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Fund Your Crowdfund

Cranberry announces $1000 Marketing Grants for crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo. Each month three grants will be awarded to noteworthy campaigns to help them amplify their stories online. Be sure to watch this webinar to find out more about what Cranberry does and to learn how to get started.

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Fund Your Crowdfund

  1. 1. @cranberry ANTIOXIDANTS FOR YOUR CONTENT David A. McInnis, Founder david@cranberry.com 360-483-8441 Fund Your Crowdfund
  2. 2. @cranberry ANTIOXIDANTS FOR YOUR CONTENT Agenda • Introduction to Panelists • Who is Cranberry and what do we do? • Why are we doing the whole crowdfunding thing? • What awardees get? • How companies are selected? • Other free services for promotion
  3. 3. @cranberry ANTIOXIDANTS FOR YOUR CONTENT We drive traffic to the content that businesses and organizations create.
  4. 4. @cranberry ANTIOXIDANTS FOR YOUR CONTENT “Content is no longer king, its the kingdom. — Lee Oden Why Content? Regardless of what type of marketing tactics you use, content marketing should be part of your process, not something separate. — Content Marketing Institute
  5. 5. @cranberry ANTIOXIDANTS FOR YOUR CONTENT What is a Gist? A Content Gist provides the reader with the gist of the content being promoted. The gist is written to appeal to each of the four macro temperaments. The content gist is what Cranberry distributes through native ad units. Cranberry helps advertisers craft their perfect content gists.
  6. 6. @cranberry ANTIOXIDANTS FOR YOUR CONTENT More than an image and a short headline. Cranberry Content Gist provides a window into the content for better On Page Engagement Native Meets Content Marketing & more qualified traffic.
  7. 7. @cranberry ANTIOXIDANTS FOR YOUR CONTENT Why Crowdfunding? To help small businesses tell their stories.
  8. 8. @cranberry ANTIOXIDANTS FOR YOUR CONTENT Awardees Receive • $1000 in marketing funds to be used at Cranberry. • Access to our marketing team.
  9. 9. @cranberry ANTIOXIDANTS FOR YOUR CONTENT Selection • Home stretch funding. • We choose three awardees per month. • Do you have traction? • Is there enough time left in your campaign? • Do we believe that you can deliver on your campaign?
  10. 10. @cranberry ANTIOXIDANTS FOR YOUR CONTENT Other Resources
  11. 11. @cranberry ANTIOXIDANTS FOR YOUR CONTENT Think of 5 Minute Webinars™ as “TED” talks for everyone else. We give presenters 5 minutes to tell their stories. Key Features • Always free to presenters and attendees. (This is a sponsored service.) • Cranberry hosts, produces and promotes your 5 Minute Webinar. • Cranberry creates native ad units to promote your 5 Minute Webinar through our content marketing platform, guaranteeing an audience of over 50k people • PowerPoint and Keynote templates are provided for ease of creating your presentation. • Sponsorship opportunities are available.
  12. 12. @cranberry ANTIOXIDANTS FOR YOUR CONTENT cranberry.com/kickstarter