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Tech trends for Libraries in 2016

Technology has changed the face of libraries, and is continuing to change how we work and how we deliver services to customers. This workshop introduces emerging technology trends, and how those trends are reshaping library services. Examples are provided of how to incorporate these emerging trends into libraries. Attendees learn what trends to look for, the difference between a technology trend and a fad, and get ideas on how their library can respond to emerging technology.

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Tech trends for Libraries in 2016

  1. Tech Trends for Libraries david lee king | topeka & shawnee county public library | davidleeking.com in 2016
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  3. 10 year cycles flickr.com/photos/wwworks/5063710551/
  4. flickr.com/photos/gumption/5318386773/
  5. What’s NEW for you?
  6. 1The Internet
 of Things
  7. ams-ix.net/newsitems/87
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  9. flic.kr/p/akrhbx
  10. flic.kr/p/mFcVCt
  11. flic.kr/p/pMY9RB
  12. flic.kr/p/akrhbx What’s this mean for the library?
  13. 2mobile flickr.com/photos/ramyoga/3025034131/
  14. flickr.com/photos/mr_t_in_dc/6937521074/ not a good idea
  15. flickr.com/photos/73295603@N00/7195432918/
  16. 64%of US Adults own smartphones
  17. design for mobile
  18. teens…
  19. cell
  20. what do your mobile users need? flickr.com/photos/beavis/2425374221/
  21. flic.kr/p/99GGKN
  22. BYOD flickr.com/photos/fishbraintexas/7263316350/
  23. What’s this mean for the library?
  24. 3Consumer Technology flickr.com/photos/personalspokesman/105737843/
  25. flickr.com/photos/personalspokesman/105737843/ stuff we use
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  27. smartphones, tablets, laptops
  28. gaming - HUGE changes flickr.com/photos/ian_d/30859899/
  29. flic.kr/p/bzYBiM
  30. Television flickr.com/photos/75012107@N05/9183539215/
  31. connected cars flic.kr/p/nHqun2
  32. Batteries! http://widgetlove.com/media/catalog/product/cache/1/image/d1eb4c9f6ec46dda73e75238af223687/s/k/sku_60646_1.jpg
  33. What’s this mean for the library?
  34. 4wearable
 nology flickr.com/photos/keoni101/7069578953/
  35. pearlsofprofundity.files.wordpress.com/2013/08/dick-tracy-5.jpg
  36. Google Glass flickr.com/photos/blazenhoff/10075402254/
  37. smart watches flickr.com/photos/piatkowski/8558437789/
  38. health monitor
 bracelets flickr.com/photos/intelfreepress/9690003914/
  39. what’s this mean for the library? flickr.com/photos/intelfreepress/9690003914/
  40. 5smart
 machines flic.kr/p/cTn6M9
  41. flic.kr/p/a9HrBK robotics
  42. flic.kr/p/p1FYTd
  43. flic.kr/p/qWDEP
  44. flic.kr/p/k6bnoy what’s this mean for the library?
  45. 6Grassroots Tech flickr.com/photos/laughingsquid/4169808020/
  46. flickr.com/photos/tbisaacs/2641052226/ flickr.com/photos/flickrsven/4788472500/
  47. what’s going on here? flickr.com/photos/jandrick/3586246946/
  48. flickr.com/photos/opacity/3531963245/ 3D printers & makerspaces
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  53. http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mbybs0MLqq1rhd130o1_500.jpg
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  55. more than
 3D printers drill presses vacuum cleaner CAD/CAM software computers CNC router normal shop tools scroll saws laser cutters power tools
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  63. flickr.com/photos/madrideducacion-es/6850575857/ Co-Working spaces
  64. other cool stuff
  65. flickr.com/photos/darienlibrary/6280965372/
  66. check out guitars!
  67. What’s this mean for the library?
  68. 7Payment
 Systems flic.kr/p/bm7FGx
  69. flic.kr/p/bm7FGx
  70. flic.kr/p/64Fobe
  71. What’s this mean for the library? flic.kr/p/bm7FGx
  72. flic.kr/p/ei1iWe 8 Drones!
  73. flic.kr/p/nJCn8s
  74. flic.kr/p/rQVsa9
  75. flic.kr/p/rQVsa9 What’s this mean for the library?
  76. 9Rise of the 
 App Store
  77. flic.kr/p/8C1pWN What’s this mean for the library?
  78. 0Web Changes!
  79. from Wikimedia
  80. watching video flic.kr/p/5kovZt
  81. listening to music
  82. 78%of US Adults watch online videos
  83. every company
 is a media company
  84. What’s this mean for the library? flickr.com/photos/oppl/5867907324/
  85. Trends vs. Fads flickr.com/photos/tonythemisfit/2592267101/
  86. Fad flickr.com/photos/slworking/5738159839/
  87. Trend flickr.com/photos/yourdon/3405811164/
  88. how to prepare
  89. don’t be held back by tech!
  90. thank you! davidleeking.com