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SXSW 2016 Recap: Highlights of Brands and Technologies

  1. #DamnSXSW, back at it again with the Obamas! Your guide to SXSW Interactive 2016 from the festival that launched the hit 2015 app Meerkat! by David Berkowitz, CMO, MRY @mry / @dberkowitz
  2. A note to you, dear reader Presented here are observations from SXSW 2016. This is a work in progress, so bookmark this deck to continue to get updates in the coming days. Thanks to the whole MRY team for contributions: Karen Flanagan, Nick Gauchat, Sofia Hernandez, Bob Kasunic, Will Mansfield, Jason Morton, and Steve Tesoriero. Also note that links and sources are included on every slide, except where photos are from our own stash.
  3. Overview A taste of SXSW 2016, with a side of sauce
  4. SXSW attendees are so tech-obsessed that even Storm Troopers can’t get someone to put down their phones
  5. Words from a sitting president at SXSW “In an age where people are getting information from digital platforms through the Internet, where people’s attention spans have shrunk, it’s critical for people who are shaping the environment [to think] about how to get citizens engaged. Doesn’t mean that you have to do it full time or run for office yourself. Whatever your field is, there’s a way for you to engage and participate to take this democracy back and change it in new ways.” - President Barack Obama Source: VentureBeat
  6. Top things discussed at SXSW (a non-scientific take) 19% 12% 5% 5% 13% 16% 18% 12% Complaints about traffic due to the Obamas Complaints about security due to the Obamas Complaints about the lack of hotel rooms due to the Obamas Complaints about people tweeting so many pics of the Obamas that their phones died Complaints about how SXSW is totally over once a sitting president comes to the conference Complaints about Obama’s stance on privacy Emerging tech stuff, the future of media, and everything else Whether this SXSW was quieter than last SXSW
  7. Because this is Austin, here’s gratuitous food porn (hey, it’s what people really do all of SXSW)
  8. SXSW addressed how women in tech face harassment, exclusion all too often • 60% of women responded that they had experienced unwanted sexual advances • An informal pool at SXSW found that 60% of female attendees at the conference (a slightly younger group) also experienced unwanted sexual advances • 66% of respondents have felt excluded from key networking opportunities • 84% of women experienced male colleagues and clients who couldn't make eye contact (45% experienced this monthly basis) • 88% have colleagues and clients who address questions to male peers that should have been addressed to them Source: Elephant in the Valley research; Fast Company coverage
  9. Women rising in their careers were most vocal in tweeting about the #OnlineHarassment Summit Source: Spredfast data covered by DigitasLBI
  10. For a small taste of the music side of SXSW, YouTube shares which artists benefited most from SXSW performances Source: YouTube
  11. Brands Keep Austin Weird – but not too weird or brands will have to shut off their Periscope feeds of their SXSW activations
  12. Brands were everywhere – and transported people everywhere
  13. Eureka "Our belief is data is the new oil. I think the companies that will win are using math." - Under Armour CEO Kevin Plank Source: Adweek
  14. Forrester on brands’ missed opportunity The worlds of marketing, product design, and customer experience are increasingly interconnected, but you wouldn’t know it looking at SXSW’s programming, according to Leah Buley, principal analyst at Forrester. “It’s clear that marketers at the festival are thinking across touch points…” Buley said. “But very few brands are digging into the more fundamental challenges that businesses wrangle everyday: helping their organizations turn the ship toward customer obsession, determining how to prioritize investments where it matters, and figuring out what it means to deliver great customer experiences in an increasingly digital world.” -Forrester Research
  15. “Innovation around distribution” a major challenge for brands – NYT "Distribution, and innovation around distribution, and the effective use of social media, is a really high priority for clients. It's one of the things we get asked about a lot, and asked for our help a lot.“ -The New York Times CEO Mark Thompson at SXSW on NYT’s acquisition of HelloSociety Source: Ad Age
