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Wedding Candle Centerpieces

Featuring great examples of wedding candle centerpieces.

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Wedding Candle Centerpieces

  1. 1. Wedding CandleCenterpieces Presented by My Wedding Reception Planning.com
  2. 2. In this example, all different types of candles sizes were used as a centerpiece for the whole length of this rectangulartable.A simple table runner down the center along with some simple sparkly accents set everything off beautifully.I love the variation of all the different containers used for the candles as it adds so much more interest.Read more: Beautiful Wedding Candle Centerpieces http://www.my-wedding-reception-planning.com/wedding-candle-centerpieces.html#ixzz1lwQFpi1a
  3. 3. This beautiful, yet simple candle centerpiece would be perfect for the beach or destination wedding.Easily put together, it features a wonderful beach scene complete with sand, shells, a starfish and a single white candlein the middle.By using a round bowl such as this, you could actually use this wonderful candle centerpiece for an outdoor beachwedding without having to worry about the wind blowing the candle out.Read more: Beautiful Wedding Candle Centerpieces http://www.my-wedding-reception-planning.com/wedding-candle-centerpieces.html#ixzz1lwRz2txd
  4. 4. Another really pretty centerpiece, this time using the brilliance of fall colors including our range roses, maroonchrysanthemum daisies, some orange rununculus and it looks like hydrangea.This is another great way to incorporate multiple candles into your centerpieces, especially if the tables at yourreception are large and therefore, you need larger centerpieces.Read more: Beautiful Wedding Candle Centerpieces http://www.my-wedding-reception-planning.com/wedding-candle-centerpieces.html#ixzz1lwU2CFSI
  5. 5. Perfect for the beach, this centerpiece features a votive candle nestled on a bed of pearls inside a round bowl.Rose petals, seashells and more pearls surround to add to this very pretty centerpiece.Read more: Beautiful Wedding Candle Centerpieces http://www.my-wedding-reception-planning.com/wedding-candle-centerpieces.html#ixzz1lwVInzBn
  6. 6. Try something interesting and unique for a beach or tropical destination wedding. Here, coffee beans are used tosurround a votive candle.Add in some tropical leaves and hydrangea blooms and youre ready to go. Instead of hydrangea blooms, you could alsouse orchids, stephanotis, plumeria, etc.Read more: Beautiful Wedding Candle Centerpieces http://www.my-wedding-reception-planning.com/wedding-candle-centerpieces.html#ixzz1lwVoBVsk
  7. 7. Here, you can see the clustering of candles for a centerpiece for round reception tables.Although, these are simply sitting on a napkin/cloth, to add even more sparle and drama to this arrangement, youcould have the candles sitting on a circular mirror.Read more: Beautiful Wedding Candle Centerpieces http://www.my-wedding-reception-planning.com/wedding-candle-centerpieces.html#ixzz1lwWUpu5C
  8. 8. This centerpiece adds interest by using different heights of glass containers containing rose petals and floating candles.I love the combination of flowers and fruit!Read more: Beautiful Wedding Candle Centerpieces http://www.my-wedding-reception-planning.com/wedding-candle-centerpieces.html#ixzz1lwXUjbiv
  9. 9. Another very cool way to incorporate candles on your guest tables. To achieve this look, fill a jar partially with sand andthen arrange bleached branches in the jars.Hang votive candles from the branches and tada! What a wow factor. Im thinking for a winter or maybe a simplecountry wedding.Read more: Beautiful Wedding Candle Centerpieces http://www.my-wedding-reception-planning.com/wedding-candle-centerpieces.html#ixzz1lwYRLJAT
  10. 10. Here is another way to use candles in your wedding reception centerpieces. A single pillar candle with a hurricaneshade to keep the wind at bay for this outdoor wedding reception.Lovely mix of blooms as well including hydrangea, button poms, babies breath and bells of ireland.Read more: Beautiful Wedding Candle Centerpieces http://www.my-wedding-reception-planning.com/wedding-candle-centerpieces.html#ixzz1lwYtJY7S
  11. 11. Perfect for an exotic/tropical/hawaiian/destination wedding, this wedding reception centerpiece features three brightlycolored floating candles surrounded with exotic blooms.Gorgeous!Read more: Beautiful Wedding Candle Centerpieces http://www.my-wedding-reception-planning.com/wedding-candle-centerpieces.html#ixzz1lwZGcrKK
  12. 12. If you love the look of taper candles, then this example gives you a great idea of how to incoporate them into yourwedding candle centerpieces.One thing to be careful of, though, is the burning time for tapers is definitely shorter than pillars, votives or even sometea lights.Read more: Beautiful Wedding Candle Centerpieces http://www.my-wedding-reception-planning.com/wedding-candle-centerpieces.html#ixzz1lwZp4wSA
  13. 13. What a great idea for a vintage wedding and so simple as well. Just take some beautiful lace and affix it to glass votiveholders or other sized glass cylinders.Place your pillar, votive, or tea light inside and voila, just beautiful!Read more: Beautiful Wedding Candle Centerpieces http://www.my-wedding-reception-planning.com/wedding-candle-centerpieces.html#ixzz1lwbRbaGS