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Iris and david cutler update

  1. 1. DavidCutler.net - Inform & Connect Marketing Business DevelopmentTechnology Consulting
  2. 2. Energy Ideas Connections
  3. 3. Thinking & Doing Systems Thinking Design Thinking Code Thinking
  4. 4. DELIVERY what is your innovation dilemma?
  5. 5. innovation ... delivered SELECTED CLIENTS
  6. 6. strategic partners STRATEGIC PARTNERS DIGITAL & TECHNOLOGY TRANSFORMATION ENGAGEMENTS • Technology Due Diligence • Qualitative Research • Personas and User Journeys • Prototyping • Agile Web & Mobile Product Development • Insights as a Service (IaaS) – Dashboards, Portfolio Management
  7. 7. PARTNERS startup success stories Radian Gen closes new round of investment from Solar Plus in May 2016. Unation initiates a lite-IPO to raise $20m in May 2016. Podium Data raises $10mn . Named “Big Data Innovative Technology of the Year” Winner at MassTLC’s Technology Leadership Awards. Boloro raises $5m in convertible notes at 100m+ valuation in Dec 2016. IPO’s at $14 per share in June 2015. Compuware acquired by Thomas Bravo LLC, a private equity firm, for $2.5 billion in September 2014. Jill’s List was acquired by Mind Body Online in 2013 BEZ was acquired by Compuware in 2011.
  8. 8. Lifecycle Marketing Optimization - Customer Engagement for Their Many Paths to Purchase
  9. 9. Lifecycle Optimizers and Automation for More Effective Engagements
  10. 10. CASESTUDY Podium Data Podium data is an end-to-end data management and preparation platforms which assist enterprises to dramatically lower the time, cost and effort of managing and making their high-performance business data useful using Big Data technologies. Creative Chaos set up an augmented team of strong java, big data and hadoop engineers to help build the Podium platform with the core team being in Boston. Podium relies on us for developing new features and extending functionality in the platform. Podium Data/Qlik Technologies: Languages: Java, Javascript Database: Postgres Frameworks: Client Side - Jquery, AngularJS, JSPlumb; Server Side - Spring MVC, Spring Core, Hadoop for Big Data
  11. 11. Immersion into the “Upscale Active” Segment Cross-Platform Marketing Engagement Delivering Data-Driven Brand Performance
  12. 12. The Right Environment Even at 8 years old you knew It was better to ask for something When your parents were In a good mood . . . Give your brand the same Opportunity for success. MINDS OPEN ON THE MOUNTAIN The Formula for Great Marketing = Upscales Actives + Lots of Data +
  13. 13. Multi-Media Distribution Partners - Enhance Your Influence 500,000 drive-time radio spots with snow reports Mobile App integration Targeted Digital Millions of broadcast spots and website ads
  14. 14. text & e-mail micro-site direct mail social media integration Web content outdoor media & Radio Data capture delivery & research instant rewards, eCoupons, VIP pass, directions, etc. Event activation flow - cross media integration - VIP membership services Dynamic Mobile engagement Interactive Content: event video capture, Selfie stations, etc. Event Activation Friends Maps Weather VIP: Deals Tracker
  15. 15. dealership dashboard for acquisition and direct marketing to “Drive Sales” Chevy Gas Friendly to Gas Free 6 Display Vehicles 12 Resort Sponsorships 24 Activation Days 8 Automotive Product Specialists Vehicle Demos 120k Targeted Highly Qualified Leads
  16. 16. How to Activate Innovation Data-Driven Marketing Activation The Step Back – Nestle wants to offer membership to home water delivery services to the right audience by understanding their needs Bold Leap Forward - Exceptionally quantified Upscale Active families were mobile app engaged with personal insights and entrepreneurialism Results Driven by Participation - Membership opt-ins increased 185%. 90-day Retention beat every other market segment by over 30%
  17. 17. Corporate Business Development Account Management Data-Driven Product Development
  18. 18. Startups & Technology
  19. 19. The Step Back - ABI aspires to engage and leverage partners and employees but existing methods were inefficient and uninspiring Bold Leap Forward - Idea scouting in a single custom dashboard of normalized feeds with dynamic ranking tied to ongoing corporate initiatives Results Driven by Participation - Live accurately scored idea-flow (versus hours or days of research). Increased investment velocity by 30%
  20. 20. Partners testimonial “ Creative Chaos is as much a way of thinking about technology as it is a dependable software development partner. They make it easy to do our jobs better. Whether in a sprint or during business strategy sessions, they bring process experience, fresh ideas, and a commitment to deliver. One example is a cross- enterprise dashboard for scouting and scoring ideas from all our employees. ” - Luke Charrington - Manager at ZX-Ventures, ABI Innovation Lab
  21. 21. The Step Back - C-Suite at P&G wants to be “agile” Bold Leap Forward - Enable more complete visualization and assessment of all consumer and enterprise data to power perfection Results Driven by Participation - Pilot portfolio doubled with new efficiency. Evaluation costs down 25%. Tide has bragging rights to other depts
