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Digital 22 Culture Code

  1. Digital 22 Culture Code Created by everybody in the team.
  2. ● Do what you think is best.. ● Be accountable. ● Communicate properly. ● Respect other people. ● Support your colleagues. ● Keep getting better. ● Be considerate. ● Clean up after yourself. ● Enjoy the ride. Digital 22 Culture Code Digital 22 Culture Code
  3. Now, some context...
  4. Digital 22 Culture Code The atmosphere in the office. The way you feel about your colleagues. How people treat each other. It comes from the approach and attitude people choose to have. And it’s whatever you make it. What is Culture?
  5. Digital 22 Culture Code Yours and the people around you. It’s everybody’s. Whose Culture Is It?
  6. For Digital 22, the Culture Code defines what we believe in, what we do and how we work with people internally and externally. It's a way of formalizing our DNA and the soul of the company so it becomes the backbone of how to act at work. It's an addition to our Core Values and also a bit different. This is based on feedback from across the whole team and what’s already helping to create a happy, productive, successful business. What’s a Culture Code? Digital 22 Culture Code
  7. To help nurture the special culture that exists as we continue to grow and expand in size. If we all work together and share the culture, the impact is completely positive, even when we have differences. Basically, it helps people be sound with each other. Why Do We Need It? Digital 22 Culture Code
  8. Because employee happiness and everybody enjoying themselves at work is the main reason the company was started. It’s what we’re all about, to be honest. And it shows when we win awards like Employer of the Year. Why Does Digital 22 Want It? Digital 22 Culture Code
  9. The website, SlideShare, company WiKi, Shared Drive and some printed copies around the office. Where Can You Find It? Digital 22 Culture Code
  10. Core Values cover everything we do and what we’re working towards. This Culture Code is about how we act towards each other and the office. How is This Different to Our Core Values and Mission Statement? Digital 22 Culture Code
  11. For guidance. As a reminder. As something to always aim for. So we end up with an amazing culture to work in. How Should You Use It? Digital 22 Culture Code
  12. Dharmesh Shah, HubSpot Co-Founder in the HubSpot Culture Code “Culture happens. Whether planned or not, all companies have a culture. Why not make one we love?”
  13. Colleen O’Sullivan, Senior Director of HubSpot Customer Success “We hire adults. We don’t expect or want to be on your shoulder the whole time checking up on you.”
  14. “Culture matters so much because we all spend a lot of time here and we should enjoy it.” Rikki Lear, Director
  15. Digital 22 Culture Code
  16. Digital 22 Culture Code Following these statements will help to make sure we have the best culture possible, we’re happy and we’re achieving the Core Values. ● Do what you think is best.. ● Be accountable. ● Communicate properly. ● Respect other people. ● Support your colleagues. ● Keep getting better. ● Be considerate. ● Clean up after yourself. ● Enjoy the ride. Digital 22 Culture Code
  17. Digital 22 Culture Code Here’s what they mean and how they’re applied. ● Do what you think is best. The best for Digital 22, the best for your growth, the best for your colleagues and the best for your client. Without taking advantage. ● Be accountable. Because we’re all adults, we should own up to what we need to. ● Communicate properly. Speak to people with respect and be a good listener. And there’s no need to gossip. ● Respect other people. Their time, their work and their ideas ● Support your colleagues. Like a family, be there for each other and the favour will be returned one day. ● Keep getting better. We’re #1 in Europe but we can all learn. Learn from your mistakes and help others learn from theirs (and yours too). ● Be considerate. Remember you’re in a shared space and how you behave impacts people around you. ● Clean up after yourself. If you don’t sort it, you’re leaving it for somebody else to do it for you. From overdue tasks to cups and plates on the drainer. ● Enjoy the ride. Being the best is hard work, embrace it and celebrate whenever you can. The Statements Explained
  18. INTERESTING: The most common words used in the survey which shaped the Culture Code were: “help”, “other” and “people.” This shaped the Culture Code Statements.
  19. SIMILAR: Those words are very similar to our Mission Statement: “To help clients and each other grow.” This shaped the Culture Code Statements.
  20. Digital 22 Culture Code Explained Further
  21. THINK: What do these statements mean to you? How many do you follow? How can you make Digital 22 a better place to work?
  22. Do what you think is best.
  23. The best for Digital 22 because that builds long term success. The best for your growth because that’s the root to achieving happiness. The best for your colleagues and they’ll do the same for you. And the best for your client because they pay the bills. But this covers everything from “Should I revisit that bit of work because I think it could be better?” to “I can see the bin is full, should I just empty it?” Do what you think is best. Digital 22 Culture Code
  24. Positive Examples: ● Researching your own solution. ● But asking for help when you really need it. ● Choose the most impactful option. ● Dealing with a problem as soon as you see one, big or small. Digital 22 Culture Code Do what you think is best. Negative Examples: ● Trying to do it all on your own. There’s no need to be a hero. ● Asking a colleague for a solution before you ask the internet. Do your bit. ● Doing something with no impact. Your time could be better spent. ● Hoping problems will just go away. They won’t.
