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Role of Colors in Website Designing

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Colors in website play a dominant role in the basic design and appearance.. The colors in website set the tone of the site and make it more attractive and welcoming. Color in website plays a dominant role in human psychology. Even though there is no proven scientific evidence, it is undeniable that colors do play a role in determining the moods of an individual.

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Role of Colors in Website Designing

  1. 1. Role of Color in Designing Awebsite https: //designs. codes/ designs. codes]
  2. 2. Color impacts a viewer at different psychological and physiological levels. This forms one crucial component in a website design. It is as important as the content or layout of a site. https: //designs. codes/ designs_codes(
  3. 3. The human brainnoirmallyr takes around i : -u to register the colorin the mind. And you are provided approximately » : ”to make your site appear appealing to the}viex/ er. https: //designs. codes/ (R; -Sig/ v115:[codes; L
  4. 4. If the viewer does not find your site attractive enough, you x/ ill see a high bounce rate. If on the other hand. your site color appeals to the viewer, you may even witness a conversion. https: //designs. codes/ codes
  5. 5. When you design a website. choosing_the correct color is important as it can be one ~’¢_ . ~ ; -ecs= o;'2 that can make or break your site. Color and its effects are versatile hence "5 . ; _ 5 .3 r 5% ; I. requires some understanding of colors itself. https: //designs. codes/ . -ig“ igodesl
  6. 6. '*«(; -7 . , A ” - ‘M’? ‘.11 *v3».513 ‘SI These mainly refer to those colors that are bright and sometimes i . .Shades of yellows, oranges, reds and browns normally fall in this category. It is very important for any site to use minimum of these colors. https: //designs. codes/ dc51g; —i3,§c¢Ts, L
  7. 7. As the name itself suggest, these colors have a calming and soothing effect on viewers. Most sites use these colors as the dominant color for their site. These colors mostly comprise of blues. greens. pink, purple and magenta. https: //designs. codes/ designs. codes]
  8. 8. iné: ei' '*. 'iec! iary Colors: These colors are those that fall in between the warm and cool colors. These mostly comprise of deep greensfand purple. These colors too can be put under the warm or cool category depending on the content of red or blue in it. If the colors have red as thedominant color. then it will fall under the warm colors. On the other hand if it has more of blue. then it is cool color. https: //designs. codes/ designs. codesI
  9. 9. A F‘ yr n’- 1 , i E57 m r‘. '- ca "‘ 3:}. Li These are primarily used for the background. Colors like beige, grey, white fall under this category. Neutral colors are - : -. '2. As warm colors are used in small amounts, highlighting them on neutral tones makes them bolder in their appearance. https: //designs. codes/ codes
  10. 10. iviultiple Colors: You might think of using a mixture of cool and warm colors in multiple hues to give your site a distinct look. while intelligent use of colors, may make your site attractive, if bold colors are used at each step, it would often con-fuse users as each color would call for attention making them leave your site. https: //designs. codes/ desigzigiéofis
  11. 11. » , * . / ’ V, , , . ‘ , / - / ' . I , - https: //designs. codes/ designslcodesi
  12. 12. I 41"" Sites that use colors as dominant color of their web pages are oftenyquite successful sites. Facebook is a"Vivid example. itscgool blue color. Facebookis the leading social é networking site of the world. Q a TM‘- https: //designs. codes/ codes
  13. 13. Sites that use cool colors are calming to look at. Hence these sites have a higher visitor ratio. On contrary, sites that use warm colors in the majority of the page, may not find too many viewers. . . . ;;? c3.. ::f: —::7. sites normally have the itorw. /esrt / isii; ation rate. https: //designs. codes/ designsgcodes Li
  14. 14. For a successfulweb page design, proper harmonization of colors is very crucial. If colors appear chaotic. it can badly impact your site's performance. Try using not more than three colors on a page. You can try using different shades of the same color. Keep the use of cool colors higher and minimize the use of warm colors. https: //designs. codes/
  15. 15. Text Colors: Though text colors should be synchronized with the background on which they appear. still black remains the major color that is used on texts. It makes texts appear clean and bold. CRI-' https: //designs. codes/
  16. 16. '5'}-{Y CHOOSE US ICol. c’: 's 8?? ‘ “xx/ ‘eI: ;si‘i:3s PRODUCTS " Colors are also used to define a website. This is one major and fulfilling criterion of coloi‘s“f8i‘“’ different web pages. https: //designs. codes/ (;9_gg§
  17. 17. Blue- This is one such color that is widely used in more than 80% of websites. The cool and soothing color attracts viewers and compels them to stay on the site. G: ;‘ee: 's— Though a vibrant color. light and gentle shades of green too give viewers a sense of calmness. Sites that is related to nature often uses green in its web pages as green depicts https: //designs. codes/ _ _. ig3I15i£LTgg
  18. 18. t3LacT<— Though black may not find its place as blue and green, yet it is one of the most used colors in a web page. X/ ebsites dedicated to men's products often uses various hues of black like ash. grey. steel. etc for designing a webpage. It representspower and anonymity. Purple— This color is mostly associated with royalty and enlightenment. Often websites of luxury hotels or products use this as the color for their websites. https: //designs. codes/ designsgodesl
  19. 19. Conclusion: Colors that you use on your website may not appear the same on the devices of viewers. This may be because of bit-depth of the color palette used. However, the browser-safe palette gives users 216 colors to choose from. This reduces the chances of distortion of colors, once a web page is designed. https: //designs. codes/ clesignacodes
  20. 20. designslcodesi https: //designs. codes/ Blog—http: //blog. designs. codes/ Email: info@designs. codes Reference www. webdesign. org https: //designs. codes/