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Uttarkhand rellief updates 15 july

  1. UTTARAKHAND FLASH FLOOD RELIEF MISSION Updates on 15 July 2013 with contributions from volunteer Dr Varun Kumar Sincere thanks to all our volunteers on and off the field for their continuous support
  2. Uttarkashi: Brief introduction • Uttarkashi district sprawls in the extreme north- west corner of the Uttarakhand state over an area of 8016 sq. kms. in the rugged terrain of the mystic Himalayas. On its north lie Himachal Pradesh State and the territory of Tibet and the district of Chamoli in the east. The district is named after its headquarters town Uttarkashi, an ancient place with rich cultural heritage. District is divided in six Tehsils: 1. Bhatwadi (total affected Population = 34195 in 62 disconnected villages) 2. Badkot (total affected Population =6602 in 15 disconnected villages) 3. Chinyali Saud (total affected Population = No data in 43 disconnected villages) 4. Mori (total affected Population =7211 in 15 disconnected villages) 5. Dunda(totalaffected Population =No data) 6. Purali (total affected Population =No data)
  3. Starting the Mission 28.06.13 The team included Dr. Varun Kumar, Coordinator, Dr. Devendra Chauhan, Mr. Nitin Pawar and Mr. Pradeep Sharma. The Journey was started on a very rainy day with a sole objective to reach and help the needy as soon as possible.
  4. Medical camps First camp at Village Sangrali Pata. No. of Patients were appx. 95.
  5. Medical camps Medicalcamp at Sangam Chatti24 kms from Uttarkashi. Centre to Agora, Gajoli,Bhankoli,Nogav, Dandalka,Seku, Dasla . No. of Patients were 150 apx. This place was devastatedby flash flood last year as well and villages up ahead have no road and facilities!
  6. Medical Camps Mobilecamp at VillageGangori, just ahead of Uttarkashi and badly affected by Flash Flood
  7. Medical Camps Tough track to Village Didsari, where we were the first Medical relief camp to reach after the disaster. Village is still cut from the road as the bridge was washed away and the difficult track route is appx 20kms.
  8. Medical Camps VillageDidsari is the centre for several villages Syava,Salu etc and every village is disconnected. No. of patients were 90 apxPrimary school New Didsari
  10. Medical Kit Delivery To Village A.S.H.A. The newspaper article announces the first death due to diarrhoea and the lack of chlorine tablets
  11. Medical Kit Dispatchedfirst medicalkit with the help of mountaineerJayendraRana and two porters to far flung villages of Jaspur, Purali, Jhaala, Sukki, Tihar, Kujan, Bhangeli, Huri, Bhukki, Shalang, Agoda, Nogav, Seku, Dasla, Dindalka, Bhankoli on 13 Jul 2013. We have establishedcontact with the ASHA and health workersin these villages who will be our primary contacts.
  12. Other Activities At villageUdri Flood Victims wife Banta Devi, now the only earning member in the family. She and people like her urgently need support in rehabilitation and livelihood. Villagers lined up for ration
  13. Safe Delivery Kits Anita Devi , who is pregnant will be one of the few direct beneficiaries of the Safe Delievry kit sent by Doctors For Seva from the of village Tiloth. As per the information collected from the districh hospital and the ASHA workers there are about 450 registered pregnant women who are expecting to deliver in the next 3 months.
  14. Next Steps ORGANIZING MEDICAL CAMPS AT : • Jaspur, hub for Purali, Jhala, Sukki, Urga. • Sanglai, hub for Kujan,Tihar, Bhangeli, Huri, Gangnani,Bhukki, Shalang, Sunagar • Malla, hub for Silla, Pilang, Jodav, Syava,Salu • Maneri, hub for Kamar, Jamakh, Hina • Sangamchatti,hub for Agoda, Bhankoli, Nogav, Dandalka, Seku, Dasla • Barsu, hub for Pala, raithal • Manpur, hub for Dhanpur, Ginda and Aleth • Mustik Saud, hub for Thalan, Kankradi,Kuroli, Bongadi,Mangalpur,Sherpur, Sad • Bonga, hub for Bhelura and Idal • Dhantoli,hub for apx 25 diff villages SENDING medicines as well as Safe Mother and Child Kits to the far reaching and affected villages SPREADING AWARENESS OF HYGIENE & SANITATION ESTABLISHINGLONG TERM MEDICAL CLINICS AT FEW SITES
  15. Next Steps SENDING MEDICAL as well as Safe Mother and Child Kits to the far reaching and affected villages SPREADING AWARENESS OF HYGIENE & SANITATION ESTABLISHING LONG TERM MEDICAL CLINICS AT FEW SITES
  16. Thank You For more info contact:;; +919632306256