  25. YOUR QUOTES: “Let’s all work to the best of our ability and lead the way in marketing.” “Get the best out of one another…” “Help to the best of their abilities…” “Having everyone’s best interest at heart…” “Try your best…”
  26. Be Accountable
  27. Be Accountable Digital 22 Culture Code If we all do that, everything runs smoothly. From results and overdues to other stuff. ‘Other stuff’ people mentioned includes keeping the office clean and tidy (including putting things away) and solving problems quickly before they become a big deal. Problems can mean both personal and professional.
  28. Digital 22 Culture Code Be Accountable Positive Examples: ● Owning your mistakes. ● Hitting your deadlines. ● Moving work along the production line on time. ● Finishing tasks and making sure they’re complete. Negative Examples: ● Passing the blame. ● Always having overdues. ● Not passing work to people when you’re supposed to. ● Leaving tasks unfinished.
  29. YOUR QUOTES: “If you mess up then own it (shit happens).” “Own your screw ups...” “Take responsibility…” “Take equal responsibility…” “Accept responsibility…” “It is your responsibility and your kitchen but not just your kitchen.”
  30. Communicate Properly
  31. Communicate Properly Digital 22 Culture Code Speak to people with respect and be a good listener. Listening is probably the most important bit because it stops the other person feeling ignored. And never talk people down behind their backs. “Don’t bitch” and “don’t gossip” were mentioned in the survey responses. A lot. Nothing good ever comes of this. It makes people unhappy and the whole culture suffers. Just be a sound person.
  32. Digital 22 Culture Code Communicate Properly Positive Examples: ● Respecting the other person’s opinion even if you don’t agree. ● Being open and honest. ● Listening and asking questions until you truly understand. ● Being properly ‘in the room’ instead of chatting on Slack or thinking about your next meeting. Negative Examples: ● Talking down to people. ● Bitching or bad mouthing somebody behind their back. ● Assuming you know everything during a conversation. ● Gossiping. If somebody gossips to you, they’ll gossip about you.
  33. YOUR QUOTES: “Listen well… sharing a problem is a good way to solve it.” “Communicate well and efficiently.” “Listening to one another.” “Always listen to others…” “Listen and remain open-minded.” “Don’t bitch or gossip.”
  34. AND SOME MORE OF YOUR QUOTES: “If you ever have an issue, talk it out rather than bitch or moan to someone else.” “Don’t bitch about each other.” “Don’t gossip.” “Don’t bitch.”
  35. Respect Other People
  36. Respect Other People Digital 22 Culture Code Their time is just as important as yours - how we work is truly a team effort. This means their work is just as important as yours too, from the most senior to the most junior position - we all rely on each other. And what else always deserves respect is somebody else’s ideas. Without this, creativity and innovation dies… and then we’re just another boring office. And respect that other people are using the same office as you. Be a sound person to work next to.
  37. Digital 22 Culture Code Respect Other People Positive Examples: ● Realising everybody feels stress and has pressure. ● Understanding that your colleague might be snowed under. ● Empathising with their situation. ● Being on time to meetings. The little things matter. Negative Examples: ● Thinking your job is more important than somebody else’s. It isn’t really. ● Expecting unrealistic turnaround times on tasks. It’s not fair. ● Not including people. Grow up and be adult. ● Hogging things like music playlists or the pool table. Share the wealth.
  38. YOUR QUOTES: “No one should feel like they can’t contribute.” “Treat others how you’d want to be treated.” “Respect everything.” “Respect other people’s time...” “Respect their opinion.” “Respect the facilities.” “Respect that people work differently.”
  39. Support Your Colleagues
  40. Support Your Colleagues Digital 22 Culture Code Be there for each other and the favour will be returned one day. Okay, less cheese... Your teammate could be under pressure from a client or having a rough time at home. Be there for them and they’ll do the same for you when you need it. Supporting your colleagues can also be as simple as doing your job on time. This means they can crack on without fuss. It can also be as simple as asking if they’re okay and being a good friend.
  41. Digital 22 Culture Code Support Your Colleagues Positive Examples: ● Asking how you can help, even if it’s just getting them a brew. ● Include people if you see them sat on their own. ● Suggesting ideas and solutions that might help. ● Doing the best job you can so that people can rely on you. Negative Examples: ● Not offering your skills or time when they’d help. ● Ignoring people’s questions or queries. ● Not replying to emails. ● Not completing work when you were supposed to or said you would do.
