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2018 the year the rules changed for your website

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My presentation to Worthing Digital on 10 April 2018.

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2018 the year the rules changed for your website

  1. 1. 2018: The Year The Rules Changed For Your Website David Rosam. David Rosam Digital Marketing davidrosam.com | david@davidrosam.com | 07973 208824 | @davidrosam
  2. 2. What’s this year’s big thing in SEO?
  3. 3. If only there was just one!
  4. 4. 2018 Is the year just about everything changes for your website.
  5. 5. Let’s start with mobile
  6. 6. >50% of Google searches are now on mobile devices. It varies by sector You can find more mobile facts at Smart Insights.
  7. 7. How is your site for mobile? ● Have you looked at it from your phone? ● Can you read it? ● Is it simple to navigate? ● Is it fast?
  8. 8. If your site fails on any of these, your visitors won’t hang around.
  9. 9. And they won’t be spending money with you.
  10. 10. Here’s the kicker.
  11. 11. Google’s Putting Mobile First So your site is judged on its mobile performance ● Some sites are already on Google’s Mobile First Index ● The rest will be migrated by June 2018 ● Be prepared for your rankings to slide if your site isn’t up to standard for mobile ○ eg Google is expected to start penalising slow loading sites from July this year
  12. 12. If you’ve got mobile wrong, you’ll be shunned by: 1.Customers 2.Google
  13. 13. That’s a double whammy
  14. 14. Or a perfect storm
  15. 15. Whatever it is. Your bottom line is at risk.
  16. 16. What to do? Get on the case now. 1. Ensure your site is RESPONSIVE 2. Make sure site navigation works on smartphones, tablets and desktops 3. Do fonts and images work well on popular devices? 4. Fix speed issues (many businesses are failing to address them) 5. If you’re unsure about your site and Mobile First, find an SEO and ask their advice
  17. 17. I should say a little more about speed.
  18. 18. Why you may have site speed issues Small Business websites Gotchas On budget, shared hosting Basic, slow servers; other sites suck performance further Built with little or no regard to speed Design, coding and functionality may slow site Themes and plugins may be a major speed hog Chosen out of habit, popularity or received wisdom. Speed issues are not just caused by the number of plugins, but how well they’ve been coded
  19. 19. Faster web hosting and GDPR Sorry to mention it - especially if you thought GDPR couldn’t push its way into an SEO talk. ● Moving to a GDPR compliant Virtual Private Server (VPS) helps you with both: ○ SEO: faster, more stable hosting ○ GDPR: online issues are possibly solved - does your site store personal data in its online database? Then you’ll need to get pay attention to GDPR’s requirements. A VPS offers better security
  20. 20. Do you use Voice Search?
  21. 21. 50% of searches will be voice searches by 2020, according to Comscore. 2020 is just two years away. More stats can be found at Branded3.com.
  22. 22. Voice search is not only on mobile.
  23. 23. Voice search is at home ● Google Home ● Amazon Echo ● Apple HomePod (although Apple appears to be trailing Google and Amazon at the moment in Voice Search) And, over time, we’re sure to see more applications in more situations.
  24. 24. SEO is still about content
  25. 25. But things have evolved (of course)
  26. 26. Content Rules OK (that’s Rules for Content, not a piece of last century graffiti) ● Answer your customers’ needs - in SEO- speak ‘understand searcher intent’ ● Don’t write short content ‘for mobile’. Google still rewards depth and detail ● Google likes well-written content ● In WordPress, don’t use Yoast SEO’s traffic light system. It’s outdated ● You must still do your Key Phrase Research and have a Content Strategy ● Include long tail ‘conversational’ searches for voice search
  27. 27. More details about 2018 Content? See my recent article on Search Engine Watch
  28. 28. Keep up with the constant changes in Local SEO
  29. 29. Local SEO It’s like National SEO, but with more to do. ● Online, Google is tweaking the Local Pack, the information displayed, the size of a locality… and on and on and on ● While online runs away with itself, you can leverage your offline marketing to support your Local SEO efforts
  30. 30. Does your site use https?
  31. 31. If it doesn’t, do it now
  32. 32. It’ll increase your customers’ trust
  33. 33. And it’ll stop Google flagging up your site as somehow undesirable
  34. 34. A few facts about SSL ● Most small business websites can get an SSL certificate for free (Let’s Encrypt is a popular source) ● You can even install the certificate yourself using SSL for Free (you’ll need a bit of technical nous, of course) ● Do not just install a certificate. Keeping your SEO goodness is probably the bigger task, and the tougher challenge ● There’s loads of advice online ● If you’re even slightly unsure about what’s involved, consult an SEO. It’s easy to lose the benefits of years of work on your site ● Your developers may know about SEO, too
  35. 35. In Conclusion...
  36. 36. Four things to do for your site To stay ahead of the game in 2018 1. Make sure your site is ready for mobile 2. Ensure you have an SSL Certificate installed and you have migrated your site with an eye to SEO 3. Keep up to date with Content changes (including the demands of Voice Search) 4. Get up to speed with Local SEO and stay there
  37. 37. Contact me! David Rosam David Rosam Digital Marketing https://davidrosam.com david@davidrosam.com 07973 208824 @davidrosam