  22. 22. The Step Back - People love the cool rich content in the app but purchase on other sites, like more streamlined Best Buy and Amazon Bold Leap Forward - Build an integrated product demo experience that only the true evangelical GoPro culture could conjure and fulfill Results Driven by Participation – Churn down 40%. Basket size up 16%. Frequency of purchase up 3x/year. CLV up an estimated 20%
  23. 23. The Step Back – This $5B waste delivery service was struggling for more … smaller labs, dentists, etc. in-between their big hospital clients Bold Leap Forward – Research revealed different online/offline requirements. New systems and business models were designed and tested Results Driven by Participation – Sales Cycle cut in half. Frequency of service up 10%. MRR up 7%. Feedback enables requests for new services
  24. 24. The Step Back - We need help to love everything about our cars Bold Leap Forward - This new app will deliver all interrelated combinations of enhancements and services for each individual’s vehicle(s) Results Driven by Participation – MVP pilot results show custom Daily Deals increase purchasing frequency by over 100%. ATV up 25%
  25. 25. The Community Engagement Stack Superior Experience The Step Back – Verizon is getting slammed for poor employee management Bold Leap Forward – Engage employees across media channels and locations, from Headquarters to home workers Results Driven by Participation - Intranet communication increased 22%. Job retention increased by 12%. Glassdoor score added .6 points
  26. 26. Content Creation & Logistics Industry Engagement Cross-Channel Market Development
  27. 27. Built and managing this portal for tech, strategy, and software development outsourcing for business services, consultants, and creative marcom agencies http://partners.creativechaos.co
  28. 28. Spoke at International Society of Professional Innovation Management Multiple Events
  29. 29. See Details and Watch This Video HERE
  30. 30. Connected Things at MIT with Loopd
  31. 31. Linkedin Article here Medium Article Here
  32. 32. Global Perspective & Solutions Report
  33. 33. Tech Hub Executives Peer Group Roundtables
  34. 34. Innovation Delivery with Creative Chaos Tech Translator and Solution Evangelist Match0making between Internal / External Teams
  35. 35. IDEATE research & insights Innovation starts with research. We ask questions to determine consumer motivations, emotional triggers and insights into attitude and behavior so we can help build a market-fit solution. QUALITATIVE RESEARCH •Focus Groups •In-depth Field Interviews •Voice of the consumer •Usability Interviews QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH •Analytics •Surveys •Questionnaires
  36. 36. PROTOTYPE experience design We create human-centered design experiences that help transform businesses. Our strategy and design takes a holistic approach towards developing user-centered journeys for a fluid customer experience. EXPERIENCE STRATEGY Customer Insights Competitive Landscape Personas User Journeys Wireframes Visual Designs Prototype DESIGN SPRINTS Understand Define Diverge Divide Prototype Validate
  37. 37. lean agile development From bespoke web platforms and mobile apps, to big data analytics - we have the experience and expertise to develop & deliver complex systems iOS Android Java / J2EE Ruby .NETPHP Agile Product Development BUILD •Websites •Web Applications •Mobile Applications •eCommerce Platforms •Connected devices •AI & Machine Learning •Big Data & Hadoop •IOT •Microservices Architecture •Javascript MV Frameworks •eCommerce •DevOps Expertise
  38. 38. SCALE We operationalize your ideas and manage your production environments to ensure high performance and availability of your business-critical assets. • Server provision & setup • 24x7x365 monitoring and incident management Infrastructure management • High performance site & infrastructure design • Private vs Public vs Hybrid cloud design Strategy & consulting • Web / DB / App performance tuning • Vulnerability Assessment • Platform hardening • PCI Compliance Performance & Security • Continuous Integration • Continuous Delivery • Auto Scaling DevOps devops, production, cloud infrastructure
  40. 40. Entrepreneur & Startup Advisor Intersecting with Corporate “Innovation Labs” Obsessed with Product-Market Fit
  41. 41. EventAdvisor.com matches professionals with the right business events while optimizing learning for conference attendees, their company, event producers, and the entire industry. We deliver custom career advice by sharing peer-generated event assessments and personalized suggestions on your blended journey of career development including online e-learning progress that will be maximized with the essential adaptive, immersive collaboration only face-to- face gathering can provide. The Step Back - Business events can better. We all know this is an understatement Bold Leap Forward - Both networking and learning are exponentially more valuable when face-to-face Results Driven by Participation - TBD as we build a more transparent & predictive experience with AI sentiment analysis and segment tools
  42. 42. IBM Media Center Video Nuarca Blockchain Studio - An IBM Partner of the Year
  43. 43. DavidCutler.net
  44. 44. 4,500+ LinkedIn Connections (2019) This is a visualization of 4 networks
  45. 45. www.DavidCutler.net