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The Future of Advertising. WTF?

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The future of advertising. Maybe.

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The Future of Advertising. WTF?

  1. ing. vertis Ad re of Futu The F? T W
  2. Hello. Logic + Emotion David Armano darmano.typepad.com Sr. Partner, Dachis Corp @armano dachiscorporation.com
  3. The future of advertising?
  4. W…T...F
  5. is going on?
  6. How should I know? (I used to design websites)
  7. But…
  8. here. veryw e ns are he sig T
  9. Agency models are broken.
  10. assembly line
  11. silos
  12. production
  13. pens. e hap g Chan
  14. Craig is the new David, Goliath is in trouble.
  15. With over thirty million new classified advertisements each month, Craigslist is the leading classifieds service in any medium. ~Wikipedia
  16. From the makers of subservient chicken
  17. What? No Flash Microsite?
  18. The new copywriters & art directors?
  19. Everybody
  20. From Passive Consumption To Active Participation
  21. 100 people 100 blogs, twitter accounts, facebook pages, etc. etc.
  22. It’s the me-conomy, stupid
  23. Everyone will have their 15 megabytes of micro-fame.
  24. Ok. Stay calm.
  25. Screw that.
  26. applications
  27. ideas
  28. advertising agency, Crispin Porter + Bogusky, “Our said it was time to bring back the Rabbit name.”
  29. interactions
  30. …and micro-interactions
  31. service
  32. conversations
  33. entertainment
  34. products
  35. goodwill
  36. community
  37. theatre
  38. The future of advertising?
  39. amiliar? m ore f ething Or som
  40. Viral videos
  41. Don’t bet on it.
  42. a v io r . i s beh future The
  43. Source: Wikipedia Complex-adaptive-system.jpg
  44. adaptive behavior (organizations + individuals)
  45. h r iv e . d a p t. T a v io r . A ce beh In flu e n
  46. h e a r ts ). s (a n d e m in d C hang
  47. FTW
  48. Thank You.
  49. David Armano Senior Partner, Dachis Corp // dachiscorporation.com darmano.typepad.com // @armano tising. Adver f ture o The Fu F? WT