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DIY Advertising

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Digital Trends for 2011
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DIY Advertising

  1. 1. DI Y Self-Reliant Advertising By Aaron Perrino DI Y
  2. 2. THIS IS A SAMPLING SPORT* Many of the ideas in this presentation are remixed from other great thinkers, pontificators, and assassins of marketing to define a new “Active” way of thinking about branding. Public Enemy Reference Y’all DI Y
  3. 3. THE ADVERTISING INDUSTRY NEEDS A KICK IN THE ASS If we don’t evolve we will become doomed just like the music industry. DI Y
  4. 4. WE’RE BECOMING IRRELEVANT Much like record labels, agencies haven’t evolved enough and are too slow to react to our clients needs. Today it seems like every project in the pipeline is an exercise in smaller, cheaper, and faster. We need to be nimble. We need to be quick. DI Y
  5. 5. HIGHWAY ROBBERY Over the past 20 years the music industry has abused fans in the U.S with both unnecessarily high CD prices and obscenely high concert ticket prices. There is no doubt that technology has cheapened the creative process immensely, and as advertisers we need to revolutionize what the core of our business is. ( Hint... Ideas are the only real capital ) DI Y
  6. 6. WE’VE STOPPED DOING OUR JOB Record label executives hired hipsters instead of real A&R agents. They became more interested in keeping their jobs and playing it safe than finding original talent to nurture and promote over the long haul. The ad world is swimming with “merchants of cool” who market to themselves instead of thinking about what the consumer wants or needs. DI Y
  7. 7. JAMMING ECONO Technological developments have made it possible for artists to circumvent professional studios and create high-quality works themselves. Developments have given artists of all ages and abilities from across the globe, the opportunity to make their own films, records, or other content, and distribute it over the web. Guess what? The same is true for what we do. DI Y
  8. 8. KILL THE “LET’S MAKE NOVEMBER RAIN” MENTALITY* Thinking big is great, but the days of champagne wishes and caviar dreams are over. Google made the most popular Superbowl commercial and it cost little to nothing to make. * Thats a Guns n Roses reference DI Y
  9. 9. DIY ETHOS The spirit of Punk Rock was that you didn’t have to know what you were doing to be in a band. DI Y
  10. 10. Everything was done with a DIY attitude and on a shoestring budget. DI Y
  11. 11. The internet today feels a lot like the early days of Punk. DI Y
  12. 12. EVERYONE IS A CREATIVE NOW Technology has given us the tools to all be content creators. DI Y
  13. 13. In order to survive in the digital world as advertisers we need to approach our work with this same attitude. DI Y
  14. 14. A “JUST GET IN THE VAN” STYLE OF ADVERTISING Hard-Core and Punk bands in the eighties used to just get in their van and tour playing any house or space that wanted to hear their message. The internet is so fragmented, that as advertisers we need to actively bring our beliefs directly into consumers living rooms. DI Y
  15. 15. WE NEED TO STOP THINKING ABOUT 360 DEGREE BRANDING and think about 365 days a year marketing. DI Y
  16. 16. THE FIRST QUESTION EVERYDAY SHOULD BE What can I do to make my brand famous on the internet today? DI Y
  17. 17. ACTING THEN MEASURING HAS BEEN REPLACED BY LISTENING THEN RESPONDING Agencies should be like day traders in “Social Emotion” tracking what consumers are saying online, and reacting to it in real time. DI Y
  18. 18. THE CONSUMER HAS CHANGED "People consume content in order to create it." DI Y
  19. 19. BRANDS NEED TO MAKE STUFF CONSTANTLY Creating content at scale requires becoming comfortable discussing a range of topics. DI Y
  20. 20. OLD AGENCY: MAKE THE CLIENT HAPPY FUTURE AGENCY: MAKE THE CONSUMER HAPPY To the public all advertising is spam. People like what interests them, and sometimes it’s an ad. DI Y
