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FlashPress - WordCamp Montreal 2009

FlashPress is an extension to WordPress, which allows the ability to use an essentially PHP based CMS to communicate with a Flash site. The FlashPress project aims to develop a new WordPress bundle that will allow anybody to download, install, choose a template, and be up running with a fully CMS backed Flash site or blog in minutes. As part of this project we will be publicly documenting the process, code, and challenges along the way.

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FlashPress - WordCamp Montreal 2009

  1. 1. bridging two worlds… Brendan Sera-Shriar www.digibombinc.com
  2. 2. What is flashpress? flashpress is a theme framework that allows you to manage a full flash site using WordPress as the CMS!
  3. 3. Why build flashpress? The use of the WordPress CMS in Flash overcomes many obstacles involved with maintaining and updating a Flash site. Let’s face it, it’s expensive and timely working in Flash! Some Benefits • Client side management for Flash content/media • Easy blogging in Flash • A simple way to add a Database to Flash • Plus all the other benefits of WordPress!
  4. 4. The flashpress architecture How does it all Work? Because flashpress is a theme framework all we need to do is copy the fp php files to our themes directory. Then we need to copy the Flash theme/class directory to the root of our WP install.
  5. 5. The flashpress architecture WP root wp-content themes themename • wp-admin • images • wp-content • flashpress.class.php • wp-includes • fp-add-comment.php • flash • fp-posts.php • *.php • fp-search.php • *.php/css
  6. 6. The Flash files When developing a Flash site your require 2 essential directories, deploy which contains the final output and source which contains all working files, libraries, utils, etc… deploy source • *.swf • *.fla • AC_RunActiveContent.js • *.as • index.html • com and other custom packages • fullscreen.html (pv3, tweener, utils, etc…)
  7. 7. Enough talk!
  8. 8. Where we are? There’s still a lot of work to do! Completed What’s next? • Posts • Plugin support • Comments • User registration • Media • Pages • Search • Taxonomy
  9. 9. Thank You Brendan Sera-Shriar, Founder of digibomb http://www.digibombinc.com http://www.dropthedigibomb.com dropit@dropthedigibomb.com You can also find me here http://www.twitter.com/digibomb http://www.flickr.com/photos/phug http://digibomb.stumbleupon.com http://www.linkedin.com/in/digibomb