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Meetin.gs - Getting Started v3

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Meetin.gs - Getting Started v3

  1. 1. – GuideUse this guide to organize awesome meetings
  2. 2. – Guide 2/10 1 2 3 Meetin.gs creates a shared online space for meeting collaboration, including files, shared documents, notes, and agenda. Participants are kept up-to- date through email. Every meeting has a short email address for sending in meeting related material and notes. Setup is quick and easy through your calendar. Participants can use their existing tools such as tablet, smartphone, and desktop applications. 1 Meetings 2 Updates 3 Setup a New MeetingView a list of all meetings you Browse updates to your Type in your meeting name and click ‘create’.are attending. The ones marked meetings. This includes new Meetin.gs will guide you forward.blue are past meetings, pink materials, comments, notes, andones are currently running, and other significant updates – thegreen ones are upcoming. most recent ones are always on the top.
  3. 3. – Guide 3/10Scheduling a Meeting• Find the meeting time collaboratively by choosing ‘Suggest dates to participants’ when filling in your meeting details. Select the most suitable time after others have answered.• You can also set the date directly.
  4. 4. – Guide 4/101-Click MeetingsSave the bookmarklet to your favourites.Clicking the icon allows you to create a newmeeting straight away without logging in.
  5. 5. – Guide 5/10You can create meetings straight from your You can also forward a calendar invitationcalendar. When setting up a meeting, invite: (ICS file) through email to this address. setup@meetin.gs Everyone in the calendar invitation will receiveand a meeting will be created based on your an email confirmation with a link to thecalendar event. meeting page.
  6. 6. – Guide 6/10 Draft Mode The meeting is a draft, until you have added people, edited agenda, added material and otherwise prepared the space for your meeting. Click Ready when you are done to send the invitations. Preview, customise and send the invitation message.
  7. 7. – Guide 7/10 1 Materials There are three different types 2 of materials: 1. A collaborative document.1 2. Files from your own computer. 3. Documents from a previous meeting. 2 Invitees See who is attending the 3 meeting and invite more people. Click a participant to edit * access rights. Mobile upload instructions tell you how to let people * invite themselves. 3 Comments Comment meeting materials. Other participants will see your comments as you post them.
  8. 8. – Guide 8/10Address BookThe address book allows you to search not only individualpeople, but groups of people from previous meetings as well.Connect your accounts (Google and Facebook) to combineyour different address books into one place for quick access.
  9. 9. – Guide 9/10 1 Useful Tips 1 Here you can browse, search and add meetings. Access 2 analytics, settings and log out under your avatar icon. 2 Use the dropdown menu to replace, rename, 3 remove or print the file.* 3 Drag & drop multiple files from your desktop to this area. Every meeting has its own * unique email address to send in materials. 4 4 The progress bar shows how much time there is left for the ongoing meeting.
  10. 10. – Guide 10/10Email CommunicationsStay up-to-date and interact through email:• Daily updates inform what is new with the meeting.• Every email contains a link to the meeting page.• Reply to add comments, and add attachments to upload materials. For more tips, visit: www.meetin.gs/blog