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4 Weekend Travel Packing Tips

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When you want to get away for a weekend, it usually is to get away from your busy schedule for a much needed break. So understandably you don’t want to be burdened with serious packing or have to suffer during the weekend.

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4 Weekend Travel Packing Tips

  1. 1. 7Weekend Travel Packing Tips
  2. 2. A word on luggage When you are going away for a weekend, you DO NOT need any check-in luggage! A carry on bag is all you need. Firstly, you shouldn’t have to carry so many things that you need that many bags. And also, you do not want the hassle of waiting around near the baggage carousel, wasting precious time from your weekend!
  3. 3. Make a must-haves list It would be presumptuous to give you a list of what you should carry – because, frankly, that depends on what kind of a girl you are. Everybody has different priorities – yours may be your laptop, for someone else it maybe their make-up bag! Just chalk out this absolutely-must-have list first. And make sure you pack those in first.
  4. 4. Pack light That’s right – whatever you know you can get on the way (like reading material, for instance) or at the destination spot, don’t pack. When you are packed light, you do not have to pull around the weight. And nor do you spend hours getting totally stressed out while you pack. There really isn’t any point in getting so stressed out while packing that you spend the weekend in just recuperating!
  5. 5. Organized packing is the key to finding everything! And finally, make organized packing a habit – so that you aren’t left fumbling for essentials during the trip. Plastic bags or little plastic folders can work wonders. Just pack in all those travel-size cosmetic containers, your accessories and everything else into little plastic bags – and you will never have an oh-where-did-I-put-it-moment on your trip again!
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