  21. 21. BRANDS WHO UNDERSTAND THE CULTURE OF THE WEB HAVE AN ADVANTAGE IN THE CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP Being a “Socially Active Brand” should be the core for every business. DI Y
  22. 22. BRANDS NEED TO FIGURE OUT WHAT THEY BELIEVE Then own those relevant conversations and topics in culture online. DI Y
  23. 23. MODERN BRANDS NEED TO ACTIVATE THEIR FANS Community, Crowd Sourcing, and Collaboration DI Y
  24. 24. BRANDS NEED TO INSPIRE Consumers want products of great value from brands with great values. DI Y
  25. 25. IT’S BREAKING THE CYCLE OF PAID MEDIA Ideas good enough to stand on their own. DI Y
  26. 26. BANNERS ARE FOR APES CONTENT IS FOR HUMANS Content that inspires your fans to engage with your brand and gets them to comment, share, and convert to a sale. DI Y
  27. 27. OUR BRAND COULD BE YOUR LIFE It’s giving control to your consumers and letting them define the brand for you. ( FYI...They’ll do it whether you ask or not ) DI Y
  28. 28. BRANDS NEED TO BE THE BROKER BETWEEN TECHNOLOGICAL INNOVATION AND HUMAN NEEDS. Entrepreneurs are like the new creative department and brands are the backers to new and interesting experiences for people. DI Y
  29. 29. WHA IS DI Y T ? DIY is a new ethos that helps brands unlock their creative potential helping create products and services that build relationships with customers and inspire fans to take action. DI Y
  30. 30. CROWD SURFING It’s developing a Social Strategy + Planning that works in complete unison to create compelling socially-driven user experiences for consumers. DI Y
  31. 31. TABLATURE It’s determining all the characteristics that make up the brand like tone of voice, and it’s belief system to create a playbook from which we can play on the internet. DI Y
  32. 32. INFLUENCED BY... From a paid media standpoint instead of relying on the same old web properties and media buys - It’s connecting, enabling, and partnering with the best influencers, sites, and technologies to help build your brand’s awareness and cultural relevance on the web. DI Y
  33. 33. BECOMING THE HEADLINER We believe it’s not about getting Facebook fans or Twitter followers. It’s about helping your brand define culture. DI Y
  34. 34. WE FORMED A BRAND* New time constraints and technology have made it necessary to re-think the old creative equation. DIY teams are makers involving a Developer, Art Director, Copywriter, & Digital Strategist. They collaborate together to develop the ideas, tactics, and creative executions from start to finish eliminating the need and costs of producers, directors, and designers. Art Brut Reference DI Y
  35. 35. THE CREATIVE PROCESS Create in the studio everyday reacting to culture, and consumers for clients to make the most useful, inspiring, and interesting things for the internet to enjoy. DI Y
  36. 36. OUR MOTTO “Make stuff everyday” DI Y
  37. 37. 3 CHORDS & THE TRUTH Every brand should live in Beta improving, refining, and evolving over time. DI Y
  38. 38. A BOX SET EVERY YEAR Brands should release ideas every week. What if your brand could create 50 great things every year for its fans? Now that’s Active Branding! DI Y
  39. 39. BRAND WANTED DIY Advertising is definitely not right for every type of client. If the first thing you do when approving a concept from an agency is send it to your legal team it’s probably a sign you’re not ready to rock. DI Y
  40. 40. “WINNING” AT THE INTERNET A renegade spirit is needed to make it in this post digital world. A place where you are only as relevant as your last tweet, stunt, or update. One day it’s a Charlie Sheen the next day it’s Radiohead releasing a record. The attention and lifespan of the internet is fleeting at best. It’s an arm’s race of great ideas daily to win on the web. DIY is ready for the challenge. DI Y
  41. 41. FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK WE SALUTE YOU We see DIY Advertising as the perfect opportunity for clients with budgets that a normal agency could spend on a single execution. Taking a DIY approach “One Million Dollars” get’s you “$10 Million” worth of executable ideas. You just have to believe in your message and the audience you are trying to attract. DI Y