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7 keys to open doors at Sysco

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7 keys to open doors at Sysco. For sellers and marketers looking for account insights to help start new discussions with new contacts.

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7 keys to open doors at Sysco

  1. 1.  J. Kings Food Service Professionals is a broadline distributor based in New York. It also offers services to customers located in Connecticut and New Jersey. While J. Kings’ primary customers are independent restaurant operators, it also caters to retail, institutional and multi-unit customers. The company generates annual sales of nearly $150 million.  Sysco’s sturdy business scale and resources combined with J. Kings’ solid local presence is likely to strengthen their respective businesses. The buyout will enable the companies to meet customers’ needs more efficiently. Sysco to Bolster Portfolio With the Buyout of J. Kings
  2. 2.  Sysco Seattle plans a 102,739-square-foot warehouse expansion of its food distribution center in Kent.  The building addition will accommodate dry warehouse space, freezer and cooler space, a mechanical room and several new loading docks on the west side of the facility, 22840 54th Ave. S., according to permits filed with the city.  Sysco also plans a 1,319-square-foot addition to the existing maintenance shop and a 520-square-foot fire pump house accessory building. Sysco Seattle plans to expand food distribution center in Kent
  3. 3.  J & M Wholesale Meats and Imperio Foods, sister companies based out of Modesto, California, operate throughout northern California and Oregon. J&M Meats, founded in 2003, is a foodservice distributor who specializes in center of the plate products, serving foodservice customers and small retail locations in the Hispanic segment. Imperio Foods was founded in 2014 and carries dry Hispanic retail-pack canned good products.  “We are excited to welcome J & M Wholesale Meats and Imperio Foods into the Sysco family of businesses,” said Greg Bertrand, Sysco’s Executive Vice President, U.S. foodservice operations. “The acquisition of these businesses is a complementary adjacency to our existing California area business and provides Sysco with the opportunity to further extend our reach into the Hispanic customer segment.”  J & M Wholesale Meats/Imperio Foods executives will continue to manage the business, including owner and operator, Maria Jimenez. Sysco Acquires J & M Wholesale Meats and Imperio Foods
  4. 4.  Sysco used Amazon S3 and Amazon S3 Glacier to reduce storage costs by 40 percent increase agility and security, and make time to focus on creating new business applications.  AWS enabled Sysco to consolidate its data into a single data lake built on Amazon S3 and Amazon S3 Glacier, allowing the company to run analytics on its data and gain business insights. Sysco Reduces Storage Costs by 40 Percent Using Amazon S3 and Amazon S3 Glacier
  5. 5.  Kurt Brochu is the Senior Manager in charge of the cloud enablement team at Sysco. They focus on public cloud offerings for the company, functioning as the support tier for teams that use cloud services. Cost containment and optimal use of cloud services are primary concerns.  Sysco was using their own private cloud on-prem since 2003. They made the switch to the public cloud in 2013, using Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Since then, the company’s position has gone from “cloud-first” to “cloud-only” – any new workload that comes in is likely going to the public cloud. Sysco Migrates to Cloud-Only Strategy; Optimizes with Parkmycloud
  6. 6.  Sysco Corporation has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire Waugh Foods, Inc., a leading Illinois broadline distributor with approximately $40 million in annual sales. Waugh Foods Inc., headquartered in East Peoria, Ill. has been in business for 70 years. Joseph A. Waugh, Sr. founded Waugh Frozen Food Company in 1948, and in 1966, after additions to the company’s product lines, the name was changed to Waugh Foods, Inc. Today, the company provides a wide variety of products to customers throughout Central Illinois.  Waugh Foods executives will continue to manage the business, including Waugh President, Rick Look, Tim Waugh and Joe Waugh, Jr. Sysco to Acquire Waugh Foods, Inc.
  7. 7.  Sysco is undertaking a substantial technology transformation in the area of Networking and Voice Cloud Services Sysco Technology Transformation
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