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Marketplaces and platforms: The future of banking

In the last 10 years, we have seen how platforms and marketplaces companies have grown exponentially. Banking won’t be any different. The financial company that nails how to provide a top-class customer experience, access to multiple products and services and removes all the pain points of the customers will win.

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Marketplaces and platforms: The future of banking

  1. 1. Marketplaces and platforms: The future of banking David Jiménez Maireles @davidjmaireles davidjimenezmaireles
  2. 2. Traditional banking is disappearing
  3. 3. Branches: from assets to fixed costs 10.000 ~20.000 branches closed in Spain since 2008 Source: Bank of Spain
  4. 4. Smartphones have changed EVERYTHING
  5. 5. FinTech 1 Platformication forces
  6. 6. Unbundling banks Fuente: CB Insights, 2016
  7. 7. 1.400 new challenger banks, payment providers and fintechs in Europe since 2005 Source: Accenture Research, FCA and CB insights
  8. 8. 39 FinTech Unicorns Valued at $147.37 B Source: Tech Startups
  9. 9. Challenger banks are creating their own marketplaces Source: CB Insights
  10. 10. FinTech PSD2 21 Platformication forces
  11. 11. PSD2
  12. 12. AISPs / PISPs will change the competite landscape Today Future
  13. 13. Banks without banking licenses Fuente: AT Kearny
  14. 14. IT sector transformation: from vertical to horizontal Fuente: Adapted from Groove, 1996
  15. 15. Is de-regulation the Trojan horse for the banks? Source: zeb Research, Bundesfinanministerium, Statista
  16. 16. Breaking the supply chain in banking Distribution Product creation Bank A Distribution Product creation Bank B
  17. 17. Create or distribute? Or both? Fuente: Adapted from Groove, 1996 Producer Platform Integrator Distributor Product creation Distribution DistribruteyourselfDistribrutionby3rdparties Own product creation Product creation by 3rd parties Source: EBA
  18. 18. A tsunami is about to hit banking… very hard
  19. 19. Fuente: WSJ Dan Schulman on Shifting From Financial Inclusion to Financial Health; 17 enero de 2018 The Lord of the Fees
  20. 20. 15€3€ 11€ Value is what you get not what you pay
  21. 21. Fuente: Adapted from Groove, 1996 Can you imagine a single-brand supermarket? Why banks are?
  22. 22. FinTech PSD2 CX 2 31 Platformication forces
  23. 23. Fixing the customer experience in banking
  24. 24. Customer Experience Principles Trust Control Security Speed
  25. 25. Fuente: BCG, 2017 From information overload… to data depency
  26. 26. Contextual data Fuente: Redesigining Financial Services and Element AI x8 x9.000 Digital size of client data:
  27. 27. Personalized experiences
  28. 28. 60 - 90”
  29. 29. Evolution of companies vision: 1. Product-centric 2. Customer-centric 3. Relationship-centric
  30. 30. Ecosystem: $60 billones at risk Fuente: McKinsey, 2017
  31. 31. 7 steps to “create” a platform Fuente: Bain & Company
  32. 32. AliPay app “Lifestyle platform”
  33. 33. It's not about being available, it's about being relevant
  34. 34. The future about banking is about creating a marketplace that is… Build a COMMUNITY of fans Become an ALTERNATIVE to traditional players REDESIGN products and services Example: Monzo Example: Raisin (term deposits) Example: Simple (Safe-to- spend) and geolocalization of transactions
  35. 35. @davidjmaireles davidjimenezmaireles ¡Muchas gracias!