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Screenshots from Lighthouse AR intranet

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Launched in 2003, the AR Intranet product was owned by the London-based analyst relations consultancy Lighthouse Analyst Relations.
Built on the Intranets.com platform, which was acquired by WebEx in 2005, the application boasts all four components critical to an analyst relations system. However, as the platform was owned by WebEx this application was dependent on WebEx for feature developments and product enhancements. In addition, as Lighthouse’s primary source of revenue was services rather than software, the application was not the company's priority.
Most clients of the AR Intranet used the application to look up
information about little-known analyst firms and boutique analysts, particularly in EMEA and emerging markets. AR Intranet tracked more than 800 analyst firms, higher than the
655 firms that ARchitect had in its database at that time or the 500 firms for Analyst Profiles.
According to Lighthouse AR founded Duncan Chapple, the AR Intranet was withdrawn after two developments in 2014: Cisco announced its intention to close the WebEx WebOffice platform, and Lighthouse AR was acquired by Kea Company, which focussed on the Lighthouse team on the Analyst Value Survey.

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Screenshots from Lighthouse AR intranet

  1. 1. Screenshots from the AR Intranet Analystrelations.intranets.com