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Improving UX for Conversion Optimization

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User Experience improvements scientifically increase the number of website conversions that lead to improved customer loyalty and ongoing ROI.

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Improving UX for Conversion Optimization

  1. 1. Improving the User Experience forConversion OptimizationUser Experience improvements scientifically increasethe number of website conversions that lead toimproved customer loyalty and ongoing ROI.
  2. 2. OverviewinterFUEL+3%Version A+7%Version BImproving the User Experience forConversion Optimization meansmaking improvements to yourwebsite that scientifically increasethe number of your businessgoals customers can achieve.Our methods go much further thantypical optimization. Our expertUX designers discover the mosteffective use of persuasion design,gamification, and human factors foryour website and customer goals.This secret weapon not only increasesconversions at a higher rate, they alsoimproves usability and customerperception of your brand.
  3. 3. We work with you to understand the goals youwant your website visitors to achieve. It’s notalways a sale, some things to consider are:- Submitting forms- Requesting downloads- Reading reviews- Writing reviews- Posting comments- Product inquiries- Requesting samples- Sending to a friendTo prioritize objectives, youmust understand the valuethey add to the business.STEP 1:DetermineBusiness Goals 123interFUEL
  4. 4. STEP 2:IdentifyConversionFunnelsNext, we chart the course awebsite visitor has to go throughto complete a business goal onyour website.How it’s done:- Identify landing pages- Identify goal pages- Map the ideal pathsinterFUEL
  5. 5. We use qualitative data likesurveys, personas, and usertesting, plus quantitative datalike web analytics to see whatpeople are actually doing.Then we map the results tothe conversion funnels.The outcome of this step is toidentify test candidates whichcan be improved the most.STEP 3:Measure& AnalyzeUser Behavior32%18%7%2%interFUEL
  6. 6. STEP 4:Create TestsBased on the problems areasidentified in the last step, wemake changes aimed toincrease conversions.Our methods include:- User Experience design- Usability improvements- “Principles of Persuasion”- Gamification(It goes beyond justchanging the colorof the buttons.)interFUEL
  7. 7. STEP 5:Conduct A/B & Multivariate TestsTest Version A Test Version B50% 50%We show the variants to similar visitors at the same time and measurethe rate at which they convert visitors to goal achievers.interFUEL
  8. 8. When the test is complete, we look at the results (i.e. analytics) anddetermine which variation was the winner then implement it.STEP 6:Identify Winning Combos+7%+3%Test Version ATest Version BinterFUEL
  9. 9. STEP 7:Implementa ContinualImprovementLifecycleSTEP1STEP4STEP6STEP3STEP5STEP2ContinualImprovementLifecycleImproving the User Experiencefor Conversion Optimizationisn’t a “one and done” effort.It’s an important businessimperative that requirescontinual attention and effortto see on-going ROI.interFUEL
  10. 10. Contact Us NowLet us show you how we can help youscientifically increase your conversion ratesthrough improving the user experience.805-642-2200contact@interfuel.com