  42. YOUR QUOTES: “Be helpful and supportive.” “Being a support system for work and personal things.” “Be aware if you think someone might need help.” “Have each other’s back.” “Don’t gossip.” “Don’t be afraid to accept help.” “Help, support, educate and guide.”
  43. Keep Getting Better
  44. Keep Getting Better Digital 22 Culture Code We’re all human and make mistakes - the key is to learn from them. Learn from them and help others by sharing your new-found knowledge. Also help others learn from their mistakes too. Finally, being Partner of the Year makes us a target to beat for every other agency. If we stand still we are actually moving backwards. Keep learning all the time. And try to be a better person to work with.
  45. Digital 22 Culture Code Keep Getting Better Positive Examples: ● Trying new things, ideas and ways of working. ● Share what you learn with everybody else. ● Go the extra mile whenever you can. ● Improving what the company already does, no matter how small. Negative Examples: ● Doing things the same way you did a year ago. ● Not training and learning new things. ● Not pushing yourself - the best things happen outside your comfort zone. ● Expecting people to fix things for you.
  46. YOUR QUOTES: “Always try to learn something new.” “Everything can be improved.” “We learn and grow - sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.” “Knowledge is king.” “Empower colleagues to innovate…” “Learn from colleagues.”
  47. Be Considerate
  48. Be Considerate Digital 22 Culture Code Remember, you’re in a shared space and how you behave impacts people around you. This means everything from how much you chat to how smelly your dinner is. You might be working on an easy task, but what about your colleague a few yards away, can they concentrate? Maybe somebody is doing a new task for the first time. Help them out or don’t distract them. Or it could be as simple as inviting a new starter to come to the chippy.
  49. Digital 22 Culture Code Be Considerate Positive Examples: ● Only eat food in the kitchen, that’s what it’s there for. ● Arriving on time to meetings. It’s basic manners. ● Including people who want to be involved. ● Apologising when necessary. Own up to messing up. Negative Examples: ● Not tidying up mess that you’ve created. Who else is gonna do it? ● Inviting people to meetings who don’t need to be there. It wastes their time. ● Excluding people from chats or anything else. This isn’t primary school. ● Ignoring the fact you’re impacting other people.
  50. YOUR QUOTES: “Don’t be a dick.” “Be courteous when it comes to using the facilities.” “Make a welcoming atmosphere at all times.” “Respect each other.” “Be mindful of each other.” “Be tidy.” “Respect that people work differently.”
  51. Clean Up After Yourself
  52. Clean Up After Yourself Digital 22 Culture Code Literally. If you don’t sort it, you’re leaving it for somebody else to do it for you. And why should they? But this counts for everything from overdue tasks to leaving your washed plate on the drainer. Drying and putting stuff away was mentioned a lot in the survey. And we mean A LOT.
  53. Digital 22 Culture Code Clean Up After Yourself Positive Examples: ● Emptying the bin when you can see that it’s full. ● Drying your things and putting them back in the cupboard. ● Fixing mistakes in your work instead of letting somebody else do it. ● Making sure you aren’t a blocker to other people. Negative Examples: ● Leaving things on the drainer. ● Not taking ownership of mess you see in the office. ● Letting other people finish or correct your work. ● Holding up other people starting their work.
  54. YOUR QUOTES: “Clean up after yourself.” “Take responsibility.” “If you see something needs doing, just do it.” “Leave things as you’d want to find them.” “Wash your shit, dry it, put it away.”
  55. Enjoy the Ride
  56. Enjoy the Ride Digital 22 Culture Code We’re officially the best HubSpot Agency in EMEA. Getting there was hard work. Staying there is even harder. Nobody has been in this position and it’s all new. Not every decision will be correct and we don’t know what will keep us #1. What we do know is that it won’t be what we’re doing now. Things will change. Embrace it. Celebrate the highs and know the lows will pass. Don’t be moody and shout up if you’re struggling. Let’s have fun.
  57. Digital 22 Culture Code Enjoy the Ride Positive Examples: ● Celebrating the wins, big and small. Together. ● Remember bad days happen. ● Socialising with your colleagues because we’re all real people. ● Seeing mistakes as a chance to learn. Shit happens. Get over it. Negative Examples: ● Blaming others when things don’t go right. ● Not sharing your stresses or taking things to heart. ● Not engaging with the Digital 22 team. Don’t become cut off. ● Stewing on mistakes or bad feedback - dust yourself down and go again.
  58. YOUR QUOTES: “Smile, have fun, work hard.” “We learn and grow - sometimes you win, sometimes you learn.” “Always try to have a smile on your face - and talk about personal things not just work.” “Get shit done with a smile on your face.”
  59. What Now?
  60. Culture is what you make it. This code is shaped by everybody’s input… but the culture that comes out of it is down to you.