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Trade Shows - The Quick Way to Attract New Customers

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Trade Shows - The Quick Way to Attract New Customers

  1. 1. Trade Shows - The Quick Way to Attract NewCustomersThe economic recession has driven many people to rediscover the simpler things inlife, family, staycations, saving money, and in the case of business its back to thebasics. Businesses large and small are rediscovering the power of the trade show.Trade Shows, whether simple table top shows, or major convention center events, area great way to raise awareness of your product or service. The booth provides aunique chance to interact with your customer, guide them through your exhibit, andimpress them with your display. Of course you will want to keep your company fresh intheir minds after their stop at your table, and for that you will need to send them offwith a powerful reminder. Promotional products are great tradeshow giveaways and ifcarefully selected, they can hang around long after your prospective customer leavesthe convention center. Promotional trade show giveaways can be anything from acandy to tote bags, all carrying your corporate logo.Take a look- Restaurant Trade Show DisplaysGet their attention. Prospective clients walking the trade show floor are sure to workup an appetite. Display some candy on your table to entice the road weary attendee.Buttermints and lollipops are always crowd favorites. Try custom wrapped chocolatebars or even some healthy trail mix. Your visitors will appreciate the snack and will belikely to give you a minute of their time.Create billboards. Visitors to your booth can become your walking billboards for theduration of the show. Give out useful trade show tools like lanyards or tote bags.Create an interesting design and before you know it, traffic will come looking for yourbooth just to pick up your promo gift. Also, totes, notepads and travel mugs are itemsthat people will use after the show, providing months of free promotion for yourcompany or organization.See to- Restaurant Trading Show DisplaysDont forget the standards. Pens and magnets have been used to promote businessesfor a number of reasons, they are cost effective, and most of all, they work. Pens comein a variety of colors and styles and can last for years in the hands of your prospectiveclients. Magnets come in stock design shapes tailored to any industry, real estate,sports, automotive and can also be custom designed.Preparation is everything, and you should plan out your booth to maximize yourimpact. Table skirts, staff uniforms, banners and balloons are great ways to create afun, yet professional atmosphere. Discuss a game plan with your staff, have somebulleted topics for them to discuss with attendees, and of course map out how toeffectively utilize your promotional giveaways.