  16. American Greetings offers Analog experience to combat digital SXSW overdose
  17. Why analog is the new digital “We’ve pushed the digital revolution pretty far,” said Jon Ruby, svp and creative director at American Greetings’ agency, Mullen Lowe. “People are slaves to their devices. There’s a bit of a backlash. Three or four years ago, everyone had laptops here. Now they have laptops, but you’re seeing them closed, with Moleskine notebooks perched on top.” Source: Digiday
  18. Buzzfeed launches new Swarm ad format at SXSW to reach consumers across: web, mobile, Snapchat, Vine, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr “Instead of forcing all your traffic and spending all your resources to drive people to your owned and operated platforms, why not go to where they are?” -Buzzfeed CMO Frank Cooper in Adweek Source: Adweek
  19. Beware of irrelevance “While there’s a lot energy and excitement around these emerging channels we [as marketers] have to be mindful that it’s a balancing act. The threshold on the quality of content and the importance in the value you add to someone’s life has never been higher. You are one swipe away from being irrelevant.” - Robert Candelino, VP Marketing - Haircare, Unilever Source: The Drum
  20. Gillette tapped Discovery VR to see if SXSWers can sweat high pressure situations
  21. Budweiser Beer Garage included 4D brewery tour adding multisensory stimulation Source: Adweek
  22. Samsung delivered attendees #VRonDemand Source: VentureBeat
  23. McDonald’s served up an interactive art experience through VR
  24. Craving overnight oats? Quaker teased Amazon Echo app at SXSW “Quaker has a new robot chef and her name is Alexa. The 135-year-old maker of oats is harnessing the power of artificial intelligence to help consumers make an oatmeal method as old as Quaker itself: overnight oats… Quaker has built its first ever app for Amazon's virtual assistant, which is available through products like the Echo speaker. The app… helps users find and make recipes for overnight oats...” -Adweek
  25. Capital One also showed off its Amazon Echo app, already available
  26. At the Miracle-Gro GRO house, a thousand connected devices bloomed
  27. Brands even upped their promoted post game to capitalize on SXSW interest
  28. Grumpy Cat: still a thing at SXSW Source: @GameofThrones / @Friskies
  29. Dell turns Austin into an AR golf game Source: Dell on YouTube / Ad Age
  30. Want to really stand out? USA’s Mr. Robot built a Ferris wheel in Austin (or was it all imagined?)
  31. Gatorade showed off tech that can boost nutrition and hydration at its Fuel Lab Source: brandchannel
  32. Tech Hey, everyone at SXSW still uses Twitter, right? That got big at SXSW… back in 2007
  33. Somehow this wig made up of hair strands that double as ear-buds was on the SXSW ‘must-see’ list Source: Ad Age
  34. The startups that battled at Visa’s Everywhere Initiative: Developer Challenge 1. Eventbase – Eventbase is the leading mobile technology platform for premium events including SXSW, Cannes Lions, Comic-Con International (San Diego), Disney D23 Expo and film festivals including Sundance, Tribeca and NYFF. 2. Hiku – Hiku is a small internet connected device that allows a consumer to automatically repurchase an item. 3. – is a conversational commerce and artificial intelligence messaging software that empowers brands to hold personal conversations with consumers on demand and at scale across the most popular messaging platforms. 4. Knocki – Knocki is a new IOT smart device that gives you instant control of your favorite functions from any surface. 5. Ledge (winner) – Ledge is a mobile finance platform that facilitates and automates social borrowing to finance important personal goals and life experiences. Source: Kite
