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Motivational Speaker Dave Crane - So who else wants 86, 400 USD every day

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Go on to Google and enter Dubai Motivational Speaker"

You will notice that one name Dominates Google's Front Page, and that name is unmistakably that of The Man famously known around the world as -- Dubai Motivational Speaker -- The Life Designer -- Dave Crane

When Event Planners and Organisers Look for The Best Motivational Speaker in Dubai, An International and Professional Corporate Speaker on Leadership in Japan, A Singapore Motivational Speaker, A Motivational Speaker in Indonesia, an Asian Motivational Speaker, an Asian Inspirational Speaker, a Motivational Speaker in China, a Motivational Speaker in Malaysia, Malaysia Motivational Speaker, a motivational speaker in Vietnam, Korea Motivational Speaker, a motivational speaker Philippines, Philippines Motivational Speaker, a Motivational Speaker in China, China Motivational Speaker, A person to help people Get Motivated, An International Speaker to conduct Motivational Seminars and share Motivational Quotes and inspirational messages-

Dave Crane makes for a few of the Top World Famous Motivational Speakers where the Audience consistently rank his performance as one of The Top Motivational Speakers of our time.

Apart from being described as Compelling, Energetic, Enigmatic, Enthusiastic, Engaging, Informing and Inspiring As a Leading Motivational Speaker in Asia and a Recognised Motivational Public Speaker in Asia, Attendees of Dave Crane's Seminars and Conferences, Raving Fans and Students consistently Rank Dave Crane as The Best Motivational, Inspirational and Leadership Speaker in Asia, Middle East and Indian Subcontinent.

With a library of over 1000+ Educational Modules, Dave Crane is the Creator of Countless Training Programs to Inspire and Inform Individuals and Teams to turn their Milestones into Stepping Stones

As a Media Darling, Dave Crane is repeatedly called upon for his thoughts and can be often found quoted in the Media. With hundreds and hundreds of published articles all over the world in magazines and newspapers, Dave Crane's Work and Message is hard to miss.

As a Speaker/Host of the Rugby 7s and creator of The Life Designers, a motivational, life design system aims to bring the real you within you, Dave Crane has been Voted by his Seminar/Conference Attendees, Students and Raving Fans as the Best Motivational in Asia, The Best Motivational Speaker in Middle East and The Best Motivational Speaker in India

Call in Dave Crane Dubai Motivational Speaker to your next International Conference to help your people Get Inspired, Get Informed and Get Going!!!




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Motivational Speaker Dave Crane - So who else wants 86, 400 USD every day

  1. 1. So Who Else Wants $86,400 USD EVERYDAY by: DAVE CRANE
  2. 2. Be patient with me and I will get to the cash. A bit of background first... Some people ask me to meet them for a coffee or to buy me lunch so that they can pick my brains. I can buy MY OWN coffee AND my own lunch and my brains have over 40+ years at the sharp end of entertainment to offer - so the answer is no. My favourite place to be is at home with my family. My wife Azizah, my daughter Maya and my two dogs Ash and Snow. If you want to persuade me to be anywhere but there, you have to pay for my time because I won't get that back again and I will save you years off yours. Hire DAVE CRANE - www.davecraneglobal.com
  3. 3. But there are a few exceptions. Giving back is one. Tonight I am speaking at EMDI. That's the Institute of Media and Communication in Dubai. I'll be sharing all my entertainment business experience with a room full of students who will become young entrepreneurs within the next few months. I believe the most important currency in the world isn't money, power, fame or achievement - it's TIME. The one currency you'll never get back but it's also the one energy that forces us all onto a levelHire DAVE CRANE - www.davecraneglobal.com
  4. 4. Donald Trump, Richard Branson, Justin Bieber and Khaled my gardener all have ONE thing in common. Their use of time. Some may have been born with a silver spoon in their mouths, or built a legacy because of a number of things that 'fell into place' but time is universal. What we do with it is the key to our success. Don't waste it. Give it sparingly. Understand the value of time. This reminds me of an amazing video... Hire DAVE CRANE - www.davecraneglobal.com
  5. 5. You get 86,400 seconds in a day. If each one was a dollar would you spend it wisely? Imagine waking up and having $86,400 USD deposited in your bank account with the following rules.  You can spend all of it.  You can't save it.  The next morning the account will be restored to $86,400 USD regardless.  This continues until you die. Therefore, you trade your time for services. Hire DAVE CRANE - www.davecraneglobal.com
  6. 6. Respect it and don't let others disrespect yours. o A year means everything to a student who failed his degree. o A month makes a huge difference to the mother of a premature baby. o A week would have allowed a completely different point of view to a news magazine editor. o A day with a loved one is the most amazing gift. o An hour can change the course of your life if you miss a flight or train. o A minute will give a football team their last chance to win the world cup final. o A second could save you from a nasty car crash. Hire DAVE CRANE - www.davecraneglobal.com
  7. 7. o A hundredth of a second can be the difference between winning gold and silver in the Olympics. I know that the next generation of millennial event managers will have to learn everything the hard way as I did. Getting things wrong, getting things right, gaining clients, losing them etc. But I know that my session today can save them that time. Some will understand and implement it, others will ignore me and experience the consequences for themselves and some of them will leave the industry as a direct result. Hire DAVE CRANE - www.davecraneglobal.com
  8. 8. In some cases I may prevent even a decade of getting things wrong, so they can get it right from tonight. So what's in it for me?  Satisfaction.  Remembering those who mentored me and fast- tracked me past obstacles and tough times.  Knowledge that there will be kindred spirits out there who will make the entertainments and events industry a better place.  But most of all... I will learn by sharing and learning MYSELF. I will have a number of Eureka moments today. Amazing insights from which I will be able to make significant tweaks and changes to my own career.Hire DAVE CRANE - www.davecraneglobal.com
  9. 9. By mentioning my thoughts out loud and getting cross-examined by keener smarter minds I too will find ways to save time and energy and get closer to my goals. That's why I teach. That's why you should too. Maybe I can teach YOU? http://davecraneglobal.com/speaker-training/ Hire DAVE CRANE - www.davecraneglobal.com
  10. 10. Dave Crane recently won the Al Arouwad/ MTV award as the best motivational speaker in the MENA region. His events include 17 years hosting Emirates Airline Dubai Rugby Sevens . He is also an award-winning broadcaster, NLP hypnotherapist, author and speaker coach. In his career, he’s run radio stations, coached many of the world’s favourite brands and worked alongside some of the biggest names in entertainment and sports. Hire DAVE CRANE - www.davecraneglobal.com
  11. 11. Hire DAVE CRANE - www.davecraneglobal.com Connect with Dave directly and watch his online motivational TV show ‘Turbo Charge Your Brand TV’ for business tips and interviews with Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy and Dr John Grey. Find out about Dave’s Comedy Stage Hypnosis Show too.