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Glossy Forum: Age of E-Commerce | Klarna

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Presented by Russell Isaacson

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Glossy Forum: Age of E-Commerce | Klarna

  1. 1. Say hello to Klarna
  2. 2. The changing face of checkout and how next gen shoppers are driving payment innovations
  3. 3. The current retail landscape ● 73 million Americans aged between 22 and 37 ● Millennials and Gen Zers spend 6 hours per week shopping online ● 67% of Millennials and 56% of Gen Zers prefer to shop online rather than in-store
  4. 4. Digital dominance is here. ● eCommerce represents 13% of total US retail sales. For some markets it’s even higher. ● The average shopper in the US spends 71% of their digital time on mobile. ● Today, mobile accounts for 39% of traffic in eCommerce.
  5. 5. $93.5 billion of retail purchases spent on smartphones in 2018. 62% of smartphone users have purchased on mobile in the last 6 months. M-commerce sales accounted for 34.5% of total e- comm sales in 2017
  6. 6. Retail isn’t dead. It’s changing.
  7. 7. Shoppers’ desires Better informed Online search on demand, even in store More demanding Seeking personalization and seamlessness Volatility They won’t wait. Alternative options are only one click away Always on Always connected, shopping around the clock More conscious Values oriented and in search of authenticity Connected to others Product review and experience sharing on blogs and social media are changing.
  8. 8. ● Create a frictionless shopping experience ● Increase shoppers’ control by easing cost burdens and increasing purchasing power. ● Empower repeat purchases by building emotional engagement. ● Lift average cart size through a fast and simple checkout. ● Embrace the benefits of a recognized brand and consumer-engagement activities Experience is the new loyalty.
  9. 9. Leveraging technology to win over consumers Optimize UX with responsive pages Provide flexible and more affordable payment options at time of checkout Customer recognition including shipping and payment preferences Require minimal clicks during checkout journey Introduce Try Before You Buy and interest free payments to empower the consumer Implement a buyers’ protection policy for lost, incorrect, or defective items
  10. 10. Case Study: Daniel Wellington
  11. 11. Multi-channel launch activities coordinated by DW and Klarna resulting in approx 10% increase in conversion and 20% increase in AOV. OOH ads DW + Klarna Featured in Klarna lounge at Showfields NYC Klarna I Daniel Wellington 10M+impressions Email to DW customer base 83MPR impressions +12.9% increase in brand awareness for DW in NYC
  12. 12. Questions?