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Pick1 _ Corporate sales pitch US 080313 (1)

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Pick1 _ Corporate sales pitch US 080313 (1)

  1. 1. The consumer opinion graph sms
  2. 2. Big Datafor IndividualIZEDOpinions
  3. 3. Product: Pick1Product: Pick1 Connect Brad Carrie Fly To Venice Brad Venice with Delta Connect Venice Delta Data Analysis Clustering Customization
  4. 4. Brad Brown 29 years old Married to Carrie LoweIDENTIFY YOUR CUSTOMER’S INDIVIDUAL Brad lives in LondonPREFERENCES, NEEDS AND DESIRES maximizeto Brad likes Football Favorite RestaurantYOUR advertising $$$ Brad shared Sushi Bar
  5. 5. TRADITIONALMARKET RESEARCHHASN’t changed in over 50years
  6. 6. TARGET THE INDIVIAL,not the masses
  7. 7. Product: Pick1 Pick1 IN ACTION
  9. 9. MULTITOUCHPOINT –MULTILOGIN Newsletter Facebook login sms Twitter login Qr Google Plus login Code Ring Custom login
  10. 10. Brad Brown29 years oldMarried to Carrie Lowe Know Your Custom YOUR PRODUCT
  11. 11. Other Pick1 sName Brad BradAge 29 29Gender Male MaleRelationship Married to Carrie Lowe, since 2011Status Pasta, Pizza, Pudding, Cheese cake, Burger, Kebap,Food Hot dog, Lasagne, Chocolate Tennis, Volleyball, Football, Basket, Swimming,Sport Pilates, AcroYoga, Snowboard Travel, Reading, Snowboarding, Guitar Playing,Hobby Singing, Blogging, Comics, Drawing Ikea, American Express, Pirelli, Nutella, Toyota,Brands Barilla, Apple, Samsung, Canon, H&M, Moleskine, Sky, Gourmet, Sony, Linkedin {365} Facebook {450} Twitter {130}Friends GooglePlus {220}Job Architect Mark Bauer (fb, tw, ln), Tracy Cornell (fb, tw, ln), PaulBest friends Mc Darfy (fb, tw, ln)
  12. 12. Product: Connect RETARGE TING:CONNECT THE WAY yourcustomer wants
  13. 13. Product: Connect from: Tourist Operator from: Tourist Operator to: bradbrown@gmail.com to: carrielowe@gmail.com Save 30% 30% descuentos Venice is waiting for you! Pon a prueba tu nivel de español. London – Venice £699 R/T Barcelona te espera! London – Barcellona £699 L/R BOOK NOW! COMPRAR AHORA
  14. 14. 9% 23 Standa rd % Pick1The pick1 advantage DM - DM - CTR + 64 87 40 + - CRT % % % page Time Bounc views on site e rate
  15. 15. CLIENTS