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Amazon Strategies January 2019 | Perpetua

Presented by Adam Epstein

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Amazon Strategies January 2019 | Perpetua

  1. 1. Perpetua The Smartest Way to Grow on Amazon 3 Amazon Advertising Predictions to Guide your 2020 Strategy
  2. 2. 2019 Highlights
  3. 3. Brand + Content will never be more important Prediction #1
  4. 4. Opportunities are now opening up for rich, quality creative on Amazon Ads Sponsored Brand Video Custom designed DSP Ads
  5. 5. Sponsored Brands Ads will continue to expand as a mid funnel ad unit: - New ad inventory will be unlocked within the Amazon marketplace - New types of creative will be unlocked - Brand based reporting will continue to expand (new to brand analytics) You should no longer think of SB ads as merely a banner at top of search … but as an opportunity to tell a unique and differentiated story
  6. 6. Why Investing in Brand is so Important - Branded search terms will always come with the lowest CPC + highest CVR - The more branded search terms you have = less $$ on ads - Brand affinity = repeat purchases + adjacent product opportunities
  7. 7. Overhyped Product of the Year: Sponsored Display Under-hyped Product of the Year: Attribution Beta Prediction #2
  8. 8. DSP Sponsored Displayvs. Audiences: Custom + Highly Targeted Creative: Amazon Dynamic Creative Audiences: Limited to Amazon’s Suggestion (like an Auto Campaign) Creative: Custom Creative + Amazon Dynamic Creative Funnel Positioning: Awareness, Repurchasing, Retargeting Funnel Positioning: Retargeting only (via the API)
  9. 9. — Daniel Zakowski CEO of Ready Set Food The DSP is now a vital part of our Amazon strategy. We’ve been able to increase impressions on our product pages by 2x, drive a more efficient ROAS than Sponsored Ads, and increase our total sales by +40%.
  10. 10. Closing the loop on outside Amazon attribution will be paramount PRODUCT PAGE
  11. 11. Amazon total sales flatlined using Sponsored Ads Advertising outside of Amazon can have a material impact on incremental total sales Google Ads = 5x Increase in total sales in 90 days Advertising outside of Amazon unlocks new ad inventory + entirely new potential customer base Case Study - Natural Pesticide Co. Organic KW rank from 5 to1
  12. 12. Conversation will change on widely accept success metrics Prediction #3
  13. 13. Acknowledgement of Vanity Metrics The metrics are not a reflection of the effectiveness of an advertising strategy because they are not a reflection of the health of one’s Amazon business Attributed Sales ACoS
  14. 14. Organic Sales Attributed Sales Blended ACoS As marketers we must understand the effect that adverting has to the Amazon flywheel - and employ an advertising strategy that reflects that • Control spend on branded keywords • Dominate flagship category keywords + own top of search • Conquest competitor keywords / asins Branded | Category | Competitor Targeting • Organic keyword rank as a means of generating profits • Total sales for vendors (unavailable via API) • Leverage ads to manufacture momentum on Amazon flywheel Total Sales + Organic Rank + DSP
  15. 15. Why Perpetua Sponsored Brand: • Only company where you launch SB in app (+ mobile) • First to market to optimize SBV DSP + Attribution: • DSP offered as manage service • Reporting for DSP + Sponsored Ads Advanced Analytics and Metrics: • Organic KW Rank • Total Sales Analytics for Vendors