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2018-01 Seattle Apache Flink Meetup at OfferUp, Opening Remarks and Talk 2

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These slides contain the opening remarks and talk #2 from the first Seattle Apache Flink meetup which had the following talks.

Date: Jan 17th, 2018, Wednesday
Location: Bellevue, WA


TALK #1 (~45min)
Haitao Wang, Senior Staff Engineer at Alibaba, will give a presentation on large-scale streaming processing with Flink and Flink SQL at Alibaba and several internal use cases.
See separate Slideshare: https://www.slideshare.net/dataArtisans/201801-seattle-apache-flink-meetup-talk-1-apache-flink-at-alibaba/edit

TALK #2 (~30min)
Bowen Li will talk about details of future meetup planning and logistics. He will also present how OfferUp, the largest mobile marketplace in the U.S., does large-scale stream processing with Flink to better serve local buyers and sellers, and what they have contributed to Flink's DataStream APIs, state backends, metrics system, and connectors.

We may also talk about what's new in Flink 1.4 and how users can leverage these new features, and what Flink 1.5 would look like and what's users vision on Flink.


Attendees included: Alibaba Group, OfferUp, Uber, Amazon Web Services, Google, Microsoft, Zions Bank, Gridpoint, Dell/EMC, NeoPrime, Nordstrom, Snowflake, Tableau, Oracle, Expedia, Grab, Snapchat, and many others.

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2018-01 Seattle Apache Flink Meetup at OfferUp, Opening Remarks and Talk 2

  1. 1. Seattle Apache Flink Meetup Jan 17, 2018
  2. 2. Attendees of our very first meetup (01/17/2018)!
  3. 3. Our Goal Help each other learn more about Apache Flink and share best practices of running Flink applications.
  4. 4. Meetup Page Sponsor founded by the original creators of Apache Flink® If you haven’t join our meetup group, please register at https://www.meetup.com/seattle-apache-flink/
  5. 5. Organizers ● Bowen Li ● Haitao Wang ● Fabian Hueske (PMC and committer of Apache Flink)
  6. 6. Future planning ● Schedule: ○ Meetup every two months. ○ Two talks and ~1.5 h ○ Food and drinks will be provided. ● Location: ○ Either in Seattle or East Side, depending on our event sponsor
  7. 7. Sponsor our events ● Contact the meetup team for event sponsorship! ○ If you are giving a talk, we’d recommend sponsoring our event at the same time ● Include providing meetup space, food and drinks for at least 60 people ○ An event may not have 60 attendees, but sponsors need at least this budget upfront
  8. 8. Give talks in our events ● Submit your abstract to organizers ● Organizers will work with you to shape the content ○ Content must have a wide audience, and attractive and useful to attendees ○ Must guarantee presentation quality ● (Optional but highly appreciated) Speakers sign a simple clause to grant usage of your content to Apache Foundation, data Artisans, and Seattle Apache Flink Meetup
  9. 9. Agenda Today ● Opening - Bowen Li ● Presentation 1 - Haitao Wang ● Presentation 2 - Bowen Li
  10. 10. OfferUp Confidential Large-scale Near-real-time Stream Processing with Apache Flink @ OfferUp Bowen Li
  11. 11. User Survey ● Who has used OfferUp? ● Who has used Apache Flink? ● Who has developed code in Apache Flink?
  12. 12. OfferUp, create the simplest, most trustworthy way to buy and sell locally At a Glance ● the largest mobile marketplace for local buyers and sellers in the U.S. ● Top shopping app on iOS and Android ● $14+ Billion In Transactions in 2016
  13. 13. Speaker Background Bowen Li ○ Offerup ■ Develop stream processing infra with Apache Flink ■ Apache Airflow, Apache Avro, etc ○ Tableau ■ Lots of Apache ZooKeeper and Apache Curator
  14. 14. Stream Processing @ OfferUp We are expanding our stream processing footprint. We developed OfferUp’s stream processing platform with a few primitives: ● Flink installation on EMR ● HDFS, YARN, metrics, checkpoint/savepoint, etc. configuration help for Flink cluster ● User apps deployment ● Connecting to streams ● Data Ser/Deser
  15. 15. Use Case Business Requirement: ● Calculate time-decaying personalization scores based on user activity within the last month
  16. 16. Use Case - The old pipeline The old pipeline: ● batch processing ● ~3 hours of end-to-end latency
  17. 17. Use Case - The new near-real-time pipeline!
  18. 18. Pipeline Stats ● Data Volume: processing billions of records per day ● Average end-to-end latency: ~1 min ○ The 2min aggregation in 1st Flink cluster (NRT scores) dominates the latency ○ Depending on when the event enters the 2min window, the minimum latency of this pipeline can be a few seconds, the expected maximum is ~2min We dramatically lowered the end-to-end latency from ~3h to ~1min!
  19. 19. Design Considerations Explained ● Latency - why 2min aggregation ○ User-facing services will only batch-read new scores every 5min ○ Any latency smaller than 5min is good
  20. 20. Design Considerations Explained (con’t) ● Data Correctness ○ at-least-once guarantee ○ Be careful with merging NRT scores with historical scores, ensure no overlap and no gap
  21. 21. Design Considerations Explained (con’t) ● Failure Recovery (assuming AWS Kinesis are reliable) ○ Two Flink clusters have checkpointing enabled and they can auto recover ○ Redis data has 3 day TTL, enough time to fix things up ○ Other parts are stateless
  22. 22. Design Considerations Explained (con’t) ● Replay Capability ○ Each component can handle data load of replay, and its latency is not greatly impacted
  23. 23. Contribution to Apache Flink I’ve been contributing to Apache Flink since Mar 2017
  24. 24. Related Contributions to Apache Flink ● FLINK-7508 Improved flink-connector-kinesis write performance by 10+X ○ Released version 1.3.2 ○ Many other comprehensive improvements of flink-connector-kinesis ○ 13 out of my 43 commits ● FLINK-7475 Improved Flink’s ListState APIs() and boost its performance by 15~35X ○ Will be released in version 1.5.0 ● FLINK-6013 Created flink-metrics-datadog module ● Other contributions include Flink’s DataStream APIs, side output, build system, etc
  25. 25. ● Problem: flink-connector-kinesis used to create one http connection for each request ● Improvement: Switched it to a connection pool mode ● Result: Improved flink-connector-kinesis’s write performance by 10+X Contribution: Improved flink-connector-kinesis # Records Sent # Records Pending in Client In this basic test, you can tell 1) write throughput goes up 2) # pending records has dropped significantly
  26. 26. Benchmarking: ● Running a Flink hourly-sliding windowing job ● Enough Kinesis shards ● ~70 bytes/record Limitations: My Flink job is not developed for benchmarking. It only generates 21million records at maximum, which gives us a 10X or more improvement estimate. In reality, the perf improvement should be more than 10X. You’re welcome to do your own benchmarking Contribution: Improved flink-connector-kinesis
  27. 27. Contribution: Improved Flink’s ListState performance 20~35X Background on RocksDBStateBackend Problems: ● ListState has only two APIs - add() and get() ● RocksDBListState translate add() as RocksDB.merge() ○ adding 100 elements takes 100 memtable write, very slow…. Improvements: ● Developed two new APIs in Flink 1.5 - update() and addAll() ● update() and addAll() will both simulate RocksDB’s byte merge operation, pre-merge all elements upfront and write to memtable only once
  28. 28. Benchmarking added to source code: org.apache.flink.contrib.streaming.state.benchmark.RocksDBListStatePerformanceTest Result: 15 ~35X faster!
  29. 29. Q&A Thank you! We’re hiring!