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Yoast SEO on WordPress - Nov 2016

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Digital Marketing is easy with WordPress. For example, you can attract more traffic with the YOAST SEO plugin!

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Yoast SEO on WordPress - Nov 2016

  1. 1. YOAST SEO PLUGIN David Mackey Modshopr What you need to know to get results Ottawa WordPress Meetup
  2. 2. David Mackey @dbmackey AGENDA Who Are you? Who Am I? Problem - More traffic to your website! Solution -Yoast SEO Plugin 
 (features & demo) Questions
  3. 3. David Mackey @dbmackey WHO ARE YOU?
  4. 4. David Mackey @dbmackey WHO AM I? Geek • B.Math in Computer Science with Electrical Engineering Electives, Honours, Co-op, University of Waterloo • 23 years inTelecommunications at Nortel/Avaya
 Programmer/Manager/Architect & Customer Service Digital Marketing Consultant • Solution Architect who connects businesses with customers • 185Twitter Followers - @dbmackey Frustrated Shopper • Modshopper Website • 300Twitter Followers - @modshopper
  5. 5. David Mackey @dbmackey HOMEWORK CreateYour Story (aka Marketing Plan) Who do you want to attract? What keywords words do they search for? What do you want them to do?
  6. 6. David Mackey @dbmackey OUR STORY We are a Christmas* Gift Store Target: Christmas Shoppers Keywords: Christmas Gifts Note: Consider the inclusiveness of keywords
  7. 7. David Mackey @dbmackey DIGITAL MARKETING Customer Search Products & Services [Unique Value Proposition] SEO Content Marketing ConversionsWEBSITE Email Data Analytics Social Media Demand Generation [Paid Advertising]
  8. 8. David Mackey @dbmackey SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION (SEO) Customer Search Engine UVP Yoast SEO Search Search Engine Result Page (SERP) Crawl Visit
  9. 9. David Mackey @dbmackey It’s very popular! 1 Million+ Installs WHY YOAST SEO?
  10. 10. David Mackey @dbmackey YOAST FEATURES Content • Content Analysis aka Readability • Canonical (avoid duplicate content) • Text, Images &Video (avoid PDFs) Keywords • PostTitles & Meta Descriptions • Permalinks Structure • Allow SEO Bots • Title (H1), Sub Headings (H2), etc
  11. 11. David Mackey @dbmackey DEMO
  12. 12. SLIDES http://www.slideshare.net/davidmackey351/presentations David Mackey @dbmackey
  13. 13. BACKUP REFERENCES Yoast SEO Blog Search Engine Land MOZ Blog David Mackey @dbmackey
  14. 14. QUESTIONS David Mackey dbmackey@modshopper.com @dbmackey - Digital Marketing @modshopper - Shopping UX https://modshopr.com David Mackey @dbmackey
  15. 15. THANK YOU! David Mackey @dbmackey
  16. 16. David Mackey @dbmackey PUPPY PICTURE