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The Writer's Guide to Local SEO

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The Geek-Free guide to success in Local SEO from David Rosam.

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The Writer's Guide to Local SEO

  1. 1. Local SEO http://www.writingforseo.org/local-seo/ The Writer's Guide to
  2. 2. The Writer's Guide to Local SEO What is Local SEO? Let’s be clear what I mean by Local SEO. It’s not the process of getting a site to rank well in the standard organic results for ‘japanese restaurant soho’ or ‘cleaner littlehampton’, although these kind of searches ranking well will give the site some valuable local search traffic. Instead, we’re talking about what you need to do to appear in Google’s Local SEO results which appear towards the top of its search engine results pages. This section of results is often called the ‘three-pack’, because – and this is deep – Google displays a maximum of three results for each search. That’s just three opportunities for your business to appear in the Local SEO listings. Recently, Google has been experimenting with a slider instead of the three-pack, but it’s not clear if Google will replace the three-pack.
  3. 3. The Writer's Guide to Local SEO Why is the three-pack important? 2. The Local SEO results are richer (contain much more information) than the organic results. 1. It’s prominent on the screen – always at least partially visible when the results page first displays – and above the main organic search results
  4. 4. The Writer's Guide to Local SEO
  5. 5. The Writer's Guide To Local SEO 1. Get the details right NAP - Name, Address and Phone Number must be consistent Which area do you serve? What does your business do? Check - really check - for duplicate listings on Google
  6. 6. The Writer's Guide to Local SEO Create a Google My Business Page Go to Google My Business Click on the big blue Get On To Google Button Check your business' details Add your business' details if Google doesn't already know about you Complete the form Click Continue
  7. 7. The Writer's Guide to Local SEO Structured Data Markup Set up your schema using Schema Creator Test your schema code using Google Structured Data Testing Tool
  8. 8. The Writer's Guide to Local SEO Off-page factors Citations Local Reviews Link Building Local directory entries
  9. 9. 6. Don't forget your SEO Content And don't let up until you've dominated the local market for your business' niche.
  10. 10. The Writer's Guide to Local SEO Read the detailed post http://www.writingforseo.org/local-seo/