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OverWeb Education pitch at the Coronavirus Hackathon (Covid19 InfoImmunity project)



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This is our 2 minute pitch for OverWeb Education in the Coronavirus Hackathon (April 19th, 2020). Cobbled together in 15 minutes.

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OverWeb Education pitch at the Coronavirus Hackathon (Covid19 InfoImmunity project)

  1. 1. InfoImmunity Project A healthy co-learning ecosystem April 19, 2020 Daveed Benjamin Lauren Nignon Alexar Pendashteh Leslie Eubanks Pablo Pazmino Felix Manford
  2. 2. The Education OverWeb makes entire web into a classroom and more! Internet Layer Collective Learning Map Overlay OverWeb One account/user On-page presence, On-page interactions Democratized linking Ubiquitous Context Online Research Collaboration Smart Tag Apps Whole Internet is a classroom Urgent learning, fact checking COVID19 (Inter-)national Digital Health Service Online Global School Community/ Peer based learning Curriculum built around problems (e.g., SDGs) Educational kiosks, boxes. flashdrives Courses / Containers Learning Guilds Gamified Learning
  3. 3. Name: Alba Suarez Age: 19 Location: Barcelona, Spain Job Title/Occupation: University business student and marketing intern Living Situation: Before the crisis, lived in a student residence, but now living at home with her parents and younger brother. Personas #2 The Bored Student Long Term Alba’s teacher created a project on the Education Overweb to help students learn how social isolation affects mental well-being and what students can do to support each other. Alba and her team are assigned to build bridges that create a learning map of content to pass onto other students so they can also learn how to support one another. Alba loves being online and is engaged when she is able to find new information that she is interested in instead of being told exactly what to learn. She loves the OverWeb to build ways of sharing information with others. She is able to meet other students on the web pages and support them in their learning. They can talk in real time to share understandings and even add to the learning map as they go. Alba is learning and thinking differently with her fellow classmates and her teacher as they improve the map over time. She is also able to share her knowledge with others which has taught her how to take on a leadership role. She feels a sense of ownership of the learning map and frequently goes online to talk with other students online that are on it.
  4. 4. - Use guilds and gaming technology to organize students into education roles, and use them to check facts and process information, teaching them advanced research in the process while identifying misinformation. - Schools anywhere in the world can take part; it is accessible even to the financially disadvantaged in India or Africa, as well as rural communities - Students learn deep skills and can continue to advance, and education becomes a meritocracy - Instead of funding schools by soft drink companies, we attract clients like policy makers who will pay for the quality of information The Bored Student Joins a Guild -Students accomplish small tasks, take on roles and learn academic and collective intelligence crafts as they play -Mentorship and peer support is built into the system
  5. 5. The Education OverWeb is a BIG IDEA that could potentially provide value for all personas and ideas, and enable businesses to collaborate at scale • Helping people think and learn together • Building information grid ecosystem for earning/learning • Making learning critical thinking fun Takeaways