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How to Join a Google+ Hangout with Dell

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Sometimes figuring out how to actually join a Google+ hangout is the hardest part! Here's a handy step-by-step guide on how to join a Google+ hangout hosted by Dell. Hope you'll join us on a future #DellHangout.

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How to Join a Google+ Hangout with Dell

  1. 1. How to Join a Google+ Hangout with Dell September 2013
  2. 2. Global Marketing Google Plus 1. If you don’t have a Google+ account, sign up for one using your Gmail credentials. 2. “Circle” Dell so we can invite you to the Hangout: Setup Instructions – Day Before Hangout Step 1 Step 2 Step 3
  3. 3. Global Marketing Google Plus 3. Download the required Google Voice and Video plugin for video hangouts at https://tools.google.com/dlpage/hangoutplugin. 4. Checklist  Verify your computer meets Google’s system requirements.  Verify that your company’s firewall permits access. You may need to be off-site.  Ensure headset/earbuds and webcam are working. To prevent echo, headsets/earbuds are recommended.  Use wired internet connection, not Wi-Fi, if at all possible. Using Wi-Fi may give you a delay.  Room should be well lit. Lighting should originate from behind your webcam to face you.  Check your background for distractions or confidential material. Setup Instructions – Day Before Hangout Click here if plugin won’t install
  4. 4. Global Marketing Google Plus 1. Plug in laptop to ensure it’ll maintain power during hangout. 2. Log in to your Google+ account. 3. Watch for an invitation from Dell to join the hangout. Day of Hangout If you don’t see the notification on your account, type “Dell” in your search bar, and you should see the post displayed on the Dell page.
  5. 5. Global Marketing Google Plus 4. If the hangout is a private “hangout video call”, you’ll see: Day of Hangout (cont) 4. If the hangout is a public “hangout on air”, you’ll see: Please note Google’s terms and conditions (last slide).
  6. 6. Global Marketing Google Plus 5. To enable the best listening experience for all, please mute your microphone until you wish to talk. 6. The Dell hangout moderator will let you know if the hangout is public or private. – If private, please listen and participate without sharing any information to others outside the hangout. – If public, please feel free to tweet or otherwise share using the hashtag #DellHangout. 7. The moderator will also let you know how to submit your questions electronically. – Options include the Hangout chat window, Live public Q&A and other ways. Day of Hangout (cont)
  7. 7. Thank you for participating in our hangout!
  8. 8. Global Marketing Google Plus Resources and References • Troubleshooting audio/video issues • Firewall and network details for IT network admins • Google+ Known Issues • Google+ User Content and Conduct Policy • Google+ Contests and Promotions Policy • Google+ Hangouts On Air Terms (for public hangouts) • YouTube’s Terms of Service (for public hangouts)