  35. The 10 startups that pitched CMO Club 1. Wyzerr – Wyzerr builds customer feedback surveys that look and feel like games. 2. acuteIQ – acuteIQ is a customer acquisition platform that uses artificial intelligence and 1st party data to deliver a 4x improvement in performance. 3. what3words – what3words is a location reference system based on a global grid of 57 trillion 3mx3m squares; each pre-assigned a unique 3 word address. 4. LISNR – Smart Tones that turn any speaker—from a stadium PA to the TV in your living room—into a beacon that can trigger second-screen experiences. 5. LoungeBuddy – Discover, book, and access airport lounges around the world in a few simple taps. A better airport experience awaits with LoungeBuddy. 6. Seerslab – Seerslab is a mobile service & tech company bringing Hollywood into users’ lives with ‘lollicam‘, a fun and easy real-time video editing app 7. Prynt – Prynt reimagines how we share digital content in the physical world with a photo-printing phone case that brings your photos to life. 8. Reelio – Reelio makes the process of any brand partnering with any digital influencers anywhere, as easy and efficient as possible. 9. SocialRank – SocialRank is the easiest way to identify, organize, and manage your followers on Twitter and Instagram. 10. Flag – Flag makes the best photo prints in the world and delivers them for free. A targeted ad on the back of each print pays for the free service. Source: Kite
  36. SXSW Innovation award winners HEALTH, MED & BIOTECH DESKGEN by Destop Genetics | London INNOVATION IN CONNECTING PEOPLE Don's Voice by Not Impossible | Los Angeles, CA INNOVATIVE 3-DIY Wevolver by Wevolver | London, ENG MUSIC & AUDIO INNOVATION Here Active Listening System by Doppler Labs | San Francisco, CA NEW ECONOMY ShareTheMeal by UN World Food Programme | Rome, ITA PRIVACY & SECURITY Peeple by Building 10 Technology, Inc. | Austin, TX RESPONSIVE DESIGN Breakthrough by Neo-Pangea | West Reading, PA SCIFI NO LONGER Lily Camera by Lily | San Francisco, CA SMART CITIES KASITA by Kasita LLC | Austin, TX STUDENT INNOVATION Plant-like Robot by Ji Won Jun | Mountain View, CA VISUAL MEDIA EXPERIENCE The Fallen of World War II by Neil Halloran | Philadelphia, PA VR & AR Mill Stitch by The Mill | Various Locations WEARABLE TECH Quell® Wearable Pain Relief Technology™ by NeuroMetrix, Inc. | Waltham, MA Source: SXSW
  37. The battle between convergence and divergence wages at SXSW “Knocki can do anything, and its optimal use case may vary across its customer base. Hiku can only do one thing; it's taking a feature of the Amazon Echo and turning it into a standalone product. Simplicity and complexity are both proliferating with technology. Facebook, for example, has the Moments app that is only for privately sharing batches of photos with friends, while it is simultaneously turning Messenger into a platform that can be used for virtual assistants, games, shopping and possibilities that have yet to be imagined.” -from Ad Age: How Newton’s Third Law Applies to SXSW by David Berkowitz
  38. What’s the opposite of virtual reality? “The opposite of Google Cardboard isn't Oculus Rift. No, the opposite of virtual reality is reality. As virtual reality becomes more popular, so will real reality. It's akin to why there's now cultural cachet in putting your phone away. The deeper that we get drawn into technology, the more we crave in-person interactions.” -from Ad Age: How Newton’s Third Law Applies to SXSW by David Berkowitz
  39. Wrapping up
  40. Good reads • Obama looks to SXSW for ideas and tech to modernize government (VentureBeat) • Marketers Should Expect the Unxpected at SXSW (Matthew Scott in The Drum) • Apps to Watch at SXSW (Product Hunt) • What’s In and Out at SXSW 2016 (Digiday) • 5 Marketing Trends Surfacing at SXSW 2016 (VentureBeat)
  41. More SXSW resoures • SXSW 2016 Pinterest board (Esteban Contreras) • Brands at SXSW Pinterest board (my own group board) • The Drum’s SXSW 2016 coverage • Adweek’s SXSW 2016 coverage • SXSW 2016 Preview (my attempt at recapping the festival before it even began) • Apps to Watch at SXSW 2016 (I didn’t see a single one of these apps referenced at SXSW, but it’s a fun list from Product Hunt)
  42. See you at SXSW 2017 @MRY / @dberkowitz

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  3. Complaints about traffic due to the Obamas Complaints about security due to the Obamas Complaints about the lack of hotel rooms due to the Obamas Complaints about people tweeting so many pics and quotes of the Obamas that their phones died after an hour Complaints about how SXSW is totally over once a sitting president comes to the conference Complaints about Obama’s stance on privacy and encryption Emerging tech stuff, the future of media, and everything else
  7. Mazda, Bud Light
  17. 3M Instagram