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Amazon Strategies January 2019 | OneSpace

Presented by Stephanie Leffler

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Amazon Strategies January 2019 | OneSpace

  1. 1. Optimizing Content on Amazon to Improve Visibility & Conversion Presented By Stephanie Leffler OneSpace
  2. 2. 80% of clicks are from the first page of search results The new path to purchase… Get Found Get Purchased+ Get Clicked + 90% of purchases begin with search 73% cite detailed content as the #1 reason they click “Buy”
  3. 3. GET FOUND
  4. 4. Get Found Manual Paid Organic How Do Retailers Rank Products in Search?
  5. 5. Get Found Many Opportunities for Paid Search
  6. 6. 81% of Product Views are Driven by Organic Search % of product views driven by paid search in 2018 Organic Search Offers More Opportunity
  7. 7. Amazon Only Reports a Small % of Searches
  8. 8. healthy snacks healthy snacks for adults healthy snacks individually wrapped healthy snacks in prime pantry healthy snacks for kids healthy snacks variety pack healthy snacks for toddlers bulk healthy snacks small healthy snacks kids healthy snacks healthy snacks bundle healthy snacks individual packs healthy snacks care package banana healthy snacks salty healthy snacks healthy snacks care package gift basket spicy healthy snacks healthy snacks for the office healthy snacks basket subscribe and save healthy snacks healthy snacks chips herrs healthy snacks organic healthy snacks for adults gf healthy snacks healthy snacks bulk free shipping healthy snacks healthy snacks for kids lunches healthy snacks vanila healthy snacks vanilla healthy snacks cheddar snacks healthy snacks keto healthy snacks vegan low calorie healthy snacks healthy snacks 100 calories healthy snacks protein healthy snacks packs healthy snacks individual packs prime pantry healthy snacks under 5 dollars heart healthy snacks healthy snacks individually wrapped chewy healthy snacks 100 calories heart healthy snacks healthy snacks food wholesale healthy snacks bulk healthy snacks veggies healthy snacks freeze dried healthy snacks for elderly Unique Healthy Snack Search Phrases
  9. 9. Titles: Still an Important Tool Source: Edge by Ascential 49% Amazon Title Keyword Text Match Accuracy
  10. 10. #3 – Include Top Searched Terms in TitleUse Everything You Have to Capture Volume Dry Roasted Peanuts vs Dry Roasted Peanuts Heart Healthy Snack 10x
  11. 11. #3 – Include Top Searched Terms in TitleUse Everything You Have to Capture Volume
  12. 12. #3 – Include Top Searched Terms in TitleCategory Keywords are Often Greenfield
  13. 13. Shopping Features Drive Retailer Specific Search
  14. 14. Setting Search Attributes is Critical Submit a ticket if they weren’t configured at new item setup
  15. 15. GET CLICKED
  16. 16. Hero Testing is Proving Lift in CTR & Conversion
  17. 17. Hero Images – One Size Doesn’t Fit All Who is the brand? What is it? What variety is it? How much of it is there?
  18. 18. ecommerce.inclusivedesigntoolkit.com
  19. 19. Hero Styles You Should Test
  20. 20. Headline Ads Require Larger Formats
  22. 22. Organic Search: Overview Classify Keywords to Understand What to Include in Your Description & Carousel iced coffee french press coffee Instant coffee vanilla coffee caramel coffee French coffee Colombian coffee Extra strong coffee High caffeine coffee How its brewed? Where is it grown?What flavor? How much caffeine?
  23. 23. Every bag of our most popular organic coffee, Lush Medium Dark Roast Fair Trade Whole Bean Coffee, has been crafted with one simple objective in mind — to make the best organic coffee on the planet. These Lush medium roast organic coffee beans come directly from farmers in South and Central America, where we source only premium, 100 percent arabica coffee. Flavor notes of fruit, smoke and earth develop after being artisan roasted and tested by our passionate team of coffee experts. Our passion for gourmet coffee is tasted with every cup of Lush coffee you brew. Our resealable coffee bags have a quick pull tab opening and a zip lock seal to preserve freshness and natural flavors long after opening. With a USDA Organic Coffee Certification, Lush produces only organic, fair trade coffee beans to promote social investment and ensure that pesticides and chemicals are never near these gourmet coffee beans. Our whole bean organic fair trade coffee is better for farmers and their families, better for the planet, and of course, better for you. Search Phrase Volume organic coffee 571,358 whole bean coffee 523,263 organic coffee beans 78,622 arabica coffee 39,862 gourmet coffee 31,163 dark roast whole bean coffee 25,205 fair trade 16,806 gourmet coffee beans 14,748 100 percent arabica coffee 10,999 organic whole bean coffee 7,626 fair trade coffee beans 7,396 fair trade coffee 5,744 resealable coffee bags 4,659 medium roast organic coffee beans 3,774 whole bean organic fair trade coffee 2,192 Product Descriptions: Your Best Keyword Opportunity
  24. 24. 95% of customers who begin to view an image carousel, look at EVERY IMAGE Source: Edge by Ascential
  25. 25. Merchandise with Your Images
  26. 26. Titles, Bullets, DescriptionsMerchandise with Your Images
  27. 27. Images Promoting Subscribe & Save Adoption
  28. 28. Images Promoting Subscribe & Save Adoption
  29. 29. Images Promoting Reorders with Alexa
  30. 30. Images Promoting 1P vs 3P Purchases
  31. 31. Enhanced Moves Up the Page On Mobile, it’s now your primary description MOBILE Bullets Description A+
  32. 32. Description A+ Bullets Description has been demoted across all devices. Use it to OPTIMIZE! DESKTOP
  33. 33. Questions?