Startup ignition book summary

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8 de Jan de 2015

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Startup ignition book summary

  1. Startup Ignition David Newberry
  2. “Startup Ignition” is a book by David Newberry It is a recipe for GROWT
  3. 543,000 new businesses start up every month in the USA!
  4. … but how many make it? 70% survive 2 years 50% survive 5 years Just 3% make it big
  5. So how do you plan for Success? The Opportunity The Brand Achieving GROWTH Stimulating GROWTH Accelerating GROWTH Sustaining GROWTH
  6. So how do you plan for Success? The Opportunity The Brand Achieving GROWTH Stimulating GROWTH Accelerating GROWTH Sustaining GROWTH “In marketing I've seen only one strategy that can't miss - and that is to market to your best customers first, your best prospects second and the rest of the world last.” John Romero “Stories”
  7. Market success cannot be achieved with Faster Better $$$$
  8. Real breakthrough requires differentiation in problem solving and value delivery
  9. Understand the problem
  10. The WHY? Define the problem or need to be addressed The HOW? The WHAT? Identify the differentiated solution that is required Confirm how value will be delivered
  11. Confirm the urgency of the need
  12. The AS IS (Current status) The TO BE (Future status) Potential value Potential value; how much is available to be unlocked?
  13. Problem Growth Response mode; what is the level of pressure to respond?
  14. … the bigger the discrepancy … the more pressure to respond … the more urgent the need
  15. Bring differentiation
  16. Develop a differentiated problem- solving position that is supported by your product or service
  17. not tactical needs not lists not requirements not products not activities not words not fact after fact not feature based Strategic values Themes Buyer’s problem Solutions Outcomes Stories Crisp messaging Thought leadership
  18. Establish market leadership
  19. “Market the Vision Sell the Solution”
  20. Paul Welch “Be number one, or number two or get out.”
  21. Success is predicated on finding the smallest market with highest potential where you can quickly be “perceived” as the leader
  22. Maintain Focus
  23. Customers demanding new features Don’t be distracted Unqualified prospects Approaches for partnerships Meeting requests where no urgency
  24. FOCUSFocus Focus Focus Focus Focus Focus
  25. 1. Understand the problem 2. Confirm the urgency of the need 3. Bring differentiation 4. Establish market leadership 5. Maintain Focus
  26. the words of Mario Andretti “If everything seems under control, you’re just not going fast enough” … and remember
  27. Thank You Please download the free book here Startup Ignition It is also available in iBooks David Newberry is the founder of Market-In360 and can be contacted at