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About ibooks

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This presentation is about how to use iBooks

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About ibooks

  1. 1. About iBooks By:Jasmine Alvarado, Kaine Culver, Sabrina Gary
  2. 2. A little bit about iBooks. I books is a very good learning resource that all ages may use. You can read your books that you download, basically like an e- book. iBooks is an approved app that you may have. It can also be used to export work that is yours to iBooks such as a book that you made in book creator.
  3. 3. Exporting your created book to iBooks In order to export you created book in book creator, you need to hit the paper with an arrow on the bottom of your book and you would then answer the question and export it to iBooks.
  4. 4. Downloading Books If you are downloading a book iBooks you might want permission from a teacher because there may be inappropriate books, but if a teacher tells you to put it in iBooks than that is a different story because of course they want you to put it on there WITH PERMISSION!!
  5. 5. Books that are required Make sure that you have the books that your are required to have such as the student handbook or books that your connect teacher or social studies teacher, etc. need you to have and then download your books that you would desire to have, but WITH PERMISSION!
  6. 6. Your books appearing in your library The books that you downloaded and the books that you delete or don't want it anymore they will still appear but they will appear with a cloud and a down arrow so that if you want it back you can just download it again.
  7. 7. Exporting your projects You can export many projects into iBooks by only tapping on the box with an up arrow and export it to iBooks.
  8. 8. More about iBooks You can download PDF files, buy books or download samples of books. The books highlighted with yellow are PDF. The books that are highlighted in red are book samples, the books with the green highlight are interactive books, and book with s blue highlight are books that have been purchased.