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Vikas chawla

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With Google & Facebook taking up a large percentage of the digital advertising investment in India, often marketers tend to focus only on these two platforms. But there are a lot more platforms out there today that can be leveraged to build a brand and to acquire more customers. Be it LinkedIn, Native, Platforms like Quora, Industry specific platforms like 99 Acres, CarDekho etc, multilingual platforms and publishers, audio apps and programmatic to name a few. Learn how these can be leveraged to achieve different marketing goals.
Key Takeaways:

1. Understand key platforms outside of the Google-FB ecosystem
2. Reasons why over-reliance on Google-FB ecosystem is not ideal
3. Best case practices for key platforms
4. Learn how Native & Content will play a key role in the future
5. See case studies of brands who have got ROI via these newer channels

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Vikas chawla

  1. 1. Digital Marketing Beyond Facebook & Google • Vikas Chawla – 3rd May 2019
  2. 2. Content Marketing – how should one approach it? Putting Digital India into perspective
  3. 3. 4ROI Driven Digital Marketing Putting India into perspective Population: 1.32 billion TV: ~150m Households Mobile: ~1000m Internet: ~550m
  4. 4. 5ROI Driven Digital Marketing Phenomenal growth in Internet in India, especially in smaller towns – owing to Jio 9X growth in data usage, since Jio launched
  5. 5. Google leads the digital ecosystem in India
  6. 6. 7ROI Driven Digital Marketing 550 million internet users in India 61m 260m 265m 350m 55m
  7. 7. Content Marketing – how should one approach it? Why reliance on Google & FB is not ideal
  8. 8. ROI Driven Digital Marketing Over Reliance can lead to challenges Change in platform can lead to change in results Being satisfied with existing channels – no innovation Missing out on new channels and newer audiences
  9. 9. Content Marketing – how should one approach it? Linkedin
  10. 10. ROI Driven Digital Marketing Linkedin – Best Case Practices Years of Experience Vs Age CPM Bidding Vs CPC / Auto Bidding Designation + Function + Industry Targetting Video Asset Retargetting Lookalike Audience + Interest Audience
  11. 11. ROI Driven Digital Marketing Sample Targetting for a marketing audience
  12. 12. ROI Driven Digital Marketing Website Demographic can be quite useful to get insights
  13. 13. Content Marketing – how should one approach it? Quora
  14. 14. ROI Driven Digital Marketing Quora – Best Case Practices Follow the ad guidelines for capitalization and sentence formatting. Quora wants their ads to look native. Don’t run ads that are too broad. Broad Targeting - Topic, Interest Targeting Narrow Targeting - Website remarketing, lookalike audiences & Question targeting Be aggressive in culling topics / Targeting that are outside of your focus. It’s better to have a smaller selection of more relevant questions Bid appropriately (mid of their recommended range)
  15. 15. ROI Driven Digital Marketing Sample of Topic Targetting
  16. 16. Content Marketing – how should one approach it? Programmatic
  17. 17. 18ROI Driven Digital Marketing Google Marketing Platform brings together a fragmented ecosystem of networks and platforms
  18. 18. 19ROI Driven Digital Marketing With Google Marketing Platform you can have a unified programmatic platform
  19. 19. 20ROI Driven Digital Marketing The entire journey of the user can be tracked
  20. 20. 21ROI Driven Digital Marketing What can you do with Display & Video 360
  21. 21. 22ROI Driven Digital Marketing Preserve Data Fidelity with a single cookie
  22. 22. 23ROI Driven Digital Marketing Frequency can be mapped & manage at a user level, instead of at a platform level
  23. 23. 24ROI Driven Digital Marketing Combine Audiences - Between your Website/App, Google data and/or 3rd party lists that you’ll be able to save and easily reuse across campaigns
  24. 24. 25ROI Driven Digital Marketing With continuous usage of GMP you can plot out your audiences to identify user lists that will help you find the best prospects at scale
  25. 25. 26ROI Driven Digital Marketing With GMP you can prevent Ad Fraud and improve Brand Safety with advanced functionality
  26. 26. Content Marketing – how should one approach it? Native Platforms & Direct Publishers
  27. 27. ROI Driven Digital Marketing Times Internet has 450+ Million monthly users
  28. 28. ROI Driven Digital Marketing Times Internet has 450+ Million monthly users
  29. 29. ROI Driven Digital Marketing Daily Hunt, Adgebra & more
  30. 30. ROI Driven Digital Marketing News Publishers in each language can be explored
  31. 31. ROI Driven Digital Marketing Daily Hunt, Adgebra & more
  32. 32. ROI Driven Digital Marketing Sample targeting of Adgebra
  33. 33. ROI Driven Digital Marketing Native Platforms that can help get more reach
  34. 34. ROI Driven Digital Marketing Native Platforms – Best Case Practices Focus on Creative & Communication Target specific audiences based on your brand Constantly Experiment Transparent and Clear Disclosure of content
  35. 35. Content Marketing – how should one approach it? OTT & Video Streaming Platforms
  36. 36. ROI Driven Digital Marketing Hotstar leads the pack, followed by Voot, BigFlix, Viu, SonyLiv
  37. 37. Content Marketing – how should one approach it? Audio Platforms
  38. 38. ROI Driven Digital Marketing Gaana & Saavn are leaders here
  39. 39. ROI Driven Digital Marketing Sample of Advertising in Saavn
  40. 40. Content Marketing – how should one approach it? Industry Specific Platforms
  41. 41. ROI Driven Digital Marketing For Ecommerce & Consumer Products
  42. 42. ROI Driven Digital Marketing Property Portals
  43. 43. ROI Driven Digital Marketing For Auto Products and Auto Insurance
  44. 44. Content Marketing – how should one approach it? YouTube
  45. 45. Proprietary + Confidential AWARENES S CONSIDERATIO N MASTHEAD Own the YT homepage for 24 hours, across all devices. Build broad reach in 1-day at an efficient CPM BUMPER ADS Reinforce your message with 6’ video format Cost effective way to maximise reach and awareness RESERVATION Advertise next to YouTube popular content on a reservation CPM model Build guaranteed reach with a high impact for your brand (above average ad recall and brand awareness uplifts) TRUEVIEW INSTREAM (SKIPPABLE) / HOMEPAGE FEED ADS Pay only for users who actively choose to watch your ad Broadest creative freedom and targeting options Create awareness & consideration and use the chance to build your audience TRUEVIEW FOR ACTION - SHOPPING Quick route to purchase for the most engaged consumers UAC Open a direct channel to download your app without leaving the video experience TRUEVIEW FOR ACTION Invite audience to take a specific action during or following your video TRUEVIEW FOR REACH TrueView ads optimised for Reach and awareness ACTION
  46. 46. Content Marketing – how should one approach it? Voice is the future, but not open for advertisers yet
  47. 47. 50 Voice
  48. 48. 51 of search queries in India are already done by voice 28% Source - Google
  49. 49. ROI Driven Digital Marketing Voice is the new Touch When iPhone introduced Touch in 2007, it changed how we interact with computers. Now Voice Assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistants are changing it all over again Voice is the new Search 28% of search on Google is now on Voice. People are increasingly discovering and engaging with computers using voice Voice can get things done Voice assistants are smarter than smartphones! They help us get things done in real life, from recipes to sending emails, they can helps us live a better life. Voice is new Touch
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