of the Ukrainian army during the very climax of an armed conflict in Donbas. It is there that two volunteers – Ghost and Rock – are captured. The field unit led by a commander called Director manages to free from captivity only one of the guys. With a view to rescuing the second one, the headquarters sends a field unit lead by an experienced intelligence man Ali. Ali’s team is always assigned with the most difficult tasks. Saving their fellow serviceman is a matter of honour for Rock and Director. That is why they join Ali’s team for the purpose of this operation.
  3. 3. Synopsis: A Ukrainian serviceman nicknamed Director and his unit lead a rescue operation near the Donetsk airport when an armed conflict in Don- bas is at its peak. The purpose of the operation is to free two fellow servicemen from captivity. However, they managed to free only one of them. Some time has passed. Doom / Rock, a prison- er of war who has been rescued, wants to return to the zone of the Anti-Terroristic Operation to continue to defend his country. However, the doctors do not support the idea because of a post-war trauma Doom / Rock has. Director is gradually getting used to a peaceful life togeth- er with his wife and small daughter. But he still cannot forgive himself for having failed to rescue both prisoners of war.
  4. 4. Meanwhile, the headquarters elaborates a new rescue operation to free a serviceman nicknamed Ghost. The implementation of the operation is assigned to a very experienced intelligence man Ali and his team. It is suggested that Director helps them because he knows the territory well and has conducted operations in that locality. They all head to the Donetsk airport to rescue Ghost. The armed groups are planning a public execution of Ghost to intimidate Ukrainian servicemen defending the airport.
  5. 5. While elaborating the operation, Ali and his team face a number of difficul- ties. According to the intelligence, the prisoner of war is being relocated to an- other place with a very limited access. And the weather that has been favora- ble is to change soon. That is why the time is very limited. Director suggests getting to a necessary place through underpasses – there are many of them just under their feet and they lead to the airport. However, there is a problem: Ghost is the only person who knows these underground labyrinths perfectly. Doom / Rock knows only some sec- tions of these passes because he mined them with Ghost. They is why they de- cide to receive an unofficial permission to bring Doom / Rock to the airport to help with the task.
  6. 6. With the assistance of Ukrainian servicemen, shielded by the artillery and overcoming the hurdles, the rescue squad conducts the oper- ation. They manage to rescue the prisoner of war and get back to the terminal of the airport. However, members of the armed groups follow them and get to the terminal, too. Because of that, the position of Ukrainian servicemen in the airport becomes dangerously vulnerable. Ali’s unit helps Ukrainian servicemen hold the line until the arrival of a vehicle to evacuate the former prisoner of war and wounded. They kill dozens of militants who are recklessly invading the basement of the terminal. The enemy suffers great losses. Then the militants resort to cun- ning to get control over the airport. They ask for a ceasefire, claiming they would like to collect the bodies of their fellows.
  7. 7. However, their true aim is totally different: while collecting the bodies, they want to plant a bomb into the basement. The explosion will level the whole building with the ground. Not expecting such perfidy and aware of the necessity to get more reinforcement and arms, Ukrainian servicemen let the armed groups collect the bodies of their mem- bers. During the ceasefire, they bring additional weapons and organise the transportation of Ghost and wounded fellows. The mission of Ali and his team has been accom- plished. Director, too, can now go back to a normal peaceful life, knowing he has completed the previ- ously unfinished task. However, they decide to help their friends who are defending the airport and stay at the terminal until the reinforcement arrives. The armed groups blow up the airport. The guys who are there die. However, they have completed their mission: an infantry fighting vehicle with the rescued prisoners of war is moving on a takeoff strip – away from a burning terminal.
  9. 9. DIRECTOR TO CARRY OUT THE TASK – TO RESCUE ALL PRISONERS OF WAR (POWS) The guy is in his early thirties. He has two universities de- grees, one of them in Directing. He worked for television in times of peace. He was a truly good and respectable professional. Having received his second university degree, he joined the airborne forces as a volunteer. He is married, has a small daughter. He left for war when his wife was still pregnant. He saw his daughter for the first time only when he was made to leave the battlefield because of his wound. He is rather kind-hearted («a big teddy-bear»), funny and friendly. However, the war could not but take its toll. He became restrained and very concentrated. Phlegmatic. He is deeply logical and calm in stressful situations.
  10. 10. ROCK TO RETURN TO THE BATTLEFIELD The guy is in his early twenties. A former stu- dent. He was among the first volunteers who signed up to defend his Motherland notwith- standing the fact of a zero military background. He spent more than a year in the line of fire. In times of peace, he played the guitar, being a member of a rock band. He is a person who acutely feels what is fair. He cannot bear any inhumane behaviour. He spent several weeks in captivity. It is strongly advised that he be demo- bilised after the captivity and wounds. Howev- er, he protest and wants to return to his fellow servicemen anyway. Having seen what he has seen, he cannot picture himself in a peaceful life. A choleric.
