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Developing the professional candidate for safety and security systems.

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  1. 1. DHONAADHI INSTITUTE OF SAFETY & SECURITY SYSTEMS Electronic Security Systems Training Academy Walk in With your Dream Walk Out With your Future ........
  2. 2. About DISSS Objective: Developing the professional candidate for safety and security systems. Assurance: Provides 100% placement in our concern or in other concerns. 044-39922645 enquiry@disss.in
  3. 3. What We Are? • We are Innovative solution providers for safety and security systems. • We have more than 20 years of experience in the field of safety and security systems. • Recently, we have started training for installation and repairs services in security system to students who are interested in the field of expertise. 044-39922645 enquiry@disss.in
  4. 4. DISSS Training & Development • CCTV Camera Surveillance Systems. • Attendance Access Control Systems. • Fire Alarm Systems. • Safety & Security Systems. 044-39922645 enquiry@disss.in
  5. 5. CCTV Camera Training 044-39922645 enquiry@disss.in
  6. 6. Access Control Training 044-39922645 enquiry@disss.in
  7. 7. Fire Alarm Training 044-39922645 enquiry@disss.in
  8. 8. Fire Extinguisher 044-39922645 enquiry@disss.in
  9. 9. Fire Sprinklers 044-39922645 enquiry@disss.in
  10. 10. Fire Doors 044-39922645 enquiry@disss.in
  11. 11. Employment opportunity for DISSS • After finishing this course, candidates will be appointed in our Organization. • You can ability to join as service engineer, field engineers, Maintenance engineers. • Interested candidates are eligible join in DISSS and empower your career. 044-39922645 enquiry@disss.in
  12. 12. 044-39922645 enquiry@disss.in