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Display Takes The Lead On Digital Marketing Growth

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If you are a digital marketer who works on Display advertising, this session offers a deep dive into the how the ecosystem evolved in 2018 in a post ITP/GDPR world. With data regulation being an important factor, the ad relevance is an obvious spin-off to the debate.

The discussion offers a view of what are the factors that every digital marketer should consider while designing an effective strategy. Finally, the session also touches upon some of the solutions offered by Google Display Ads that helps solves some of these challenges.

Key Takeaways:

1. How the landscape is changing – inventory; new ad formats; ad clutter
2. Audience targeting evolution – activating CRM to build customer value
3. Scope of Automation in display – bidding and targeting

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Display Takes The Lead On Digital Marketing Growth

  1. 1. Display Ad spend in India is on the rise; but decelerating due to industry and economic factors Growth is fueled by Programmatic buying and video spend Deceleration is due to sector maturity; but can be countered with expanding market size
  2. 2. In a performance/ROI focused market; Display is clawing in on a bigger share of the market Shift to smartphones (apps) and increased media consumption on social platforms, OTT The future is all about more ad engagement with interesting formats that cut ad clutter
  3. 3. Global Publisher inventory is seeing a tectonic shift; less text - more premium inventory It is Important to reach your customers wherever they are across web and apps Network of 3M+ websites &apps O&Oproperties each with 1B+users Extended reach for remarketing with access to 3rd partyexchanges
  4. 4. What does the ecosystem think of ads? Consumers are increasingly frustrated with slow experiences laden with annoying, disruptive and deceptive ads Publishers are struggling to balance quality content and consumer experiences with the need for financial viability Advertisers increasingly mistrust an ecosystem that is complex, opaque, and at times, unsafe
  5. 5. What does this regulation mean for Brands in all the major markets around the world? California Consumer Privacy Act EUGDPR Data Protection Bill China’s Cybersecurity Law $7.8 billion* Source: iapp.org
  6. 6. In 2017, Indian advertisers lost $193M* in ad revenues due to Ad blockers.
  7. 7. Or is this a Renaissance? Est. $19B* global spend on buying, managing, processing and analyzing third-party audience data Marketers are expected to strategize for a one audience view across various devices and channels
  8. 8. Raising the bar on content Making Ads Better / busting bad ads 3.2 billion bad ads removed Research covering 40,000 consumers in Europe & US Chrome filtering of annoying ads 130+ expert groups 98% of extremist content now identified by machines Google Preferred manual verification
  9. 9. Increasing control and transparency Having the right measurement partners Certification for DTSG brand safety byJICWEBS 3P verification with Integral Ad Science & DoubleVerify Coming soon: simpler advertiser controls 30 existing MRC accredited metrics 40 new MRC accredited metrics Expanded YouTube reach measurement with Nielsen and comScore
  10. 10. There is opportunity in the digital growth story; Display advertising is the engine that will help realise this Policies will continue to regulate data/ ad tech; Pivot to ensuring you are maximimizing on audience Display ad ecosystem is hitting maturity levels; Reinvent and segment ad reach with engaging formats
  11. 11. adssettings.google.com/ authenticated
  12. 12. Proprietary +Confidential Intelligence at every step Signals Assess & Score Segmentation Continuously, in real time
  13. 13. Intelligent models predicting non-obvious correlations People who book on your app also have an interest in photography In Japan, cherry blossom season sparks travelbookings
  14. 14. Solutions for every stage of the consumer journey Based on interests, frequent behaviours and habits Interests & Habits Affinity Custom Affinity Consumer Patterns* Based on facts about their life People making purchase decisions relevant to my brand right now Intent & Action Life Events* In-market Custom Intent* Remarketing Videos · Website · Similar Audiences Customer Match* Email · Address · Phone · Similar Audiences AUDIENCE SOLUTION MARKETING OBJECTIVE REACH Consideration & Brand Favorability Purchase Intent / Website Actions / Offline Action Ad Recall & Brand Awareness Demographics Demographics Age · Gender Detailed Demographics* Parental Status & Stages · Household Income · Education · Employment Relationship Status · Homeownership
  15. 15. Remarketing Target your customers across Google’s cookied pool of identifiable users. Customer Match Target your customers across Google's logged-in pool of identifiable users. Email Address Physical Address Phone Number User ID Mobile Device IDSearch VideoDisplay Bought from you Engaged with you
