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Conducting Insightful Interviews

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Conducting Insightful Interviews

  1. 1. Executive SummaryConducting Insightful InterviewsConsidering how important the interview process is for scrutinizing potentialemployees, it is surprising that most organizations do not have a formal set ofinterview questions. Dont misread another hire because you didnt take the time toplan for the interview accordingly. Use Demand Metrics Interview Questions Tool tocreate a list of standardized interview questions from your perspective.What Types of Questions NEED to be Asked? • Situational - what previous experiences will help/hinder this prospective employee with success at your organization? Can your prospect articulate their problem-solving or critical thinking skills effectively? What type of management style is this prospect used to? Will they fit your culture? • Behavioral - how will this prospect react to various situations they will encounter in your work environment? Can your prospect actively listen, and communicate well, both verbally and in business writing? How has this prospect handled pressure in the past, or dealt with a work-related conflict? • Attitudinal - Does this prospect have a genuinely positive attitude, or are they just acting excited for interviewing purposes? Is your prospect an optimist or a pessimist; both can be useful depending on the role you need. What are the career plans for this prospect; are they an over-achiever? • Self-Awareness - can this person paint an accurate picture of their capabilities and constraints? Does your prospect have plans for building on their deficiencies? How coachable will this person be? Are they defensive? • Skills - some positions require specific skills; ensure your prospect has them. • Knowledge-Based - many positions require specific expertise; test for it.Action Plan: 1. Be Prepared - use Demand Metrics Interview Questions Tool to create a set of standardized questions you can reuse for future interviews. 2. Conduct your Interviews - use your Interview Questions Tool to control the discussion. Listen carefully to each response and read body language. 3. Share your Approach - show leadership and make your tool available to all. © 2009 Demand Metric Research Corporation