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Feedback communication

  1. Communication is not merely the transmission of messages or message itself. It is the mutual exchange of understanding between speaker and receiver.
  2. Feedback is audience‘s response, which enables you to evaluate the effectiveness of your message.
  3. Process of Communication The speaker generates Gets an Pass it on to the an idea to share appropriate receiver medium or channel In the process of communication Response to the Interpret(decode) Receiver get the speaker the idea idea(message) (FEEDBACK)
  4. Non-verbal Sighs Cry Smile Frown
  5.  Oral Asking Question Giving Comment Shouting Written Replying to an e-mail Writing Comment
  6. Feedback makes communication meaningful.  It sustain the communication process.  It tells communication is making sense or not.  It helps to plan what next to be one or say.  It complete the whole process of communication.
  7. Importance of feedback in communication  Feedback is integral part of communication.  Proper feedback helps avoid misunderstanding.  If the audience has interpreted incorrectly there is chances to correct it.  Communication has produced the desired effect or not can be determined by analyzing receiver ‘s feedback.  Giving audience a chance to feedback is crucial for maintaining an open communication climate.
  8. Effective communication are essential for an environment. Poor communication and lack of feedback can lead to frustrated customer, unmotivated employees and a negative corporate culture. customer When a customer has an issue related to services or products , he should be availed a proper medium to provide feedback. This is the only a company can know its service or product is satisfying to customers or not.
  9. Employee At each level in an organization , employees have the most effective ideas and solutions. They should be given opportunity to share their opinion. Their productivity can be increased by appreciating their feedback. Corporate culture With a lack of feedback, a corporate culture can be unmotivated. Feedback allows both customers and employees share their opinion , creating a healthy corporate environment which leads to greater productivity motivation.
  10. Feedback should be job related and specific, not flattering.  A manager should not criticize one’s opinion.  If there is a negative feedback about a person , the feedback should be said direct to the recipient .  Feedback should be well timed.
  11. By Deepak Unni Jitendara Mukesh Rajsekhar Sree ram