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Copywriting: Tips and Tricks for Writing Compelling Copy

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Tips and tricks for writing compelling copy. Included are the 10 magic words to attract people to your copy. 3 questions to ask before writing your copy that will save you a lot of time.

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Copywriting: Tips and Tricks for Writing Compelling Copy

  1. 1. Tips and tricks for writing compelling copy
  2. 2. Ten Magic Words to Attract People to Your Copy  1. 2. 3. 4. Free – Everyone loves free! You/Your – Make it about the prospect. Announcing – Announcing new product X Introducing – Introducing an innovative product that will help you produce results in your business. 5. New – This new system has proven to increase leads and sales.
  3. 3. Ten Magic Words to Attract People to Your Copy  6. Secret – The secret to success is not as complicated as you think. 7. How To – How to use content to attract an endless stream of prospects to your business. 8. Guaranteed – This software is guaranteed to increase your credit score or your money back. 9. Magical – This simple, yet almost magical trick, will make you a better person. 10. Easy – If you follow these easy steps, you will be amazed at the results.
  4. 4. Words and Phrases   Words and phrases to use to increase the selling power of your copy:  Quickly, easily, naturally  Example: This software will quickly/easily/naturally increase your sales.  Use soft lead ins to ease your prospect into buying from you  Example: You are invited to test drive this new system for a full week for only $1.
  5. 5. Trance Words   Discover  Suddenly  Amazing Example: Discover how powerful these new techniques are.
  6. 6. Three Questions to Ask When Writing Copy  1. Who is your prospect? Know who you are writing to and get as targeted as possible. 2. What is the prospect’s problem? Think how the prospect would describe their problem and write the copy in their words. 3. What are you offering that will solve their problem or fulfill their dreams? Find the problem, offer the solution.
  7. 7. Five Ways to Get Prospect Emotionally Involved  1. Describe the experience the prospect has and how it plays out in real life. 2. Swipe from successful letters – Do not copy word for word. 3. Keep in mind the seven reasons people buy 1. Make money 2. Save Money 3. Save time
  8. 8. Five Ways to Get Prospect Emotionally Involved  4. Save effort 5. Improve health 6. Increase pleasure 7. Eliminate pain Talk about the specific way your product does one of the above things in a way the prospect can relate to their situation.
  9. 9. Five Ways to Get Prospect Emotionally Involved  4. Envy – A powerful motivator. Three Ways to use envy in your copy: 1. Talk about something you are envious of before you used your product. 2. Write about something your prospect is envious of. 3. Write about how others will be envious of your prospect.
  10. 10. Five Ways to Get Prospect Emotionally Involved  5. The Rule of Seven. This rule states you need seven stories, examples or case studies in the body of your copy so the prospect can imagine themselves using your product. Check out some of the product launches for an example of this.
  11. 11. Hints for Highly Converting Copy   Stay away from HYPE. Don’t use overblown promises or claims you can’t support.  Be enthusiastic but also be believable.  Don’t be boring. Keep the energy high.  Believe in your product and it will come out in your copy. If you don’t believe in what you’re selling, why should your prospect?  Give value but don’t give away the farm. Give just enough so the prospect wants more.