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How Digital Marketing Gives Way To A Successful Startup

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In the midstream of creativity where startups are emerging and failing at the same time, there is a serious need to understand the dynamics of the marketing alchemy that can help these initiatives not only sustain but also grow consistently.
Digital Marketing has proved to be an undisputable torchbearer in this race. Let’s understand the whys and hows of the game-changing phenomenon with Samir Tiwari, Co Founder & CEO – Non Lineaar.

Key Takeaways:

1. Digital Marketing and Tangibility
2. The Impact of Profiling and Re-marketing
3. The Technology Smart marketer’s Edge

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How Digital Marketing Gives Way To A Successful Startup

  1. 1. How Digital Marketing Gives Way to a Successful Startup? For Skilled Professionals
  2. 2. Who are WE? Will my e-com startup succeed? Will the travellers read my travel blog? Am I spending my small marketing budget prudently? Will my ethnic fashion store get enough footfall? Would somebody care to visit my food joint’s website? How will I sell my German Language coaching skills? Huh! I have no foresight of where my freelance digital venture heading! No buyer on my online cake shop. I am getting nightmares!
  3. 3. Ponder before you Plunge! Do I have enough to invest in marketing and which medium is the most cost effective and tangible? Who is my Target Audience? What content do they consume? What do I communicate? Will my story be a tagline or a video? Where will I find them? Print/TV/OOH OR Digital Space? Are they in a dire need of my product/service? Can they afford it? Have I done enough research? How can I grab their attention? Once I have their attention, how to Re Market?
  4. 4. Why Digital Marketing? Do you have an executive summary to identify the right/wrong? RESEARCH/TOOLS 100% Tangible High Reach Cost Effective What story do you have? And how are you better than the competition? CONTENT Your Digital Identity Website App Your Target Audience is Searching! Organic/Paid Your Target Audience is “Highly Sociable” Have they SEEN you? Have they seen you AGAIN after they “Liked” you?
  5. 5. Just a minute!
  6. 6. Where’s India Heading?
  7. 7. Need we say much?
  8. 8. Where are the leaders Investing?
  9. 9. Top Expectations
  10. 10. Top Digital Priorities
  11. 11. Our Inferences CONTENT is the undisputed KING There is no replacing Digital Marketing Your TG should REFER you to others Create a very strong Digital Identity Your TG should CRAVE for your Product/Service When your TG Searches, YOUR product/service should displace competition Social Presence and Brand Trust TOP PRIORITY DON’T be scared in spending on Well Researched marketing solutions
  12. 12. Questions?
  13. 13. Get Digital!