  16. 16. Broadest addressable users Goal: see and know my brand Users thinking about purchasing Goal: consider my brand’s offerings Users ready to purchase now Goal: purchase my brand’s products/services SEE THINK DO CARE Users who have already purchased Goal: purchase again, become loyal to my brand
  17. 17. SEE THINK DO CARE - World Music - Movie Buff - Street Bikes - Watching Traveler videos on YouTube eating “Pho” - Smart Phones - Data Plan - Travel to Vietnam - Car Rental - Ordering a book “The Motorcycle Diaries” - Booking a homestay or a hostel via travel social site - Using a ride-sharing app to book airport transfer
  18. 18. Proprietary +Confidential global creation and consumption of data of millennials own3+ devices
  19. 19. Proprietary +Confidential
  20. 20. 1/4th of leads/conversions are driven by automation today 1.0% 40.0% 48.4% 29.6% Gmail Ads Experiments Smart Display Prospecting Remarketing
  21. 21. Drive marketer performance by making decisions at a scale that would not have been possible manually: How much should I bid in each auction? How do I find my ideal audience? How can I measure my campaigneffectiveness? What message do I show my audience?
  22. 22. Ads need to be more dynamic and responsive to reach and engage the right audience
  23. 23. Ad optimization is a tactical lever; but has an exponential impact on your digital marketing strategy What Makes These Ads Great? • Strong image that follows all guidance • Headline is compelling • Clear differentiators and value prop articulated in the description • Logo provided
  24. 24. High CTRs/ Engagement Rates are driven by Quality + HD DO use the natural lines of an image. DO use images that in focus. DO use images that are easy to see and full color. DO use images that include a single, non-duplicated composition of the subject. DO use the raw, natural composition of photos. DO keep edges square and borders transparent to allow images bleed to the full aspect.
  25. 25. Overlooking ad quality can result in missed opportunities! DON’T use visually skewed images. DON’T use images that are hard to see or appear washed out. DON’T use inverted color or excessive filters.
  26. 26. Avoid overlaid text Avoid inserting text on top of an image. Overlaid text can be unreadable in smaller ad sizes. Images where the text is naturally embedded/integrated are OK
  27. 27. Avoid digital composite backgrounds Avoid displaying products over digital composite backgrounds, including an all-white background. Instead use quality photographs that have physical settings with organic shadows and lighting.
  28. 28. A decade ago, the internet consisted of boxes holding content and ads... Content circa 2004 Many links, folder architecture, lots of copy Ads circa 2004 So the image ads actually fit with the page content, providing a similar experience
  29. 29. Over time content has evolved, especially on mobile... Content circa 2016 Mobile apps and websites feature feed-based content that scrolls up and down, and swipes left to right; large buttons and sparse text make it easy to use
  30. 30. But ads still look like they belong in 2004 The RunningShop All your favorite shoes in one spot Ads need an update The banner ads of 2004 won’t work in this environment. They don’t fit with the form and function of the page
  31. 31. Native ads enable a seamless experience between mobile content and ads Promoted The Running Shop Sponsored by The RunningCorp All your favorite shoes in onespot Native ads fix this A native ad, specified by the publisher and based on their content layout and interactivity, provides a more natural fit aligned with the consumer’s mindset
  32. 32. The consumer journey begins with a click/view on a Banner Ad on the internet
  33. 33. Display Impressions and analysing complete paths Key Takeaway: Develop an insight from your data, for example, a display view followed by a search click is more likely to lead to a conversation. Use that insight to adapt your media plan to sequence your targeting strategy to follow the optimal path. Include GDN impressions
  34. 34. Solutions Gallery Use Google Analytics Solutions Gallery to download and activate pre-packaged audience segments relevant to your business. Anybody can create and share reusable audience segments on the solutions gallery. Implementation Effort
  35. 35. GA Smart List Use Smart Lists to harness the power of the latest in machine learning. Google Analytics automatically identifies those mostly likely to convert and creates lists for you automagically Implementation Effort
  36. 36. Audience Builder Create bespoke audiences for user behaviour throughout your website. To get started quickly, the solutions gallery provides ready-to-go examples. Implementation Effort
  37. 37. In summary Bringing back all the thoughts from the discussion
  38. 38. Key themes to grow your business results On Display Analyze and Assign Credit Test andIterate Use the power of Data
  39. 39. Ads Keep The Internet Free Thank you for your time!