  11. 11. ALI TO CARRY OUT THE TASK ASSIGNED TO HIM The man is about forty years old. He is an experienced intelligence man. A list of his successful operations is im- pressive. He specialises in particular- ly difficult special forces raids. He is a good tactician and strategist. He has a permanent team who have success- fully carried out many tasks. Many of his fellow servicemen have been killed. He believes his principal task is to carry out an operation avoiding any losses of his comrades. He is an ordinary biker in his ordinary life. However, he has no ordinary life. He has neither a spouse, nor a family.
  12. 12. FOX TO PROVE THAT HE IS A WORTHY FIGHTER The guy is in his early twenties. In the times of peace, he used to be an ordinary yob with no higher education who stole mobiles from the geeks. However, as the war broke out, he changed his outlook on life and understood that he and the like must protect their Motherland. The guy joined the armed as a volunteer. He does his best to become a good soldier. He is a reliable and responsible soldier. Highly disciplined. He does not mind becoming a hero, however, this does not mean he asks for trouble. He hates it when somebody considers him to be more stupid than the rest, he hates being lectured upon anything. The guy is nasty, sometimes he can be rude. His habits and manner of communications are still those of a yob.
  13. 13. CELT TO DESTROY AS MUCH ENEMY FIGHTERS AS POSSIBLE The man is in his forties. He is one of the most experienced servicemen in the brigade. He is a former mercenary and peacekeeper. He partic- ipated in armed conflicts almost everywhere – from Afghanistan and the Balkans to the Middle East and Africa. At the battlefield, he is a strict and harsh fighter. However, he is rather friendly in normal situations. Having survived several entrapments and the situations when we turned out to be the only survivor out of the members of a whole rota, he considers himself almost im- mortal. That is why he takes up any task easily, he can run uncovered across the open field subject to shelling and sometimes even scorns at wearing a bulletproof vest.
  14. 14. KANT TO PROTECT EVERYTHING DEAR TO HIM The guy is about thirty years old. He taught physical training at school. He likes his job and his children (his pupils) a lot. The guy does not have a family. He volunteered to join the army as he did not want the fathers of his pupils to die. He is a kind, funny and sociable guy, the life of the party. He like to read a lot and particularly prefers historical and philosophical literature. He does not mind sharing his knowledge with the surrounding people, however, he never tries to stand out or appear to be cleverer than others. He does not feel like a duck to a water at war. The war is still unnatural to him. Nevertheless, he carries out his duties and tasks very well.
  15. 15. COOK TO WIN THE WAR TO BE ABLE TO GO BACK HOME The man is in his late thirties. He used to be a cook at a Ukrainian naval ship in Crimea, before the annexation of the latter. Together with his friend Chayka «Seagull» he left Crimea (not without the problems) to continue their military service in continental Ukraine. He had had almost no contact with weapons before the war. However, he does not mind to «knock somebody down» now if necessary. Having fled Crimea, he left everything there – his house, personal belongings, savings and even his wife. She turned out to be pro-Russian and refused to leave the peninsula. The wife asked him to stay and join the Russian army.
  16. 16. GHOST INITIALLY – TO WIN THE WAR, CONQUER THE ENEMY AND, THUS, RETURN HIS HOME. HOWEVER, HAVING BEEN CAPTURED, HE JUST DREAMS TO STAY ALIVE He is about fifty. He is originally from Donetsk. He has always been pro-Ukrainian. The man joined the army as a volunteer. He fights for his own land and home. During the times of peace, he worked as a builder. He was a member of the team constructing the Donetsk airport that is why he knows the airport perfectly. The man is not married, he does not have children. His family is his mother and sister. He took them out of Donetsk at the very start of the war, they are internally displaced persons (IDPs) now. He was ready to fight for his land till the end, but the conditions of captivity broke him. When Rock was rescued and he was not, he lost all hope. From that moment onwards, he has just wanted to stay alive.
  17. 17. BEAST TO MAKE EVERYBODY BE AFRAID OF AND RESPECT HIM Initially he was a Russian mercenary. However, Russian special services and military command have lost control over him in a while. He is a very volatile person and an equally experienced serviceman. The man is autocratic, authoritarian and arrogant. He does not miss an opportu- nity to take a selfie in front of a hit enemy tank and tell the whole world about it. He has no role models or people he looks up to. People under his command are afraid of him. The enemies do not respect him either. On the contrary, Ukrainian soldiers do not miss an opportunity to take the piss out of him. This drives him mad and makes him even more angry. He is a violent murderer. He is a no stranger to conducting tortures and public executions. He will go to great lengths to prove it to the whole world that they should be afraid of him.
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