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THe Importance of the Holy Ghost in the teaching process and how to feel it and use it to effect change.

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  2. 2. THE PURPOSE OF MISSIONARY WORK Invite others to come unto Christ byhelping them receive the restored gospel through faith in Jesus Christ and HisAtonement, repentance, baptism, receivi ng the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end.
  3. 3. CONVERT BAPTISMS=GOAL Elder Michael Earl, with a Baptism in Paraguay
  4. 4. How Do We Use the Holy Spirit in Missionary Work?Joseph Smith said: “Salvation cannotcome without revelation; it is in vainfor anyone to minister without it. HC 5:135
  5. 5. Truth No. 1: Investigators Do Not Remember Much of What you Say to them. We teach the Restoration of the Gospel We teach the Book of Mormon We teach the Plan of Salvation We teach the commandments BUT IT IS NOT THE MESSAGE SO MUCH AS IT IS THE …
  6. 6. HOLY GHOSTWhen conversion takes place, it isthrough the power of the Spirit. (PMG p.92)Elder Ballard said “True conversioncomes through the power of theSpirit. When the Spirit touches theheart, hearts are changed. (PMG p.93)
  7. 7. How Do Our Investigators Receivethe Converting Power of the Spirit?Our investigators can have the Spirit before baptism:“the spiritual influence begins with ‘the light ofChrist, which is given to every man, that he may knowgood from evil.’” (pmg 90 moroni 7:16)It’s influence is preliminary to and preparatory toone’s receiving the Holy Ghost. The light of Christ willlead the honest soul who ‘hearkeneth to the voice’ tofind the true gospel and the true Church and therebyreceive the Holy Ghost.’ (pmg 90 Bible dictionary D & C 84:46047)
  8. 8. Truth No. 2: Everything we do with an Investigator leads to helping them feel the Spirit.Our JOB is to help them to remember those truths that theyalready knew: “The gospel will have a familiar ring tothem.” (pmg 90)“The power of the Holy Ghost can come upon one beforebaptism, and is the convincing witness that the gospel istrue.” (pmg 90)“By the power of the Holy Ghost ye may know the truth ofall things.” Moroni 10:5PLAN ways for your Investigator to feel the spirit.
  9. 9. 4 MAIN TIMES WHEN THEY FEEL THE SPIRITWHEN DO PEOPLE FEEL THE SPIRIT?The Investigator usually feels the spirit when youare there with them (if you do not stay too long.)The Investigator feels the spirit WHEN THEY PRAYThe Investigator feels the spirit WHEN THEY READa PAMPHLET, SCRIPTURES and especially the BOOKof MORMONThe Investigator feels the spirit when theyATTEND Churchmeetings, firesides, baptisms, missionary lessons.
  10. 10. HOW can YOU REMEMBER THIS?H ermanosO rarL eer HOLA!!A sistir
  11. 11. Now that you know WHAT THEYNEED, you need to know WHEN!!“Make frequent contact, DAILY IF POSSIBLE, to findout how people are progressing with theircommitments, answer questions, teach additionallessons, read together from the Book ofMormon, share passages of scripture, or useaudiovisual materials.” PMG 200“THIS SUSTAINING INFLUENCE OF THE SPIRIT ISVITAL.” PMG 200WE SAY: CADA DIA, CADA INVESTIGADOR
  12. 12. EVERY DAY, EVERY INVESTIGATORD & C 112: 5Contend thou, therefore, morning bymorning; and day after day let thywarning voice go forth; and when thenight cometh let not the inhabitants ofthe earth slumber, because of thyspeech.
  13. 13. WHY DAILY CONTACT for the missionaries, or members?1. Satan is real.2. Change can be HARD. (pmg 200)3. We are in a battle for souls. Satan knows that if he can win at these critical times (like baptism, going to the temple to be sealed, getting prepared for the mission) then he has you. This is when the battle is most real and most intense.
  14. 14. WE ARE IN A WAR WITH SATAN… ELDER HOLLAND missionary talk August 2010 Provo MTCThis is war. This is the battle between good and evil that started in thecouncils of Heaven before this world was. It’s still on, and it’s going tobe on until the Captain comes fully and universally. When He says thewar is over, then it’s over, but until then, we’re the troops. We’re it. It’sus. We are all enlisted. Got it? Someday when you’ve got aminute, you can take Sister Mayer’s hymn book and thumb through itand ask yourself, “Why are so many hymns in here about going towar?” Onward, Christian Soldiers. It’s because it is war. Thank Heavensyou get to be the good guys. Thank Heavens you get to be the RedCross in this war. You’re not shooting bullets, you’re bringingbandages. You’re not causing blood, you’re stopping the blood. You’renot taking life, you’re saving life. But it’s war.
  15. 15. OTHER VISIT CONCEPTSBe patient but persistent. Pmg 200Make sure people know that you will makebrief, daily visits between teaching appointments.Explain that your purpose is to support and helpthem. Give them an idea of what you will do duringthese visits. PMG 200Tell them the truth, people are going todie, someone will lose a job, relatives will come andcut them off, their friends will abandon them.
