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Badoo.com SEO Audit

Custom SEO audit prepared for an up and coming social network, Badoo.com

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Badoo.com SEO Audit

  2. 2. Overview Badoo.com ranked 106th website globally in terms of visitors (Alexa) Visits from search engines down 5% from 2010 3x as many unique visitors since 2010 (1.8m p/m) 84% of search traffic comes by way of the core brand keyword „Badoo‟. First non brand keyword is „contactos‟, which accounts for 0.24% of search traffic Massive opportunity for non-brand (regional) keywords Focus on enterprise level SEO (No directories, no forum spamming, quality links and items that give tangible ROI only)
  3. 3. Regional Rankinghttp://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2010/03/working-with-multi-regional-websites.html
  4. 4. Option 1 - ccTLDs Badoo.co.uk Badoo.fr Badoo.es Badoo.com.jp etc... Currently set to 301 to Badoo.com Create login pages on each domain Forward users to .com post registration Highest chance of ranking ccTLDs in regional SERPs
  5. 5. Option 2 - Sub Domains for gTLDs – http://eu1.badoo.comExisting sub domain gTLDs http://eu1.badoo.com/ http://us1.badoo.comSimilar sub domain gTLDs http://eu1.badoo.com - Europe http://us1.badoo.com - North America http://ai1.badoo.com - Asia http://au1.badoo.com - Australia http://af1.badoo.com - Africa http://sa1.badoo.com - South AmericaActions IP / cookie based filtering
  6. 6. Option 3 - Sub Directories with gTLDs – http://badoo.com/dating/france/Existing regional folders http://badoo.com/dating/france/ http://badoo.com/dating/germany/ http://badoo.com/dating/japan/
  7. 7. Google on Geo-targeting with gTLDs “…more accurately reach searches who are in the {Canada} region who might be closer to my store…” “…the only instances is when geo targeting affects your site in search results, is when searches limit their search to a particular search location.”
  8. 8. Option 4 - # HashTwitter examplehttp://twitter.com/dannywhitehouse - ranking page # - JS URL rewriteActions Implement on profile pageshttp://badoo.com/!#danwhitehouseCanonicalizes profile URLs to all benefit goes to root
  9. 9. Robots.txtSummary Both of the below URLs are blocking all Robots via Robots.txt http://eu1.badoo.com http://us1.badoo.com Pages from these sites will only rank in search results if organic links are created to the pages in question. Not via crawlers / spiders.
  10. 10. People DirectoryMatt Cutts „XML sitemaps does not guarantee that a page will be indexed but helps us discover new pages. HTML sitemaps are more beneficial for users and search engines.‟ Out of 10,000 (sample) URLs only two indexed pages from the directory http://badoo.com/directory/people/es/ & all language variations indexed in regional Google sites.Actions Create awareness for the people directory Create links to category pages Include in separate XML sitemap
  11. 11. PPC - OverviewSummary Google.com search for „meet new people‟ Position 10 “Ugly” display URLActions Create keyword rich landing page Revise keyword strategy
  12. 12. PPC – Keyword Study Sample set of broad match keywords Competition - <0.76 Global search volume - >100,000
  13. 13. PPC – Sample Ad GroupsExample Ad Groups Keyword – „meet people in‟ Keyword – „people to chat to‟
  14. 14. On PageOn Page Review Enter dynamic meta descriptions (even duplicate meta descriptions). Add integer or keyword to create unique title tags.
  15. 15. Profile page SEO Current H1, H2 & H3 listed in image below Impression is that Badoo is trying to rank for H1 {Dan} Recommend H1 and H3 unchanged Change H2 to „London, United Kingdom.‟ Better chance of ranking for location based terms
  16. 16. Titles http://badoo.com/danwhitehouse/ (Different titles when signed in) Current Title Dan Whitehouse, guy 30. Free online dating – Dan Whitehouse in London, United Kingdom on site Badoo Title Analysis Dan Whitehouse – User Name Guy – m/f 30 – Age Free online dating – Main organic keyword In – Not needed London, United Kingdom – Location On site – Not needed Badoo – Brand Revised Title Tag Dan Whitehouse, guy 30, in London, United Kingdom | Free Online Dating UK | Badoo.com Action Summary Removes negative keywords such as „in‟ and „on site‟. „Dan Whitehouse‟ first. Additions of „UK‟ to rank for both terms. Addition of pipes – no ranking factor
  17. 17. Keyword MetricsSummary5 URL‟s that rank P1in Google.com SERPsfor quantitative surveyof 90 keywordsTakeawaysAverage Page Authority:57.8Badoo Domain Authority:81/77New Pages Page Authority:55-60
  18. 18. Top Pages New pages will gain anAverage Page Authority of40-50 (approx.)Actions Create new pages Optimise for SEOOption 302 to root or region
  19. 19. Link BuildingLink Research http://apiwiki.seomoz.org/w/page/13991149/SEOmoz% 20Site%20Intelligence%20APIs Gather link data for up to 1m links in minutes Rank by Page Authority and research opportunities The only application that sources „link juice‟ passing links Efficient way of competition analysis and link building Requires custom script
  20. 20. YandexSummary Russian search engine Growing rapidlyActions Regional link building Perfect grammar throughout Cluster pages potentially increase relevancy Keep the site healthy Focus on 404s / site errors
  21. 21. BingActions Concentrate on social Utilize Bing webmaster tools
  22. 22. FacebookSummary http://www.facebook.com/pages/Badoo/111798952177249Actions Create social specific landing page Create series of competitions and other creative initiatives Track user engagement through Raven Tools Using Facebook FBML / simple HTML pages Reduced bounce rate for root domain Improved user experience
  23. 23. Facebook content strategy Allow users to comment on Badoo posts ONLY Use discussion groups for new product launches Content ideas:  Site changes  Tailor content to an international audience  Reinforce every “update” with a blog post  Endorsements (e.g. Celebrity / Industry Specialist)  PR wins  User Mentions
  24. 24. Vanity URLsEffective PR Demonstrates effectiveness of successful PR campaign Graph below shows awareness increase on release of Facebook vanity URL‟s Help focus on ranking for full name of user
  25. 25. Google +1 http://www.google.com/webmasters/+1/button/ Utilise ClickTale heatmaps and eyetracking software for highest benefit position
  26. 26. £1m Budget 5 years £20,000 p/y PPC – 150,000 – 250,000 circa conversions p/y One Twitter sponsored tweets - £65,ooo Dedicated link building - £30,000 p/yTotals£1m
  27. 27. “Quick Wins” http://knowem.com/checkusernames.php?u=badoo - obtain all web properties Keep in the loop with offline to maximise opportunities Facebook adverts – Very easy to setup, low ROI, vanity Brand in SERPs GeoSurf - http://www.geosurf.com/home/ - FF plugin to surf the web using proxies to view web pages as if from 0ver 80 different countries Remove meta keywords from all pages - meta keywords are obsolete and give away intentions to competitors. Badoo.com ranks for 2 keywords(p52 & p161) from 24 meta keywords
  28. 28. Future Recommendations Social creative campaigns Full technical site audit Regional SERP analysis Multi lingual regional link building Create copy for Blog Online PR strategy Google suggest integration of keywords / trends in optimisation / link building Raven Tools introduction and benefits Custom tools Dedicated link builder Brand management Relationship management
  29. 29. Conclusions No reason why a domain authority of 95-100 cannot be obtained with 18 months Subtle on site changes will have high potential Regional pages will appear higher in local search results with optimisation recommendations PPC – quick wins, modest budget, conversion ration 2-£1 (approx)Target Circa 1m new search visits per month