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Social Media Best Practices, Part 1

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First part of a two-part workshop on social media best practices for libraries. The first part covers social media in general.

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Social Media Best Practices, Part 1

  1. Best
 Practices david lee king | topeka & shawnee county public library | davidleeking.com Social flic.kr/p/dPPrVc Media
  2. flickr.com/photos/30008935@N00/417833522/ problem: we haven’t embraced the social web
  3. we have the tools flickr.com/photos/safari_vacation/6257284524/
  4. not quite
 sure how 
 to use them!
  5. So, what do you think
 about our library? flickr.com/photos/10059155@N05/4712929433/
  6. What's missing? flickr.com/photos/40624839@N02/3784049371/ face2face interaction
  7. how online engagement
 works flickr.com/photos/23697075@N03/3010947232/
  8. flickr.com/photos/niallkennedy/667670285/
  9. ways to 
 transform into a face2face library 3
  10. 1. flickr.com/photos/94852245@N00/4338268272/ listening
  11. why listen? flickr.com/photos/58571789@N00/4519906494/
  12. what to listen for flickr.com/photos/58571789@N00/4519906494/
  13. responding flickr.com/photos/58571789@N00/4519906494/
  14. listening in Topeka flickr.com/photos/58571789@N00/4519906494/
  15. 2. basic communication
  16. conversational writing
  17. add pictures & video
  18. add pictures & video [like this]
  19. be “you” online [“you”]
  20. pics of staff new stuff customers!
  21. where are the people? flickr.com/photos/hackleypubliclibrary/3903700537/
  22. flic.kr/p/4n5sc2 3.“doing” community
  23. we get this
  24. flickr.com/photos/53472606@N00/2751815892/ less control here
  25. start
  26. ask
  27. What my
 library does
  28. flic.kr/p/XqGwP
  29. respond to critics flic.kr/p/6xck7m
  30. listen first
  31. admit & apologize
  32. be nice
  33. be quiet (i.e., don’t respond)
  34. develop a thick skin
  35. where to start!
  36. Twitter eNews Website Library
 NewsFacebook Instagram who does the work?
  37. set goals
 & strategy flickr.com/photos/21290415@N05/3006994838/
  38. measure success
  39. creating great customer connections starts with you!
  40. thank you! davidleeking.com