  16. 16. How do we set these meetings up?H Technique: “What would be best for you for another brief lesson, Tuesday at 7:00 or Wednesday at 8:00?”O-- Will you pray and ask God whether Joseph Smith was a prophet? I know that….I testify that…L--- Will you read 3 Nephi 11 or Moroni 10:3-5 before our visit tomorrow at 7:00? I know that if will do that you will…I testify that the book is true… (pgm 197)A-- Will you attend church with us Sunday at 9:00. We will be by at 8:30 you we can show you where the meeting is and help you to feel comfortable.
  17. 17. PRAYAfter the opening prayer in the first contact, theinvestigator should pray every time.Kneeling:Father in Heaven…….. Nuestro Padre Celestial…We Thank thee Te damos gracias…We Ask thee…. Te Pedimos…In the Name of Jesus Christ En el nombre de Jesucristo
  18. 18. READJoseph Smith said regarding the Book of Mormon: “ a manwould get nearer to God by abiding by its precepts, than byany other book.” pmg 108“..the first question for an investigator to answer iswhether Joseph Smith was a prophet, and he or she cananswer this question by reading and praying about theBook of Mormon.” pmg 109We also have pamphlets, talks, and other written materialthat will be helpful to the investigator.If the investigator has a strong background in theBible, you can study and find the same concepts, principlesand answers for the investigator using their own Bibles.
  19. 19. ATTENDAnd the church did meet together oft, to fastand to pray, and to speak one with anotherconcerning the welfare of their souls.And they did meet together oft to partake of breadand wine, in remembrance of the Lord Jesus.”Moroni 6:5, 6D & C 109:13. “And that all people who shall enterupon the threshold of the Lord’s house may feelthy power, and feel constrained to acknowledgethat thou hast sanctified it, and that it is thyhouse, a place of thy holiness. (our buildings have
  20. 20. ATTENDWe should not underestimate the power of thechapels, seminary buildings and temples to helppeople to feel the spirit. When an investigator isphysically in a dedicated building of theChurch, they will likely feel the spirit.Invite them to meetings. Invite them to baptismalservices. Invite them to a tour of the facilities.Invite them to the family history center. Invitethem to play sports. Invite them to the templegrounds. Invite them in the home of goodmembers, whose homes are where the pure in
  21. 21. Investigators, Converts, Members and the 12 Apostles have to do the same things to feel the spirit:…1. PRAY2. STUDY THE SCRIPTURES3. ATTEND THEIR MEETINGSHO rarL eerAsistir
  22. 22. RESOLVE DOCTRINAL CONCERNSAll objections, whether they be on abortion, pluralmarriage, seventh day worship, etc., basically hinge onwhether Joseph Smith and his successors were and areprophets of God receiving divine revelation PMG 108The only problem the objector has to resolve for himselfis whether the Book of Mormon is true. For if the Book ofMormon is true, then Jesus is the Christ, Joseph Smithwas his prophet, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-daySaints is true, and it is being led today by a prophetreceiving revelation.Our main task is to declare the gospel and do iteffectively. We are not obligated to answer everyobjection. PMG 109
  23. 23. RESOLVE SOCIAL CONCERNSSeek first to understand their concerns by askingquestions and listening. PMG 187Often concerns are more social than doctrinal.PMG 188. Investigators might fear oppositionfrom family membersThey might fear rejection from their friends PMG188They might fear change PMG 188They might have addictions PMG 187-189They may suffer from heavy sinful practices
  24. 24. WHAT IS THE ROLE OF MUSIC?Music has a power to bring the spirit. Use It. Sis Olsen Elder Obregon Primary Children’s Meeting
  25. 25. Old Quote: “Every time we knock a door in Europe, someone in South America is baptized?Number 1: Whether this is true ornot, the fact remains that many of theelect, believing blood live in thesecountries.Number 2: If the above quote iscorrect, what have you against baptizingSouth Americans here in Europe?
  26. 26. TEACH and BAPTIZEThis was our Mission ThemeVery Simple—TEACH and BAPTIZEHow did we get so many baptisms:With HOLA andCADA DIA, CADA INVESTIGADOREvery Day, Every InvestigatorWe figured out a way to get the Investigator to feel thespirit every day until they were baptized.
  27. 27. “Fundamentals from Preach My Gospel: Teaching More Effectively.”1. The Doctrine of Christ-- The MissionaryPurpose2. The Role of the Holy Ghost in Conversion3. Revelation through Prayer4. Revelation through the Book of Mormon5. Revelation through Church Attendance6. Teach People, Not lessons7. We Invite, They Commit, We follow up8. How to Begin Teaching HAND OUT PAMPHLETS WITH HOLA
  28. 28. • And who are we gathering to Zion? A remnant of that seed, with a considerable mixture of grizzly, grey, and all kinds. But Jesus said, My sheep hear my voice, and they know me, and a stranger they will not follow, because they know not the voice of a stranger. And why do not the millions of the inhabitants of the earth embrace the Gospel? Because they are not sheep; that is all. And if the goats kick up and cut a few antics, you need not be astonished. It is the nature of goats, is it not? (Laughter.)JD 22:306 - p.307, John Taylor, August 28, 1881